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  • It does not lie within any of our remits to be entirely sane. There are so many powerful


  • reasons why we must lack an entirely even keel. We have complex histories, we are heading

    私たちが完全に均等なキールを 欠いている理由は何ですか?私たちは複雑な歴史を持っています

  • towards the ultimate catastrophe, we are vulnerable to devastating losses; love will never go


  • wholly well, the gap between our hopes and our realities will be cavernous. In the circumstances,

    希望と現実とのギャップは 深いものになりますこの状況では

  • what we should aim for is not sanity, but a wise, knowledgeable and self-possessed relationship


  • to our manifold insanities, or what we might term 'sane insanity.' The sane insane


  • differ from the simply insane by virtue of the honest and accurate grasp they have on


  • what is not entirely right with them. They may not be wholly balanced, but they don't


  • have the additional folly of insisting on their normalcy. They can admit with good grace


  • and no particular loss of dignitythat of course they are rather peculiar at a myriad

    - と尊厳の特定の損失はありません - もちろん、彼らはむしろ無数で独特であること。

  • of points. They do not go out of their way to hide from us what they get up to in the

    ポイントの彼らは私たちに何をしているのかを 隠そうとはしません

  • night, in their sad moments, when anxiety strikes, or during attacks of envy. They can


  • at their bestbe dryly funny about the tragedy of being human.

    - 人間であることの悲劇を辛口で笑う。

  • They lay bare the fears, doubts, longings, desires and habits that don't belong to the story we like to


  • tell ourselves about sanity. They don't make ready confessions to let themselves off


  • the hook or to be eccentric. They simply realise the unreasonableness of expecting to be reasonable all the time.

    フックに引っかかったり、エキセントリックになったりします。彼らは常に合理的であることを期待することの 不合理さに気付いているだけです

  • They warn others as far as possible in advance of what being around them might


  • involveand apologise promptly for their failings as soon as they have manifested themselves.


  • They offer their friends and companions accurate maps to their craziness, which is about the


  • most generous thing one can to anyone who has to endure us. The sane-insane among us


  • are not a special category of the mentally unwell: they represent the most evolved possibility for a mature human being.


  • Thank you for watching. We've designed a tote bag to help us all


  • acknowledge that no one is normal, please follow the link on your screen now to find out more.


It does not lie within any of our remits to be entirely sane. There are so many powerful


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