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This is a universally accepted fact.
God incarnate spreads the gospel of the kingdom of heaven
in an attempt to redeem and save mankind,
and in the end, He redeemed man through His own crucifixion,
revealing God's love for man.
Christians follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus,
and they bear witness to God's salvation.
This matches the will of Heaven as well as the hearts of the people.
Our conscience tells us that this is the right path!
However, since the Chinese Communist Party rose to power in 1949,
they've brutally persecuted Christian house churchgoers.
The CCP has defined Christianity and Catholicism as cults,
and defined the Bible itself as cult literature,
destroying many copies.
They have destroyed churches
and expelled or slaughtered foreign missionaries.
They've arrested and killed Christians.
Over a million have been arrested and detained, having served prison time.
Among those, over 10,000 have been persecuted to death.
In 1991,
Christ of the last days, Almighty God, appeared in and began working in China.
He expressed all kinds of truth, hoping to save mankind,
and performed judgment beginning with the house of God.
People from all religious denominations who long for God's appearance
have heard His voice from Almighty God's word
and recognized that Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus.
One by one, they turned toward Almighty God,
which was incredible news for humanity.
No one could've imagined that such a positive event would panic the CCP.
Doing everything they can to crack down on God's work
and turn China into an atheist state,
the CCP began arresting and brutally persecuting Christians in house churches.
Anyone who believed in God was accused of "disrupting social order,"
"undermining law enforcement,"
or "subverting national authority."
They've imprisoned over a million Christians to date.
The cruel tactics exhibited by the CCP to oppress Christians
can only be called tragic and outrageous.
Across China, the reign of terror has made it a living hell.
For quite some time, the CCP has ruled with an iron fist,
carrying out brutal persecution.
They tell the outside world there is freedom of religion,
but this is an illusion.
They strive to mask the truth of their brutal persecution of Christians.
Even though the act of oppressing religious belief has been publicly condemned
by international human rights organizations,
and China has been designated a "Country of Particular Concern"
by the US Congress for 19 consecutive years
for its religious persecution,
yet many still doubt the things the CCP has done in this regard.
They believe that the arrests have all just been individual cases
and that the majority of Christians in China
can gather together and spread the gospel freely.
To let the world see the truth of the CCP's persecution of Christians
and to expose their hypocrisy and deceit,
we will uncover eight truths,
acts of tyranny performed by the CCP to suppress and persecute Christians.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
And yet, this itself is enough for the world
to see the heinous crimes the CCP has committed against Christians.
Although "freedom of religion" is clearly marked in the Chinese constitution,
it's just for show, to impress foreigners.
The CCP's internal plan is to eliminate all religion.
Historically, this has been one of the primary goals of every CCP leader,
each further strengthening its enforcement.
Early in the CCP's reign,
they suppressed counterrevolutionaries and launched the Cultural Revolution.
Later on, they adopted the policy that "religions must be compatible with socialism,"
and the house churches that would not yield to or join the official Three-Self Church
were labeled as cults and suppressed.
In 1995,
the CCP condemned house churches such as The Shouters and The Church of Almighty God
as cults
and began to repress and attempt to eliminate them.
In April 2000,
Jia Chunwang, the then Minister of Public Security for the CCP,
issued a secret order:
For The Church of Almighty God,
"Do more and say less. Destroy it without making a sound."
On April 29 and May 10, 2001,
the Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's Procuratorate
held assemblies 1174 and 87 respectively,
and through reinterpretation of the law,
they provided a legal basis for religious suppression,
arrests, and the elimination of house churches.
As explained in Article 300 of the Criminal Law,
Christians' normal religious activities were labeled
as the crime of "organizing and using cults to undermine law enforcement."
They meted out severe punishments,
imprisoning Christians and beating them to death,
all without responsibility or repercussions.
After Xi Jinping rose to power in 2013,
he proposed the "Sinicization of Christianity,"
and accordingly, the CCP's suppression tactics ramped up in severity.
Even the official Three-Self Church wasn't spared.
In the Zhejiang Province cities, such as Wenzhou, Ningbo, and Hangzhou,
crosses and churches have been torn down.
A number of pastors within the Three-Self Church have been arrested,
and lawyers who attempted to protect crosses were put under home surveillance.
Countless house churches were closed down and banned.
In the Henan Province's Zhumadian,
there was even an incident
wherein an administrator was buried alive during the church's demolition.
Insiders report that Xi Jinping personally approves
orders concerning The Church of Almighty God:
"All those who have a criminal history stemming from faith in Almighty God
should be re-arrested and retried."
Every one of them must divulge the names of six other believers.
This operation was termed "pulling out the plant and roots."
