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  • The Year of Luigi. At first, it seemed like it would just be another marketing campaign,

  • right? Turns out, when Nintendo said this would be the Year Of Luigi? Holy crap, were

  • they serious! As serious as Bowser's thing for blondes. That's pretty freaking serious.

  • Luigi's already starred in two of the year's best 3DS games, and now?

  • Dude gets to save the princess. Like, the blonde one.

  • Don't tell big brother. It's New Super Luigi U.

  • So this is kind of weird, but...this is both downloadable content, and not downloadable

  • content. Yes, New Super Luigi U is an add-on to the Wii U launch title New Super Mario

  • Bros. U,'s also a standalone product. You can either buy it on Nintendo's eShop,

  • as DLC...or you can buy it in stores, as its own product. That's awesome. Kudos to Nintendo

  • for not only making a great game, but for giving people options.

  • Figures, though, with Luigi. He's a man of the people.

  • It's his brother, that's the fascist.

  • Of course, to be fair, he is borrowing the framework of his brother's game. This is basically

  • Mario U: The Remix. It has the same worlds, the same map, the same basic structure...but

  • with entirely new level designs. So yes, it's still Acorn Plains and Soda Jungle, but...they've

  • never played quite like this.

  • I'm not saying this is the Wii U's answer to the Lost Levels...but I'm not saying it

  • isn't, either. I mean, the level designs in Mario U were some of the best Nintendo had

  • done in years for a 2D Mario game. But like most Mario games, the difficulty only really

  • picks up at the end. With Luigi U, it starts right at the beginning. Where Mario games

  • build to a crescendo, Luigi skips the intro...and just starts crashing the brass.

  • Actually, Luigi shows a similar disregard for physics, and gravity. As has become a

  • trademark of the Green Baron, dude floats and slips and slides all over the place. It's

  • kind of like playing every level with the physics of an ice world. On top of the game's

  • deliciously brutal level design, that makes Luigi U even more of a challenge.

  • His quirks take some getting used to, but they're really rewarding to master. And fun.

  • Actually, the gameplay's more interesting with Luigi, and a whole lot more complex.

  • Speaking of complex...seriously, these levels are ridiculous. And ridiculously creative,

  • too. With the game's framework already in place, all Nintendo had to worry about were

  • the levels. And when you play Luigi can see the attention that went into them.

  • And they're created specifically for well as his 100-second time limits. So there's

  • a seamless marriage between the game's mechanics and its design.

  • Between ...Peach and Mario. Or so we thought. But alas, an empty chair...and a lonely red

  • hat, without an owner.

  • Maybe its owner is off with Pauline.

  • You know, this is like two games for the price of one. Playing Luigi U gave me this irresistible

  • urge to play Mario U again, and man...somehow, that game's even better than I remembered.

  • And playing it after this, especially...that really brings into focus what Luigi U is all

  • about. This is the familiar turned on its head. It's a game you're convinced you know...but

  • that surprises you, one level after another.

  • Obviously, it's a celebration of Luigi, decorated with his sprites like green balloons at a

  • birthday party, but New Super Luigi U is more than that, too. It's fantastic design, sharp

  • controls and endless charm, all coming together to say...

  • This is how you make a platformer, guys.

  • It also mumbled in fear a few times. But that's...that's just Luigi.

The Year of Luigi. At first, it seemed like it would just be another marketing campaign,


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