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  • Oh hey there folks, today we're gonna talk about my Wisconsin accent, eh?

  • But first I gotta get inside cause I'm freezing my pooper off.

  • Okay, sorry about that.

  • I promise that will never happen again.

  • But I am gonna talk about accents today, because I've had a lot of people asking me about my

  • accent, and this is something that is actually very closely related to language learning.

  • And accents are something that are really interesting to talk about because everyone

  • has one.

  • No matter where you're from, no matter what language you speak as your native language,

  • no matter what language you're learning, you have an accent.

  • And every once in a while you run into a phrase or a word that sounds totally normal to you,

  • and to everyone else it sounds hilariously quaint.

  • You're probably made fun of someone in the past, or someone has probably made fun of

  • you for some of the things you say like "I have drinken water," or "water" or "y'all"

  • or "y'ins" or "yous guys" or whatever it is that you say in your dialect.

  • So today I"m gonna talk about my personal dialect, since a lot of you have been apparently

  • noticing some things that I say very strangely to you that sound completely normal to me.

  • So I'm gonna go through what's called the accent tag challenge.

  • And this originated on Tumblr, I believe, and it seems really fun.

  • You go through a lot of different words that are more variable depending on where you live,

  • or what dialect you speak, and we'll just see some of the strange idiosyncrasies about

  • some of the things that we say.

  • I've always considered myself to speak something somewhat close to the standard general American

  • dialect, but I don't know, I'll let you guys be the judge of that.

  • I know for sure there are some aspects of my language that are different from the standard,

  • or the neutral dialect, because of the place where I grew up

  • and the places where I've lived.

Oh hey there folks, today we're gonna talk about my Wisconsin accent, eh?


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