He also issued another order:
"Kill off one group, lock up another."
The CCP has spent large sums of money
on the large-scale construction of new prisons across the country
to imprison Christians.
On June 16, 2014,
documentation for the National Teleconference
on the Rectification Task for "Almighty God" stated:
"China's 610 Office may take ten million yuan
to distribute rewards for work units, individuals, and informants
with outstanding achievements in arresting Christians.
Provinces, regions, and cities must also introduce appropriate measures
to excel in their duty to arrest Christians."
The CCP has launched a sinister attack against house churches in China.
Based on pre-existing records,
44 Christians from The Church of Almighty God
have already been persecuted to death by the CCP government.
In 2017 alone, as of September 30,
at least 3,362 Christians of The Church of Almighty God
have been put under home surveillance, arrested, sentenced, or brutally tortured.
The facts show that the "Sinicization of Christianity"
is indeed a political movement created solely to eliminate Christianity in China.
There's a saying from the CCP:
"A lie told ten thousand times becomes the truth."
Mao Zedong, the former head of the CCP, said:
This so-called "revolution"
is discrediting the reputations of those who are "revolutionized,"
stirring up hateful sentiments in the masses,
and fabricating grounds for public opinion.
In the early days of the PRC,
the CCP promoted atheism in order to eliminate religion.
They called Christianity an imperialist belief, a cultural invasion on China,
saying that Western anti-China forces were invading.
Christianity was condemned as "counterrevolutionary."
The people were incited to resist and fight Christianity and its followers.
The CCP states: "There is no God in the world,"
"There has never been any Savior,"
and "Religion is the opiate of the masses."
While strongly denying the existence of God,
they exalt their party as "the red sun," "savior of the people,"
and claim: "Without the Communist Party, China would not be where it is today."
They shamelessly get people to worship the Party as if it were God.
Under this ideological brainwashing,
many Chinese citizens have come to view believing in God as foolish.
They've even taken to mimicking the CCP in their slander of Christians.
To this day,
these ideas are still branded into the hearts of the Chinese people.
These are the terrible consequences
of the Party's ideological brainwashing of humanity.
In recent years,
in order to conduct arrests in and eliminate house churches,
the CCP has fabricated false cases
just to create public opinion and deceive the people.
The most well-known of these cases,
the one that fooled the most people,
was the May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan incident, carefully concocted by the CCP.
They placed the blame on The Church of Almighty God.
They mobilized major media outlets for their publicity campaign
to discredit The Church of Almighty God.
This stirred up hatred in the people for Christians
and fabricated a basis for public outrage
in order to repress house churches and arrest Christians.
Traditional media outlets such as television, newspapers, and radio,
as well as websites, social media, and outdoor LED screens
were all flooded with these rumors fabricated by the CCP.
Urban and rural areas, government agencies,
schools, factories, bus stations, piers,
roadside bulletin boards, billboards, bus stops,
fences lining both sides of roads, on trees,
at entrances to apartment complexes, on telephone and electrical poles—
all swamped with propaganda condemning The Church of Almighty God.
The government organized publicity teams, vehicles, and performance groups
to travel from village to village
to promote the CCP's policy to suppress The Church of Almighty God.
They arranged all kinds of programs
in an attempt to discredit the Church,
including songs, dances, operas, witty skits,
comic crosstalk, speeches, and clapper-talks.
Under the CCP's coercion,
high school and university students who should've been focusing on their studies
were also sent into the streets,
some even into schools and businesses,
to spread rumors and lies suppressing and condemning the Church.
For such an evil goal, one that breaks Christians' spirits,
the CCP has used despicable tactics of rumors and framing,
all for the purpose of persecuting house churches.
They have inspired an intense hatred for The Church of Almighty God
in people who are not even aware of the truth,
causing denial of God to reach an all-time high.
In order to maintain control over all faith-based activities
and eliminate all house churches,
the CCP has resorted to many very despicable tactics.
They have charged forward by putting into play
what they call the "knife handle" of the nation's political and legal system,
roping in all police, like public security bureaus, the national guard,
as well as technical, online, and criminal investigators
to participate in their operation to murder Christians.
The national secret service forces
(the 610 Office and other top-secret institutions)
as well as all levels of party and governmental agencies
have also joined the battle against Christians.
In 2014,
Feng Zheng, the Deputy Secretary General of the Shanxi Provincial Committee
said in a province-wide meeting,
in an effort to counter The Church of Almighty God:
Police stations in all regions must take the lead,
and leadership groups of township party committees,
comprehensive management departments, rural (community) committees, and security forces
must all work closely to go from door to door
to try and catch every member of The Church of Almighty God.
