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  • Family values conservative Ted Cruz found himself in a bit of an odd predicament within

  • the last 24 hours.

  • It seems that on Twitter he perhaps accidentally liked a not safe for work porn clip on Twitter.

  • Now, obviously the internet, Twitter, everybody, jumped on board talking about how ridiculous

  • this was.

  • In fact, one of the most popular responses to Cruz's tweet was simply "OMG" because they

  • couldn't believe that Ted Cruz would be either stupid enough or careless enough to actually

  • share this porn clip on Twitter by liking it and allowing all of his followers to see

  • that he liked it.

  • Now look, in Cruz's defense slightly I have scrolled through Twitter a few times and accidentally

  • as I'm scrolling through my phone liked somebody's tweet that I didn't mean to like.

  • Wasn't anything harmful or anything that might get me into trouble, but occasionally out

  • there there's people who get likes from me that weren't actually supposed to happen but

  • I don't care enough to undo it.

  • But I've never accidentally liked a porn video, one because I'm not following any porn folk

  • on Twitter, at least not to my knowledge, but more importantly I think I would notice

  • that.

  • I think most Americans would have enough sense when you start seeing your notifications go

  • wild about a porn video, you probably should jump on that as quickly as possible and Ted

  • Cruz didn't.

  • His communications director many hours later came back and said, "Hey, we've deleted the

  • offensive tweet.

  • It's taken care of."

  • Still no word yet necessarily as to whether Cruz did it intentionally or if it was an

  • accident, or whatever.

  • The Hill actually reported that his Twitter account may have been hacked, however there

  • is absolutely no evidence and no word from the Cruz office that that is even a possibility.

  • Now, I do not want to attack Ted Cruz or anybody for their porn preferences or what they do

  • behind closed doors, that's not what I'm here to do.

  • Personally I don't even care.

  • But Ted Cruz does, and that's where this creates a bit of a problem.

  • Look, I don't care if you like porn videos on Twitter all day long.

  • The problem is you're trying to insert yourself, your policies I should say, into other people's

  • bedrooms.

  • Right?

  • Like when you wanted to ban sex toys in the state of Texas, and then at the same time

  • you're clearly a big fan of porn.

  • Let people enjoy the same liberties that you have Ted.

  • Your old college roommate has come out since this tweet happened in the last few hours,

  • and admitted that yeah, in college too you also kind of liked what he called "mediocre

  • porn."

  • But again, neither here nor there.

  • I'm not here to try Ted Cruz's sex life, or his personal habits, or his porn watching

  • abilities.

  • All I'm saying is that this is very hypocritical for a man who wants to take away your right

  • to do what you want to do behind closed doors because he somehow apparently has this public

  • hang up about it.

  • Yet at the same time he's clearly not adverse to watching porn videos, you know, things

  • like that.

  • You can't take on a holier than thou persona and try to regulate the sex lives of other

  • people if you can't even get your own sex life in check enough that you're not sharing

  • porn videos to the world on Twitter.

Family values conservative Ted Cruz found himself in a bit of an odd predicament within


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テッドクルーズは、Twitter上でポルノビデオを親指を立てて与える、インターネットはすぐに跳ね返る (Ted Cruz Gives Porn Video A Thumbs Up On Twitter, Internet Immediately Pounces)

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