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Thank you all for joining us again.
In this segment we'll continue our discussion on
the mystery of human life and the purpose of man's existence.
Mark, in this segment, we'll be discussing specifically how
someone can receive the Lord for the first time
and contact God with their spirit for the first time.
Can you share with us a little bit about this?
Right, yes. In the last segment we covered how we need to use our spirit,
the third part of man's being, in order to contact God because God is Spirit
and so in order for us to contact Him as Spirit, we need to use our spirit.
But how to receive Him for the first time, practically, it involves the following:
First, there needs to be what the Bible calls a repentance.
Now, repentance is not a feeling of remorsefulness.
It's not a turning over a new leaf. It's not making a resolution.
Repentance is simply having a change of mind, kind of a change of heart.
And many of the viewers may have already had this.
They now are turning their hearts away from whatever it was,
whether they were doing good or bad, it doesn't matter,
they're having a little bit of a turn.
And the next, the Bible according to John 1:12, tells us that: We need to believe into Him.
We believe into Him, and by believing into Him, that's how we receive Him into our being.
According to John 1:12, "But as many as received Him,
He gave them authority to become children of God, to those who believe into His name."
But not only do we believe into Him, that's in our heart. There also needs to be a confession of our mouth.
And that confession of the mouth is by calling on the Lord.
Calling Him, declaring that He is Lord: "Lord Jesus!"
According to Romans 10:9 it says, "If you confess with your mouth Lord Jesus
and believe in your heart that God has raised Him form the dead, you shall be saved."
But this culminates... the actual action that is required is prayer.
It's by opening your mouth, believing in your heart, this culminates in a simple prayer.
And it can be quite a simple prayer. It could be something to the effect of:
"Lord Jesus, thank you for dying for me,
I believe that You have risen from the dead
and become the life-giving Spirit so that You can come into me.
I open my heart to You so that I can receive You, I believe into You,
I want You to save me, I receive You as my Lord and I receive You as my Savior.
Lord Jesus I love You."
With such a simple prayer like that,
that is how we use our spirit to contact God, to receive Him,
and thereby fulfill the purpose of our human existence and begin to answer the mystery of human life.
Some who are viewing may have thought that it's very complicated and difficult to contact God,
even to pray to Him or even to receive Him for the first time.
But as you shared it's very easy. Just with a short simple prayer,
by turning your heart to the Lord, and asking Him to come in and to live inside of you,
anyone who is watching today can pray a prayer like this
and receive the Lord into their heart.
Mark, thank you for joining us today.
My pleasure.
For all of you, thank for joining us as well.
And we look forward to having more conversations on the "Basic Elements of the Christian Life" in the future.


The Mystery of Human Life, Part 3 of 3

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