Implement a comprehensive management system for real names
and register every individual.
Establish a reward-based system to encourage whistleblowing.
Wage a people's war against The Church of Almighty God.
This happened in Shanxi Province as well as other provinces,
autonomous regions, and municipalities across the nation.
The CCP required leadership in all local authorities
to determine the religious beliefs
of all party members and employees in their organization.
All Christians were required to be registered
in anticipation of the opportunity to arrest them.
To avoid overlooking a single village, household, or person,
based on the number of residential communities, family households,
and the distribution of villages,
the CCP established grids levels 3 through 5 throughout the country.
Neighborhood committee staff and rural village cadres
helped officers from local police stations
register Christians' information door-to-door.
Based on current information:
If village cadres do not cooperate with the government,
as soon as a Christian is discovered within their village,
the CCP will fine the cadre and remove them from their position.
In order to make sure not a single piece of information is missed,
the CCP spent enormous sums of money
on advanced monitoring equipment from Western countries
and put many online investigators on the task.
They set up a database of "sensitive words."
Anyone who mentions a religious word over the phone
or searches online for "God," "religion," or other similar words
will be subject to monitoring and tracking.
Telecom companies such as China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom
are also required to monitor their users' calls
and report the data and content to public security departments
in order to arrest Christians.
1. The CCP launched its national "Skynet Project" around the year 2000.
Large numbers of monitoring devices were installed
in major roads, alleyways, communities, and rural intersections.
In one particular city in the Henan Province alone,
nearly a million surveillance cameras were added,
again, primarily for the purpose of monitoring and arresting Christians.
Informed sources have also revealed that
in 2017, a project codenamed "Blue Sky TV" was initiated in Henan,
which had mobile signal towers installed in every village,
each equipped with a high-definition camera,
spaced half a kilometer or one kilometer apart.
Screens for real-time monitoring are also set up
in county public security bureaus and in townships.
2. Use high-end equipment to enter homes
and detect if personal computers contain information on The Church of Almighty God,
in order to seek out and arrest Christians.
3. Install monitoring devices on house plates and electric meters.
In Linyi, Shandong, and similar places,
installation of tracking devices, and QR codes to electric and motor bikes is enforced
in order to track and locate Christians.
Case 1: In July 2014,
a Christian in Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province
discovered that a chip had been installed on his home's electric meter,
silver in color and about the size of a dime.
Through his inquiries
he discovered that it was a monitoring device sourced from abroad,
and over 10 had been installed in his village to monitor Christians.
Someone with knowledge of the situation
said that the monitoring devices produced high-quality video footage,
could detect sounds up to 200 meters away,
and that this was a nationwide operation.
The situation was tense;
the government was doing all it can in order to strike out at believers.
In early July 2017,
for the purpose of hunting down Christians,
specific WeChat reporting groups were established
in every province, city, county, township, and village.
Dedicated managers were appointed for each group
who would channel verified information on Christians to the Central Committee
every day between 3 and 5 p.m.
To meticulously seek out and arrest Christians,
the CCP stated that "heroes will appear for a handsome reward."
Aside from the Central Committee annually withdrawing huge amounts of earmarked funds
for rewarding work units, individuals, and informants
for their "outstanding work" in arresting Christians,
the local governments have also rolled out similar measures.
These local governments annually budget reward money for these whistleblowers.
Here are a few examples.
On July 5, 2014,
in a joint announcement to suppress Christians
issued by the government of Ningyang County, Shandong Province,
courts, procuratorates, and public security bureaus,
the sum rewarded for a report was clearly delineated:
Reporting a gathering place for The Church of Almighty God,
The Shouters, or Born Again Movement,
if five or more people are captured at the scene, indicating outstanding service,
a cash prize of 2000 yuan is awarded.
On April 13, 2017,
in the Jiangxi Province Nanchang City Anti-Cult Reporting Rewards System,
the highest reward given was for reporting
and helping public security institutions
in arresting core members of The Church of Almighty God,
with a prize of 4000 yuan.
On June 23, 2017, in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,
the Reward Announcement for Civilian Reporting
on Clues of Crimes Committed by Cult Organizations
issued their highest reward for:
destroying the headquarters of The Church of Almighty God,
The Shouters, or Born Again Movement,
clues regarding their structure and their core members,
the arrest of core members,
and seizing vast quantities of church assets.
The reward was 200,000 to 300,000 yuan.
The CCP frequently uses a specific term in documents and notices—
What is this secret power?
It is plainclothes special agents dispatched all over the country.
They are like rats, like flies.
They find their way into every nook and cranny and can't be warded off.
