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  • Hi, it's Aïda. Welcome to King Barcelona!

  • We tried to bring the influence of Barcelona into our offices

  • and that's why we named this big room that we have here Las Ramblas.

  • We have these little meeting rooms here that look like little restaurants.

  • It's important that we have a friendly workplace.

  • That's why for our new moms we have a breastfeeding room.

  • Because we are a game company, it's really important that we take time to play games.

  • The games you can play here are Overwatch, Call of Duty, Skylanders, Destiny and a lot more.

  • We even have an internal league where they can compete against each other.

  • In this area, we have some games for tablets, some games for consoles, computer

  • and also some of the old classics here.

  • Every floor has its own kitchen, its own games area, and its own flavor.

  • And teams tailor the areas according to their needs.

  • But this floor is my favorite because we have a sun terrace.

  • We can always have a break in the library area

  • while we meet with some friends and have a coffee.

  • So this is the central hub of our office.

  • Here people come to eat, just mingle around and meet new Kingsters.

  • It's themed like a forest, so you can find the clouds,

  • the trees, we have some grass as well.

  • And also the best part is that we have snacks and drinks all day.

  • Thank you so much for visiting us.

  • Adiós!

Hi, it's Aïda. Welcome to King Barcelona!


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