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  • Being able to understand your business

  • on a deeper level, based on all of your data

  • and driving strategic decisions in real-time,

  • is the essence of making Big Data work for you.

  • From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies

  • and worldwide public institutions,

  • Amazon Web Services customers

  • are running Big Data solutions in the cloud

  • to gain actionable insights from their business data.

  • Such as creating personalized medicine

  • based on patient genetic information,

  • delivering customized content to millions of users concurrently,

  • or analyzing billions of financial transactions daily.

  • AWS provides a self-service model,

  • where you can have on demand availability

  • of compute, networking and storage capacity

  • at the speed of a few mouse clicks.

  • You have the flexibility to use AWS Big Data Solutions,

  • where much of the heavy lifting

  • of provisioning, availability,

  • durability, recovery

  • and backup services are done for you.

  • Or you can develop your own Big Data platform

  • on Amazon Elastic Compute cloud to meet your specific needs.

  • The choice is yours.

  • You can ingest data at any velocity

  • from any number of sources

  • allowing you to process and analyze your data

  • in near real-time.

  • Store any type of data

  • from unstructured data, like documents and videos,

  • to structured data, such as financial transactions

  • and key performance indicators.

  • Analyze data at massive scale

  • with up to thousands of servers working in parallel,

  • with softwares such as Hadoop, MapReduce,

  • Hive, Pig, Spark,

  • or many of the emerging Big Data solutions.

  • You can even create a data warehouse

  • that you can resize dynamically without downtime

  • from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes

  • as your needs change.

  • Visualize and interpret your data

  • with business intelligence and reporting tools

  • that you're already familiar with

  • or explore new solutions in the Big Data category

  • on the AWS Marketplace.

  • Success with Big Data

  • comes from being able to iterate on your analysis,

  • allowing you to focus on your business needs

  • while not being held back by the cost and complexity

  • of managing the IT infrastructure,

  • to collect, store, process and visualize your data.

  • Whatever your needs are

  • AWS offers a comprehensive set of services

  • for running big data workloads in the cloud.

  • Analyze Big Data faster with Amazon Web Services,

  • getting to your next 'aha' moment sooner.

  • Visit today

  • to learn more about how AWS can help you work productively

  • with data at any scale.

Being able to understand your business


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Amazon Web Servicesでのビッグデータ (Big Data on Amazon Web Services)

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