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  • This is gonna make a lot of people sad

  • and probably some happy,

  • but I can't worry about that now

  • I quit

  • Fine call me a quitter. I don't care. I just can't do this anymore

  • I've changed you're not to blame. I'm just not the same person you knew before

  • So not to be rude at all, but I'm done trying to live up to your

  • expectations and

  • down to them

  • Basically I quit being bound to them I quit following everyone's opinion or what's right for me

  • I quit holding myself back live in emotionally trapped and not being who I'd like to be I

  • quit being loyal to these negative thoughts that have never been useful

  • I quit letting the guilt of my past get in my path and deprive me of a beautiful

  • future I

  • Quit letting people who have proven it. They don't really care about me get to me

  • I quit hanging out with friends who are most days

  • I couldn't tell you if they're friends or enemies draining my energy. I quit letting society's expectations and timetables

  • Pressure me, direct my destiny, and stress me. I quit forgiving everyone else in the whole world

  • except me I

  • Quit wanting the cool kids to accept me

  • I quit not saying what's on my mind that important times letting fear come near and suppress me

  • I quit being so emotionally tied to the likes and shares of people I barely know online I

  • quit self-doubt and

  • Self-sabotage I quit being a screw-up and a gonna doer I quit sleepwalking through life instead of living my dreams

  • I quit waiting for ducks to line up instead of spreading my wings I quit not giving 100%

  • I quit dimming my light so that others won't have to squint

  • I quit peer pressure and people pleasing I quit the prison of

  • Perfection I quit the fear of failure and the fear of success I quit hesitation desperation expectations devastations, I quit

  • And no I

  • Don't have a two-week notice, so please accept. This as my letter of resignation I

  • Know it seems sudden, but trust me it has been a long time coming, but now my time here is up. Oh

  • But don't worry. I'm grateful for the experience

  • And I have an amazing new life

  • lined up I

  • quit

  • Hey guys now that you know what I've quit to live a happier life

  • I want to hear from you go to my Instagram page right now and check out my latest instant challenge

  • I want to hear your story of way you quit. We've got some great goodies and prizes available for a limited time

  • I'll see you there peace

This is gonna make a lot of people sad


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辞める (I Quit)

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