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  • ♪ [music] ♪

  • - [Andy] The word is Japanese and it means in an easy way, feelings that you either

  • keep to yourself or you share with very close companions. So it's very personal,

  • and we think it really encapsulates the content and the lyrics that we're singing

  • about. Because it is on a lyrical's either stuff that's happened

  • to me or James personally or people around us.

  • And if you've never felt the sweet before

  • ♪ I'll show you, girl What you've been waiting for

  • - [James] Andy was the first person I met at University and we started making music

  • together. Within a couple of days we were writing electronic music.

  • I think we spent those next few years sort of honing, excuse the pun,

  • our skills production-wise, and trying to find our sounds. And then eventually we

  • came across honne, and it was a sound that we thought was a bit special and that we

  • should pursue it.

  • - It was like a little bit what was late night music...a bit romantic.

  • I think it was "Warm on a Cold Night." We wrote that and I thought this summed up

  • what we were about.

  • You can keep me warm on a cold night Warm on a cold cold night

  • Yeah you can keep me warm on a cold night Warm on a cold cold night

  • - "Warm on a Cold Night," which as we said kind of was the starting point for us.

  • A little interesting story about that is that the intro... A lot of people think it

  • was like an old kind of radio skit.

  • - Okay, it's 3:17 a.m. You're tuned in with your main man, Tommy [inaudible].

  • This next song's going to keep you warm on a cold, cold night. So if you don't got

  • a lover, just close your eyes and listen to honne.

  • - Yeah so it's one of our really good friends and I live with him actually.

  • When he's hung over, he has this crazy really, really low voice.

  • He came in one night at one in the morning or something and it was like, "Tomorrow

  • morning is going to be the one. I'm going to come down straight from my room

  • afterwards and we'll...I'm going to work it out. That's pretty cool with me

  • doing a radio intro.

  • You can keep me warm on a cold night Warm on a cold cold night

  • - I want people to open up. Because I feel like we've opened up.

  • Whenever we write a song, it's quite personal. If it helps other people open

  • up and maybe share something with someone else that they love.

  • Or if they're going through a difficult time... I think that's what I would like.

  • ♪ ...warm on a cold cold night. ♪

  • Yeah you can keep me warm on a cold night

  • - Hi, you're here with Andy and James from honne, and you're watching us on Baeble

  • Music.

  • ♪ [music] ♪

♪ [music] ♪


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