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  • Welcome to the very first episode ofGravity Falls Uncovered”. You know the opener you

  • just watched? That's what we're focusing on today. You've probably already seen multiple

  • videos about the opener, and that's where I got a lot of my information. There are so

  • many different secrets hidden within the opening theme ofGravity Falls”. For those of

  • you who might not know what I'm referencing, Gravity Falls is an animated TV show by Disney

  • about a pair of twins named Dipper and Mabel Pines who visit their Great-Uncle Stanley

  • Pines in the small, quiet town of Gravity Falls in Oregon, USA. The not-so-serene community

  • is actually plagued by supernatural beings, all of which are recorded in a set of three

  • journals, the author of said journals is still unknown. The opener is the first clues to

  • just how mysterious this town is. The very first secret is a shadowed figure visible

  • in only one frame of the opener. He's large, he's hairy, he's tall, and he's in a

  • myth-riddled town. Who on Earth could this be? The most common theory, and makes the

  • most sense, is Bigfoot. Some people claim that he may be the author of the journals,

  • if so, then that guy has a massive hair growth problem. The second secret that you may have

  • missed is all the photos. Here we can see Blendin Blandin, Lil' Gideon, A gnome, and

  • the Monster of Summerween, and the p-teradactyl. All of whom have been featured in episodes.

  • Could this mean that the other photos are hints as to what baddies are to come? If so,

  • then I'm psyched for the UFOs. Our third secret is the whisper at the end of the opener

  • when the title is finally displayed. When you listen closely, it sounds like it is saying

  • “I'm still here”. But if you play it backwards, the voice is sayingThree Letters

  • Back”, a Caesarian Code where you take each letter of the alphabet and count three letters

  • behind it, coding your phrases. (A becomes X, B becomes Y, C becomes Z, and so on.) This

  • code is used at the end of each episode during the very end of the credits, at which time

  • a coded phrase is displayed for the watcher to decode. Finally, the biggest secret of

  • them all. The one that unlocks the entire show for the viewer. The Bill Cipher circle.

  • For one frame only the Bill Cipher circle appears. It is on the same stationary that

  • the rest of Dipper's journal appears on, and has a drawing of Bill Cipher, a demon

  • that can enter people's dreams as well as possess and persuade. Many believe that Bill

  • Cipher is reminiscent to the All-Seeing-Eye that represents the illuminati on the dollar

  • bill. But that's not important right now. The most important items on this image is

  • the surrounding circle. Each part of the circle has a symbol that theorists believe represent

  • each main member of the show. The pine tree represents Dipper, because of the pine tree

  • on his hat. The claw represents Grunkle Stan, a symbol on his fez. Many believe that the

  • ice symbolizes Wendy, because she is usually calm, cool, and collected. But that isn't

  • a solid theory. The question mark could possibly represent either Soos or the Mystery Shack,

  • both of which sport question marks constantly. The glasses are another theory of Grunkle

  • Stan's secret twin Stanley Pines. The stitched heart is a symbol for Robbie, a menacing,

  • rather annoying character. This symbol appears on Robbie's jacket. The shooting star many

  • believe is the representation of Mabel, who owns a sweater with this symbol upon it (It's

  • pink). The llama has a lot of controversy over it as well. Either the hypothesized Lebam,

  • Mabel's doppelgänger, or Pacifica, who is Mabel's opposite. The hand can only represent

  • the author of the journals, the identity of whom is still a mystery. And the star represents

  • Lil' Gideon, the nasty brat who is a fake psychic. But so is Stan. Alongside the circle

  • is more code which reads, when translated, “Stan is not what he seems”. What could

  • this be a reference to? Mere speculation is all that answers my own question. At the end

  • of season one, however, we find out that Stan has a hidden room in the Mystery Shack behind

  • a vending machine. And in that room, he possesses all three journals out of which he is creating

  • a portal of some sort. This may be what the code is referring to, but some believe that

  • Stan himself might be the author of the journals. If so, then why would he need them to open

  • a portal designed by his own hand? Those are the secrets of the opening title. Stay tuned

  • for more secrets of Gravity Falls. Thanks for watchingGravity Falls Uncovered”.

Welcome to the very first episode ofGravity Falls Uncovered”. You know the opener you


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