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  • We've all accepted the name of the Lord,

  • baptized into faith, and we received salvation by His grace,

  • so we are not Pharisees.

  • If the Lord returns in the last days,

  • and we condemn and resist Him,

  • wouldn't we also become Pharisees?

  • Eastern Lightning witnesses that the Lord Jesus has already returned,

  • and that He is Almighty God incarnate.

  • Absolutely impossible.

  • Why haven't I seen it?

  • We should seek and study it!

  • All those who bear witness to the arrival of God incarnate of the last days are fraudulent.

  • They are heretics.

  • We must not believe them.

  • I never thought that the words of Almighty God would be so powerful.

  • What Eastern Lightning preaches is indeed the truth.

  • Could the Lord have really come back?

  • Should I accept Him or not?

  • I can't.

  • If I accept, the church would certainly expel me,

  • and then I couldn't be a pastor anymore.

  • I'm sure that Almighty God can't possibly be Christ of the last days,

  • and He is merely an average person.

  • Whether Almighty God is Christ,

  • first and foremost, we must base it on whether or not the words expressed are the truth,

  • and whether they are the voice of God and His work in the last days.

  • Only by examining the true way like this can we come to a correct conclusion.

  • No matter how much truth Almighty God has expressed or how great His work is,

  • if He is not the Lord Jesus descending on a cloud,

  • we can't accept Him.

  • What is the difference between your reckless resistance and condemnation of Eastern Lightning

  • and the resistance and condemnation that the Jewish chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees

  • had of the Lord Jesus?

  • If you are now determined to follow the government

  • and the pastors and elders of the religious world

  • in continuing to resist and condemn Eastern Lightning,

  • isn't this nailing God to the cross again?

  • Then that sin is on me!

  • We can work with the CCP.

  • When we find people who are preaching Eastern Lightning we can call the police

  • and the police can arrest them all.

We've all accepted the name of the Lord,


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キリスト教映画予告編|主イエス・キリストが現れた "神を再び十字架に釘付けにするのは誰だ?" (Christian Movie Trailer | The Lord Jesus Christ Has Appeared "Who's Nailing God to the Cross Again?")

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