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  • We use this every day as a stand-in for love and the human heart.

    私たちはこれを毎日 愛や人間の心臓の意味として使っています。

  • But it doesn't really look like the real thing.


  • Zackary Crokett at Priceonomics has looked into the history of this.

    Priceonomics の Zackary Crokett はその歴史を探ってみました。

  • He says that there are relics resembling the heart shape from 3000 BC, but these shapes stood for ivy or fig leaves, not the heart.

    彼によると紀元前 3000 年からハートに似た遺跡が存在するそうです。しかし、これらはツタやイチジクの葉を表すものであり、心臓ではありません。

  • It wasn't until several centuries later that the heart became a symbol representing "love".


  • But the problem, was they didn't really know what the heart looked like,


  • partially because of the Catholic Church prohibited autopsies.


  • So, when artists tried to draw the heart as a symbol of love, like in this French manuscript from 1250, it looked like this.

    そのため画家が心臓を愛の象徴として描こうとした時、例えば 1250 年のフランスの写本のように、このような見た目でした。

  • By the time detailed anatomical drawings appeared, like those of Leonardo Da Vinci in the early 16th century, the simplified symbol had already taken root.

    詳細な解剖図が現れるまで、16 世紀のレオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチが描いたようなこの単純化されたシンボルはすでに人々に根付いていました。

  • It became a popular image in Catholic symbolism as well as secular things like decks of cards.


  • Eventually, New York City's 1977 campaign turned the heart symbol into a verb.

    ついにはニューヨーク市が 1977 キャンペーンでハートのシンボルを動詞に変えました。

  • "I love New York," replacing the word "love".

    "I love New York!" の "love" をハートに入れ替えたのです。

  • Now it's used in everything romantic:


  • Valentine's Day cards, emojis, chocolate.


  • But you can also find it in video games, on twitter, and in ads for heart-healthy food.


  • It might be a poor likeness for the human heart, but that's what makes it such an enduring and versatile symbol.


We use this every day as a stand-in for love and the human heart.

私たちはこれを毎日 愛や人間の心臓の意味として使っています。

審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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ハートの由来ってこうだった?(How the heart became ♥)

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