They disguise themselves as peddlers, selling umbrellas, tea, honey,
or as collectors of waste, antiques, grains,
seeds for vegetable oil, or cicadas for Chinese medicine.
They infiltrate communities, streets, and villages to investigate believers.
They knock on doors and enter homes to collect data on Christians
under the premise of fixing a variety of household appliances,
checking the electric meter, collecting utility fees,
or conducting geological surveys.
They dig into people's beliefs through monks and nuns asking for alms,
and those who practice face reading or feng shui.
For example, on February 28, 2012,
in the CCP's Shangqiu, Henan Province,
Thunder No. 3 BDS301 Project ("Operation Storm") experience interchange materials,
the following line appeared:
"Over more than 8 months of secret investigations,
our scouts have risked extreme heat and extreme cold,
using cars, motorcycles, electric bikes, bicycles, and going on foot
for nonstop surveillance of suspicious persons.
They have disguised themselves as telecommunications staff,
individuals seeking to rent houses,
neighborhood committee staff, waste collectors, and others.
They have never revealed their identities.
But through the analysis of over 500 phone calls
and the thorough tracking done by operatives,
we've discovered numerous things,
such as there being fourteen core members of the 'Practical God,'
along with a total of 14 corresponding residences and hosting locations,
ensuring a strike against key figures in Operation Storm."
The CCP not only conducts thorough investigations on Christians' periphery,
they do everything in their power
to insert agents into The Church of Almighty God
to collect intelligence as well as personal information from Christians,
such as having seminary students infiltrate churches.
The CCP not only requires its officials, street officials, party members,
committee members, police academy students,
village cadres, and village group leaders
to investigate and monitor Christians,
it bribes idle members of society
as well as distributors of electronics, hotel managers,
taxi drivers, delivery people, landlords, community guards,
sanitation workers, surrounding neighbors, Three-Self Church members, and others
to monitor and report on Christians.
In addition,
they have sent police from police stations and PSBs
as well as teachers from all over into classrooms
to threaten, intimidate, and use incentivized questioning
in order to coerce primary and middle school students
to report on believers in their families.
They also dispatched agents to set up roadside stalls
with literature and albums of hymns and sermons from The Church of Almighty God
to lure in Christians.
One Christian stated that
on the afternoon of July 5, 2017,
more than 10 people came to a village outside of Tianjin.
They set up a large structure in front of the village committee
and blasted music, drawing the villagers in.
The host sang religious songs and threw candy from the stage.
One of them held a mobile phone in one hand while shouting:
"Anyone who believes in Jesus, who believes in Almighty God, gets a free phone!"
The CCP is doing their utmost to hunt down Christians.
They will go to any length to dig them all out and sweep them into their net.
This demonstrates how vicious and cruel the CCP's persecution of religion is.
They spare no one and never rest!
The CCP's goal is, ultimately, to trap all Christians in their web,
to eliminate and wipe out Christianity from China.
As soon as they've locked onto a target,
they can proceed with arrests and persecution.
Every single arrest has been meticulously planned out and strictly controlled.
They have also used many tactics in these arrests.
During the day, when Christians are working,
police seize the chance to have the residential community staff,
village security directors, landlords, and other acquaintances
lead the way to arrest Christians.
Using excuses such as inspecting household registration, electric meters, sewers,
and registering short-term renters,
they storm Christians' homes to carry out the arrests.
Sometimes they carry out surprise raids in the middle of the night,
scaling walls, breaking down doors, and prying open windows.
Sometimes they use keys they've obtained in advance
to just let themselves into the Christians' home,
and sometimes when Christians are out,
the police hold out in their homes and wait for them to come back.
Sometimes they are stationed near Christians' homes to keep watch,
or they arrest them when they're dealing with formalities
such as obtaining an ID, passport, or pension.
And so on.
The police patrol the roads,
interrogating people on bikes and in cars, arresting Christians.
When they see several people gathered together in the woods or by a road,
they come forward to question them.
When traffic police and security personnel are on duty
and they take note of a vehicle delivering religious items,
or people who have religious items on them,
they arrest them.
Undercover officers tail Christians to carry out secret arrests.
Police lure Christians into police stations, banks, schools, restaurants, etc.,
through various means
to arrest them in these more favorable places.
For example,
the police ask them to renew their household registration at the station
or handle something at a bank.
When the police learn of a Christian having fled the region
or hiding at a friend's or relative's home,
they carry out the arrest there.
Monitoring of Christians' mobile phones for location tracking and arrests.
Monitoring of public telephones to arrest Christians.
Monitoring of Christians' internet usage,
locking onto IP addresses to perform arrests.
