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DALE: Hi there.
DALE: Who are you waiting for today?
TONY: My mom.
DALE: Your mom?
Where's your mom coming in from?
TONY: Cancun.
We made it a tradition to send her away for a trip every year.
DALE: Wow.
Why is this important to you, to send your mom away?
TONY: So my mom was a stay-at-home mom.
But the thing is that my dad passed away when I was 18 coming out of high school.
He actually passed away from cancer.
DALE: I'm so sorry.
TONY: Yeah, so when my dad passed away we had to sell everything.
We had to sell the house, sell the cars.
So we went from owning a house down to living in someone else's basement.
DALE: It sounds like that changed your life as a family quite a bit.
TONY: It did, it did.
And my mom.
She was like, "Okay, I'm gonna look for a job now. I need to support the family. Your dad is not here anymore."
For her it was much more difficult
because she's a first generation immigrant from China.
So she did not speak English much.
We're talking about like entry-level jobs, so mopping the floor for the longest time.
And then slowly, slowly we've finally been able to buy a house about four years, five years back.
DALE: That's amazing.
TONY: Yeah.
So that's what she did for us and that's why me and my sister we're very grateful for what my mom did.
DALE: So describe your dad when you were growing up.
TONY: He was one of the hardest working person I know.
He always own his own business.
He would work 11 in the morning until like 11 at night.
But the thing is that when I was younger used to be very like a delinquent.
I would say that I'm the worst kid that there was.
I would not listen to him, not listen to mom, not listen to anyone. Do whatever I like.
If I could go back to those times I would do the things differently.
DALE: When your dad passed away, you were 18?
TONY: I was 18.
So everyday he would go through chemo and stuff like that so we would have to be there for him.
We took turns into looking after him.
So it was one morning when my dad, it was my turn in the morning to go see him.
So I was just reading a book beside him
and I looked over and I was like,
"Dad, Dad, what's going on?"
He actually just stopped.
Stopped breathing, moving, and everything.
I pressed the emergency button.
A nurse came, doctor came, and yeah, he said that he died.
Just like that.
DALE: I'm so sorry.
TONY: I was the only person that was there.
Ooh, sorry.
DALE: Did you get a chance to say everything you needed to say to your dad, or you wanted to say to your dad?
TONY: No, that's the thing.
Every year we go see him at his grave.
Every time I see him it reminds me that Dad, you worked so hard for the family
and now I'm gonna take up your position into supporting the family, making decisions,
making sure that we all live well.
And then right now I started my own company,  my music school.
So I have so much question I would like to ask him.
If my dad was here today we would be doing so much together.
DALE: Do you think he'd be proud of you?
TONY: Right now, yes.
At this moment I would think so.
I hope so.
I can look at him straight in the eyes on his picture on his grave and be like,
"Don't worry, Dad, I got this."
DALE: That's a big thing to say as a son.
Don't worry Dad, I've got this.
TONY: I think so.
DALE: So tell me about your mom.
TONY: She would be like the very caring person.
In Chinese tradition, traditional Chinese family
we don't say "I love you" enough
and now I've learned it the hard way.
With what happened to my Dad, that's why afterward me and my sister we always say to Mom,
"We love you, we love you."
So every day we do that.
DALE: I think your dad would be very proud of how the three of you have come together
and really supported each other.
TONY: Thank you.
DALE: You're very welcome.
DALE: Thanks, man. All the best, alright? TONY: Thank you.
DALE: Take care. TONY: Bye bye.
♫ Looking back when we were younger ♫
♫ Sneaking out to feed the hunger ♫
♫ Nobody knows ♫
♫ We have come so far ♫
♫ We can't turn back now ♫ TONY: Ma.
♫ Let me walk you down this road ♫
♫ Follow me, follow me ♫
♫ When it's dark out ♫
♫ I will be, I will be your lighthouse ♫
♫ And if you're lost ♫
♫ I'll lead you back home ♫
♫ Follow me, follow me ♫
♫ When it's dark out ♫
♫ I will be, I will be your lighthouse ♫


Grateful for mom's hard work | Hello Goodbye

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