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Family values conservative Ted Cruz found
himself in a bit of an odd predicament within

the last 24 hours.
It seems that on Twitter he perhaps accidentally
liked a not safe for work porn clip on Twitter.

Now, obviously the internet, Twitter, everybody,
jumped on board talking about how ridiculous

this was.
In fact, one of the most popular responses
to Cruz's tweet was simply "OMG" because they

couldn't believe that Ted Cruz would be either
stupid enough or careless enough to actually

share this porn clip on Twitter by liking
it and allowing all of his followers to see

that he liked it.
Now look, in Cruz's defense slightly I have
scrolled through Twitter a few times and accidentally

as I'm scrolling through my phone liked somebody's
tweet that I didn't mean to like.

Wasn't anything harmful or anything that might
get me into trouble, but occasionally out

there there's people who get likes from me
that weren't actually supposed to happen but

I don't care enough to undo it.
But I've never accidentally liked a porn video,
one because I'm not following any porn folk

on Twitter, at least not to my knowledge,
but more importantly I think I would notice

I think most Americans would have enough sense
when you start seeing your notifications go

wild about a porn video, you probably should
jump on that as quickly as possible and Ted

Cruz didn't.
His communications director many hours later
came back and said, "Hey, we've deleted the

offensive tweet.
It's taken care of."
Still no word yet necessarily as to whether
Cruz did it intentionally or if it was an

accident, or whatever.
The Hill actually reported that his Twitter
account may have been hacked, however there

is absolutely no evidence and no word from
the Cruz office that that is even a possibility.

Now, I do not want to attack Ted Cruz or anybody
for their porn preferences or what they do

behind closed doors, that's not what I'm here
to do.

Personally I don't even care.
But Ted Cruz does, and that's where this creates
a bit of a problem.

Look, I don't care if you like porn videos
on Twitter all day long.

The problem is you're trying to insert yourself,
your policies I should say, into other people's

Like when you wanted to ban sex toys in the
state of Texas, and then at the same time

you're clearly a big fan of porn.
Let people enjoy the same liberties that you
have Ted.

Your old college roommate has come out since
this tweet happened in the last few hours,

and admitted that yeah, in college too you
also kind of liked what he called "mediocre

But again, neither here nor there.
I'm not here to try Ted Cruz's sex life, or
his personal habits, or his porn watching

All I'm saying is that this is very hypocritical
for a man who wants to take away your right

to do what you want to do behind closed doors
because he somehow apparently has this public

hang up about it.
Yet at the same time he's clearly not adverse
to watching porn videos, you know, things

like that.
You can't take on a holier than thou persona
and try to regulate the sex lives of other

people if you can't even get your own sex
life in check enough that you're not sharing

porn videos to the world on Twitter.


Ted Cruz Gives Porn Video A Thumbs Up On Twitter, Internet Immediately Pounces

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