Monitoring phones to determine if a village contains believers,
and then seeking them door-to-door.
On learning that Christians have fled to a certain mountain,
police and trained dogs will hunt down and arrest them.
Dozens of armed officers surround Christians and arrest them.
The CCP secretly draws up one "special operation" after another
to arrest Christians.
For example:
Using the 1301 and 1401 projects in the Guangdong Province as an example,
based on what has been revealed from internal CCP documents:
In these two operations,
at least 2.5 million yuan were confiscated from churches.
990 Christians from The Church of Almighty God were detained,
162 taken into custody, and 82 sentenced.
On September 25, 2017,
an announcement was made by Huzhou City in the Zhejiang Province
stating that on July 2 alone, in the city of Huzhou,
128 Christians from The Church of Almighty God had been detained,
and a huge amount of property as well as over 800,000 yuan
had been taken from the Church.
When the Chinese police arrest Christians,
they don't show any documentation,
and instead illegally search homes and seize property.
They leave no stone unturned:
They search beneath beds,
inside bedding, mattresses, sofas, and washing machines, everything.
They don't even spare vegetable storage, cellars,
barns, pigpens, restrooms, or trashcans.
Sometimes, they'll even search the homes of Christians' loved ones as well.
They not only seek out and confiscate religious literature
such as the Bible, The Word Appears in the Flesh,
as well as tapes, discs, phones, computers, and televisions,
but they also seize household possessions
such as bicycles, jewelry and other valuables, rice, flour, oil,
and various documents such as salary cards,
deposit booklets, home demolition notices, ID cards,
property deeds, retirement certifications, and so on.
The Chinese government ratified the UN Convention Against Torture long ago, in 1986.
However, they never complied.
In order to garner more information about the Church and Christians,
after arresting a Christian,
the CCP police extort confessions through cruelty,
sometimes beating them to death with impunity.
Many methods of torture are utilized.
Every one of these methods can be carried out in a variety of ways.
They're utterly barbaric, tyrannical, and cruel.
Common methods of torture used by the CCP when interrogating Christians include:
forcing the victim to remain in a squatting position,
jabbing them in the ribs, beating and kicking,
boxing their ears, head-smashing,
being doused in chili pepper-infused water,
mustard oil, excrement, or strong brine.
They also subject victims to freezing, excessive sunlight, burning, smoke,
being handcuffed from behind with arms contorted,
being hung by their handcuffs,
being tied to a tree and having ants thrown on them,
being given knee wounds with salt applied,
having their ears smashed between coins,
and having needles or bamboo splinters forced under their nails.
They have methods such as "making a cookie sandwich,"
"left dragon, right tiger," waterboarding,
"iron maiden," "sleeping dead bed," kneeling on a stone bench,
"threading the rod," "playing on the swings,"
being hung up with arms spread apart,
and being locked in a small room for torture.
They also drug their food, administer psychoactive injections,
use lasers on their temples,
use chain whips, electrical torture,
"little white dragon," torture-rack, sleep deprivation,
sexual abuse, enforced public nudity,
electroshock therapy devices, and many other kinds of torture.
There are too many to recount.
We've now listed several kinds of torture
that have been used by the CCP to brutalize Christians.
This is what someone well-informed on the usage of electroshock therapy has to say:
Originally, electroshock devices were designed
as an instrument used in the treatment of psychiatric patients,
but were later developed into tools used by the Chinese police to torture Christians.
These devices look very similar to a computer mouse.
They're about the same size, but with tips on the bottom.
To begin,
the police first strip them and tie them down to a bed,
their hands and feet firmly secured.
Then, they place the device on the victim's chest
and use a computer to control its movement across their chest and abdomen.
While this is happening,
the victim feels as though things are crawling all over their body,
particularly the eyes, nose, and mouth.
Every part of the body where blood flows
feels like there are millions of ants crawling across their body and biting them.
Sometimes it's piercing pain, sometimes numbness and pain.
It's much worse than an electric baton.
It makes you want to die.
It's horrible.
In the Zhejiang Province,
they torture a lot of Christians like this.
The CCP's method, "threading the rod," is extremely brutal.
One brother in the Henan Province had this used on him by the police.
First, they shoved him down to the ground
and then handcuffed him,
then pulled his arms over his knees, so he was hugging his legs.
They then forced a wooden stick between his arms and the backs of his knees,
which pressed his knees hard against his chest,
so much so that he could hardly breathe.
After that, the police would hold either side of the stick
to lift him up off the floor by a meter or more,
and dropped him.
Every drop brought him agonizing pain.
They did this over and over again.
By the end, from all the trauma,
he was completely unable to breathe.
Only then, near death, did they stop.
