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  • - Trump has changed his tone on Russia.

  • Nikki Haley is someone with a long

  • political future and she's very aware of that.

  • She is not someone that is about to sit and kowtow,

  • we've seen that on her statements on Russia consistently

  • since she's become UN Ambassador.

  • There's no question that she's been

  • probably the most hawkish of the major

  • Trump advisors on Russia from day one,

  • when a lot of people have been

  • criticizing Trump for being unwilling

  • to go after Putin individually.

  • Trump has changed his tone on Russia.

  • He has become harder-lined, he has supported

  • putting very significant sanctions

  • against major Russian oligarchs,

  • which is putting a serious crimp on the Russian economy,

  • much worse than what we saw from the Europeans,

  • that was Trump directly supporting those sanctions.

  • But we've also seen Trump still angry

  • about the idea of getting rid of 60 Russian diplomats

  • and doing more than individual European countries,

  • even though the U.S. is bigger.

  • We've seen Trump being much more upset

  • about, most recently with Nikki Haley,

  • when she says, we're gonna, we're definitely

  • putting more sanctions on, and he overturns her.

  • So, there's something about the Trump/Putin relationship,

  • at least in Trump's mind, that makes him

  • not want to take him on in the same way

  • that pretty much everyone in congress,

  • and many of those in his own administration want him to.

  • It's unusual, particularly because Trump

  • usually doesn't care about offending people.

  • Like if someone annoys him or does something bad to him

  • he is the first one to hang up the phone,

  • we saw that with the Australian Prime Minister for example.

  • He's the first one to insult and offend directly

  • in a meeting, we've seen that with a host of leaders,

  • the Mexicans, for example, many of the Europeans.

  • (crowd noise)

  • This is not something that upsets Trump personally,

  • so it's a little unusual, and because it's Nikki Haley,

  • who sees herself not just as a Trump person

  • but, you know, former governor, someone that

  • certainly is thinking about higher positions in the future,

  • she's thinking about her own brand,

  • more than she's thinking about her brand vis-a-vis Trump.

  • And, obviously if she gets in a lot of headlines

  • that is, that makes her a little more vulnerable

  • in terms of Trump's own decision to keep her or not,

  • but at the end of the day, everyone in the

  • Trump administration has a half-life

  • that seems to be a little smaller, a little shorter

  • than that of other administrations we've ever seen.

  • So whether she thinks she can really last

  • for four years or eight, I think is an open question.

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- Trump has changed his tone on Russia.


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ニッキー・ヘイリーがロシアを巡ってトランプ氏と戦っている理由 (Why Nikki Haley Is Fighting Trump Over Russia)

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