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  • My mother

  • was the most wonderful person who ever lived.

  • I miss her so terribly.

  • Mother...

  • I´m coming for you when you least expect it.

  • You wanted to know the truth?

  • It's not going back.


  • You have a lot to learn, Norman.

  • Norman is sick.

  • He needs help.

  • I can't believe I did this.

  • We are two parts of the same person.

  • Both are very real.

  • This is how it ends, isn't it?

My mother


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ベイツ・モーテル 5x10プロモ「ザ・コード」(HD)シーズン5第10話プロモシリーズフィナーレ (Bates Motel 5x10 Promo "The Cord" (HD) Season 5 Episode 10 Promo Series Finale)

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