One sister was subjected to a variation of "threading the rod,"
where she was propped up between two tables
with her head facing up and her body suspended in the air for about half an hour.
She said it felt like all the blood in her body was flowing to her head,
and her head and eyes were so swollen that they seemed about to burst.
Near the end, her breathing weakened and she almost died.
Only then did they let her down.
They tortured me with sleep deprivation.
I've heard that most people can't last more than 7 days,
and even the toughest end up confessing.
They had me sit on an iron chair in an interrogation room,
with two bright lights facing me, shining right into my eyes.
Rotating pairs of officers kept watch over me night and day,
and wouldn't let me close my eyes.
During that time, they questioned me non-stop,
and if I didn't respond in time, they'd yell at me and beat me.
One time when I didn't respond immediately,
the officer came right up to me
and boxed my ears as hard as he could.
Then he put my hands behind my back and cuffed them to the chair again.
He stepped on my face, pushing my head into the ground,
shaming me like a dog.
The police found another way to torment me.
They had me stand and hold my hands over my head.
I couldn't stand steadily, but they kicked at both of my legs.
When I was totally worn out, they started screaming at me.
Whenever my eyes closed, they forced them open with their hands,
saying: "I dare you to sleep again!"
By day fifteen of the interrogation
I felt like I was in a trance,
and sitting in that iron chair was a nightmare.
I couldn't go on any longer.
At the time, I'd considered biting my own tongue off to kill myself.
I thought to myself:
"No matter how cruel the CCP is, they can't do anything with a dead person."
But just when I felt like I wanted to die,
God gave me a way out.
With the way things were going, the police thought I wouldn't survive.
They allowed me to rest for over an hour that day,
and they eased up on me after that.
This is how I was able to withstand at least 21 days and nights of this
under God's protection and care.
The CCP's torture is targeted at Christians' flesh,
but their brainwashing is targeted at their minds and spirits.
As one Christian put it:
Brainwashing is more frightening than torture!
In order to eradicate God from the heart of a Christian,
the CCP has meticulously researched and laid out a comprehensive brainwashing program.
They inundate Christians with fallacies and heresies
such as atheism, materialism, and evolution.
They make discs of all sorts of lies that slander and blaspheme God
and play them non-stop,
forcing Christians to watch.
They won't let them close their eyes or cover their ears.
They talk about their policies;
they make emotional arguments, play on family's affections,
and use arrangements for well-paid jobs to lure them in.
They force Christians to submit
by threatening their children's education and careers,
even showing tear-jerker films and lowbrow romances
to try and break down Christians' resolve.
They make them sign letters stating they will give up their faith.
A Christian human rights lawyer has this to say
about his own experience with brainwashing:
"I don't even know where I was locked up in 2011.
It was a really small room,
and the windows and doors were blocked.
I had no concept of time, night, or day.
They took away anything with words on it.
Not a single piece of paper to write on or read.
They cut off all sources of information and forbade chatting.
There was zero communication.
When I got out,
I found out just how much psychological devastation this caused me.
My memory had been severely impacted, I became forgetful.
They forced me to say things opposite to reality—
this can really break someone!
You see something white,
and you're forced to say that it's black.
You can't just acknowledge that it's black,
you have to delve into your very core
and explain the logic behind why it's black and not white.
You can't use neutral words, you have to use theirs.
They force you into accepting their notions
and changing your point of view.
This very quickly drives a person insane …"
In late 2016,
after Shi Jian, a female Christian
from Gongzhuling City in the Jilin Province, was arrested,
the police locked her up in a conversion base in the Acheng District of Harbin,
forcing her to undergo 5 months of brainwashing.
Aside from inundating us on a daily basis with atheism,
and heresies that deny God,
they straight-up lied to us, using false testimonies.
They invited pastors affiliated with the Three-Self Church
to misinterpret the Bible in order to delude us.
They repeatedly played us videos slandering and blaspheming God,
with the police openly stating they wanted to scrub God from our brains.
On top of that, they tried getting on my good side or engaging in chit-chat
just to extract information about my Church.
Sometimes they would suddenly yell at me,
or mock me, or take a dig at me
in order to break down my resolve.
They tried all sorts of tactics,
like continually pestering or cajoling me.
They really tried to think of everything they could to change the way I thought,
just to force me to give up God.
But they were never successful.
There was another Christian there at the time
from Daqing City in the Heilongjiang Province.
She had already undergone 75 days of brainwashing.
It hadn't been successful thus far,
so they started resorting to torture.
The police handcuffed each arm to the bedpost of a different bed
so that she couldn't stand up straight.
All she could do was stand bent at the waist, or kneel.
