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Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."
Let's prepare the ingredients for the chicken rice.
Cut the chicken thigh (130g) into half inch pieces.
Sprinkle on the salt and pepper.
Toss to coat and season the chicken evenly.
Cut the onion (70g) into fine pieces by making vertical cuts along the grain
and then slicing across the initial cuts so each piece is cut evenly.
Remove the stems of the button mushrooms (50g).
Slice the mushrooms into quarter inch slices.
Cut the garlic clove in half lengthwise.
Remove the core.
Make vertical cuts in the garlic
and then slice across the initial cuts
and chop the garlic into fine pieces.
Shave half of the bouillon cube into thin pieces.
This will help it to dissolve in the sauce easily.
Place the frozen green peas (30g) into a mesh strainer.
Briefly rinse under hot water, removing the freezer smells.
Strain and salt the peas.
Let's make the egg mixture for the omelette.
Crack two eggs into a bowl.
Beat the eggs well.
This is non-dairy creamer but we recommend to use whipping cream instead.
Add the salt and pepper.
Combine the egg mixture thoroughly.
Let's make the chicken rice.
Put the olive oil (2/3 tbsp) into a pan.
Sauté the garlic on low heat.
When the aroma grows stronger, add the onion and sauté on medium heat.
When the onion becomes transparent, add the chicken.
Continue to sauté the mixture.
When the chicken begins to brown, add the button mushrooms.
Continue to stir and distribute the oil evenly.
Add the white wine (1 tbsp) and allow the alcohol to evaporate completely.
Add the canned tomato (200g), tomato ketchup (1 tbsp), shaved bouillon cube and bay leaf.
Combine the mixture evenly.
Be careful not to burn the sauce.
Lightly reduce the sauce and add the green peas.
Continue to stir with a rice paddle.
When the sauce begins to sizzle, remove the bay leaf.
Test the flavor of the sauce and adjust to taste with salt and pepper.
Stir continuously to prevent burning.
Add the warm steamed rice (280g).
Distribute the rice evenly, breaking up the clumps with the paddle.
Place the chicken rice onto a plate for each person.
Let's make Omurice.
Add the olive oil (1/3 tbsp) to the heated pan and swirl to coat.
Test the surface of the pan with a tiny bit of egg
and pour the egg mixture on at once.
Stir vigorously with chopsticks for 5 seconds.
Swirl the egg mixture around,
allowing it to completely cover the bottom of the pan.
Turn off the burner.
The egg is half-cooked at this stage.
Place the chicken rice onto the omelette
and fold both sides over to wrap the rice.
Slide the omurice toward the edge of the pan.
With an underhand grip, flip the omurice over onto a plate.
The egg will continue to cook as long as it is hot so please do it quickly.
Shape the omurice with a paper towel.
Place the baby salad greens and parsley leaves next to the omurice.
Finally, garnish with the tomato ketchup.
The combination of the yellow omelette,
green baby salad and red tomato ketchup is visually appealing
and these bright colors will increase your appetite!
The ingredients for omurice should be easy to find in your area
so you should definitely try it out.
Good luck in the kitchen.


オムライスの作り方 (Omurice オムライス [Remastered/リマスター])

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