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  • At first glance, Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump

  • seem to be unlikely allies.

  • The United States will cease all implementation

  • of the non-binding Paris Accord.

  • It is an actual mistakeboth for the U.S. and for our planet.

  • The Iran deal was one of the worst

  • and most one-sided transactions.

  • To officially recognize

  • Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

  • I thought that it was a mistake.

  • Macron, a young centrist, had won the French election

  • by rejecting far-right anger.

  • Trump had supported his rival,

  • the staunch nationalist, Marine Le Pen.

  • The two presidents' first encounter

  • last spring was awkward.

  • Trump extended his arms in greeting, but Macron

  • first approached Angela Merkel.

  • And when they did greet each other,

  • Trump gave Macron of his famous arm yanks.

  • Their handshakes would come to take on a life of their own.

  • What's being described as an epic handshake standoff.

  • Alpha male kind of engagement.

  • That's what I call a French press.

  • I think we just surrendered to France.

  • It was the beginning of Macron's political courtship of Trump.

  • Other European leaders, like Angela Merkel and Theresa May

  • have been wary of Trump's inflammatory rhetoric

  • and periodic taunting of some of the United States'

  • most trusted allies.

  • We work together does not mean that we are afraid to say

  • when we think the United States has got it wrong.

  • Retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do.

  • Macron has mostly tried a pragmatic approach.

  • He shrugged off some of Trump's provocations.

  • I think we should not overplay the situation and his tweets.

  • At Bastille Day, Macron

  • impressed his American counterpart

  • with a military parade in Paris.

  • One of the greatest parades I've ever seen.

  • And a promise of unconditional loyalty.

  • There was also the 30-second handshake.

  • Macron seemed to make a point of saying

  • he and Trump were in close contact.

  • I call him very regularly.

  • Probably three to four phone calls during the past weeks.

  • We have a very good relationship.

  • But why would Macron so openly embrace

  • a president who's unpopular at home and abroad?

  • It's an attempt to burnish his reputation as a leader.

  • It's also to bolster the perception

  • that France is the key middleman between the United States

  • and Europe at a time when the United Kingdom is grappling

  • with Brexit and Merkel is struggling to hold onto power.

  • But those are intangibles.

  • On the harder issues of policy, experts

  • say Macron's efforts to try and sway

  • Trump on everything from the Iran deal to climate change

  • have so far come up short.

At first glance, Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump


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トランプ氏とマクロン氏の関係、解説|NYT (Trump and Macron’s Relationship, Explained | NYT)

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