They started forcefully yanking the two beds apart
until the cuffs were digging into her flesh.
They tortured her like that for 15 hours,
and even extorted 10,000 yuan in "education fees" from her.
When torture to force a confession isn't successful,
the CCP government will detain Christians,
sentencing them to re-education or reform through labor on groundless charges
such as "unlawful preaching and disrupting social order,"
"using a cult to undermine law enforcement,"
or "subversion of state power"
to continue their brutalization of Christians.
Two to three years is considered a light sentence,
while longer ones are ten years, twenty years, or even life in prison.
In Chinese prisons,
more than ten people are crammed into a single cell.
The air is filthy, the bedding moldy and foul-smelling.
Prisoners eat pickled radishes or plain-boiled greens year-round.
Guards treat Christians and other inmates like beasts of burden,
like money-making machines,
assigning back-breaking labor every day.
They frequently say: Machines can be idle, not people!
They must work long hours every day until midnight or after,
after which they still have to be scored,
memorize the rules, and stay on duty.
They're only allowed four or five hours of sleep a night,
and sometimes only two or three.
They're disciplined to the point of mental and physical exhaustion.
Sometimes Christians and other prisoners
are forced to handle dangerous chemicals and metals,
which can lead to contamination and sickness that eat away at their skin.
On top of that,
the Chinese government classifies Christians as political criminals,
claiming that they subvert state power,
and that they're worse than murderers and arsonists.
They find all sorts of despicable ways to torture and brutalize Christians.
They give them rugged, uneven haircuts to make them look odd,
and play games with them,
forcing them to perform vulgar movements to humiliate them.
They make Christians change cells frequently;
every time this happens, they're ganged up on by the others.
They lock Christians up in tiny rooms
and arrange for other prisoners to monitor them 24 hours a day
with free reign to do whatever they want to them.
They force Christians to sleep next to people with contagious diseases
so that they too become infected.
Year after year, they assign Christians the most difficult jobs
in the most grueling environments,
and the prison guards make them attend frequent meetings
where they force them to condemn God
and write statements about their "newly found understanding"
according to the guards' requirements.
If they refuse, the guards abuse them and beat them up.
Some prison guards openly make scenes, saying:
"We're going to make you study and write.
Your minds won't have a moment to rest.
We're going to extract the faith from your minds and wash them clean!"
In Chinese prisons,
such long-term inhumane torture and abuse targeted at Christians
leads to physical and mental exhaustion and pain,
making them even lose the will to live.
Without God's protection, there would be no way to survive.
There is another despicable tactic that the CCP uses to persecute Christians,
which is having them blaspheme their own faith.
They force them to sign three letters: repentance, breaking off ties, and a guarantee.
In the letter of repentance,
one must not only state that they regret believing in God,
they must also write words to condemn and blaspheme Him.
The letter of breaking off ties is to thoroughly cut all ties to God and the church
and never interact with them again.
The letter of guarantee is to promise to never again believe in God.
If a Christian refuses to sign any of the three letters,
they will be subject to torture.
The CCP's goal in doing this
is to force Christians to deny God and blaspheme Him
and join the CCP in resisting Him
so that in the end they will be destroyed by Him.
This makes it plenty clear how evil the CCP is!
Not only do they brutalize Christians while they're in prison,
even after they've served their sentences and are released,
they aren't truly free.
The government continues to monitor their lives.
They won't give up until the Christians are done in.
After being released,
many Christians are required to report to police stations on a monthly basis,
with specific people assigned to monitor them long-term.
One village cadre responsible for monitoring Christians said:
"Believers aren't like criminal offenders.
Once they're released, it doesn't matter anymore,
but Christians are different.
We can't even let them out of our sight for a moment!"
The Police also include information on Christians' religious beliefs on their ID cards
so that they remain under tight scrutiny
when they travel, work, rent a house, or leave the country.
One day in May, 2013,
when a Christian was getting a land use permit
in the Guangdong Province Bureau of Land and Resources,
a staff member said:
"There's an issue with your ID card.
You'll need to get a stamped verification
from three different police stations in the city
before we can process it.
Getting any documents will always be a struggle for you,
and you'll never be able to leave the country!"
On July 17, 2009,
Miao Xiao, a Christian woman in the Shanxi Province,
was arrested at home because of her faith.
Her family managed to get her released after nine days
through spending a large amount of money.
From then on,
Miao Xiao was constantly under strict supervision by the police.
Not only did they monitor her phone,
they installed security cameras at the entrance of her home.
Every time she left for work or to go shopping,
the police would follow her.
They would even burst into her home at random to question and harass her.
After five years of this, she couldn't take it anymore,
and, on November 16, 2014, committed suicide by jumping into a river.
She was only 44 years old.
To choke off all options Christians might have in their life,
the CCP uses all kinds of tactics
to oppress those who have served full sentences but still maintain their faith.
Their property is confiscated,
and their household registrations are revoked.
Some have had their subsistence allowance revoked and their pensions halted,
and some have even been branded as "dangerous,"
barring them off from all employment.
Some Christians have spouses who are public state officials,
and by threatening to have them stripped of their credentials and fired,
the CCP has caused many of them to divorce.
This has led many Christians with nothing other than friends and relatives to get by.
Their lives are very difficult.
In 2012,
in Yuzhou City in the Henan Province,
a village cadre cut off the water supply and electricity
to a Christian's home for three months
for preaching outdoors.
The cadre then had him detained at a local police station for ten days,
and after he was released,
the cadre took him along with seven others to the village hall
to denounce them.
They were told that
they would only have their utilities restored
if they agreed to never preach again.
The cadre enlisted five other households to collaborate in monitoring them,
and said that if they were caught preaching again,
the five households would lose their utilities too.
Sometimes when Christians are released from their arrest,
the CCP bribes them into selling out their church,
or into becoming undercover agents to collect information on their church,
or forces them to be interviewed on TV
and read propaganda prepared by the CCP.
They vainly attempt to exploit Christians
into concocting false rumors to slander The Church of Almighty God.
Not only does the CCP persecute Christians themselves,
even their families are targeted to varying degrees.
Some family members are detained, arrested, fined, monitored, or even beaten.
Some children are denied household registrations, IDs,
are expelled from school,
or are denied opportunities for military service,
the civil servant exam, or employment overseas.
Some of their parents
have their pensions, insurance payments, or subsistence allowance revoked,
and some of their families' homes are demolished with no compensation.
Some of their families suffer illegal extortions from the police
and have no choice but to bear with it,
and some are frequently interrogated because of their relative's faith.
They're made to experience such intense psychological pressure
that they become bedridden with illness, or chronically depressed and die.
After being persecuted by the Chinese government,
some family members who were originally in support of faith
began to hate it themselves.
On occasion,
they've even physically abused the believer in their family
and sent them to the police.
Families who once lived in harmony have been completely destroyed by the CCP,
estranging them from one another.
The CCP has eyes on every corner, inside every home.
Long ago, it turned China into a city of ghosts run by demons.
Christians have nowhere to go; it's an air-tight system.
Some Christians have had no choice
but to go abroad to practice their faith,
but the CCP still manages to extend their influence overseas.
They use political and economic tactics
to pressure other countries into extraditing those Christians back to China
so they can persecute them.
On February 24, 2016,
the CCP issued a confidential document:
Outline of Central Committee Leadership Speeches
and Essential Points From Relevant 610 Office Meetings,
regarding specific deployments by Meng Jianzhu,
the Secretary of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission
for suppressing religious groups abroad.
It demanded they "persist in striking hard
to create a high-pressure situation without wavering
to maximally constrain room for the movement of religious groups overseas."
The specific deployments are summarized below:
In addition,
the CCP also lures and menaces the relatives of Christians who have fled the country,
using them as hostages to threaten The Church of Almighty God.
They forced them to go to democratic countries such as South Korea
to disrupt The Church of Almighty God,
and have dispatched secret agents to those countries
to hold protests, press conferences, media reports,
all to sway the public and slander The Church of Almighty God.
They have intervened,
preventing democratic countries from approving applications for asylum
by Christians who have fled.
The incredible arrogance and sinister tactics of the CCP's pursuit of Christians
is nothing short of heinous!
The CCP's suppression and brutalization of Christians
is something that occurs in China on a daily basis,
and is only becoming more serious.
It's already reached the point of madness, their innumerable crimes.
Many people may ask:
Why would the CCP hate God so much?
Why are they so abusive toward Christians?
Why would they want to exterminate Christians and house churches from society?
Because the CCP is an atheist party,
and by nature, they hate God and His work.
They are His mortal enemies!
There is a line in The Communist Manifesto:
In the spiritual world, this "spectre" is called Satan,
and when it comes, it possesses a horde of demons.
Those are the founders and heirs of communism.
This "spectre" has haunted Europe,
and has given rise to communism's evil theories.
It has wreaked havoc on dozens of countries around the world
and has brought devastating corruption to mankind for over a century.
It has led to people resisting and betraying God,
allowing evil to reach its peak.
Today, it is firmly entrenched in mainland China.
Not only has it been a scourge on the billion-plus people in this country,
the Party has also hunted Christ,
exterminating those who f