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when you have this like fear that's
removed from you... you can honestly do
anything in the world and it's the
greatest gift anyone can have I was
afraid I was anxious i was nervous
around people around social situations
and that is just completely gone
Music playing by Ashon "Midnight Children"
Music playing by Ashon "Midnight Children"
Music playing by Ashon "Midnight Children"
Music playing by Ashon "Midnight Children"
I'm going to get hit in the head!
with a giant snowball from that tree
alright guys I made it two years
no porn no masturbation and i just want
to share the benefits and my experience
after two years now i basically just
hauled a$$ and hiked for like five
days to come out here to share an
inspirational video with you my brown
little ears are freezing right now and I
i kinda wanted to Mission out here just
to kinda share that like the journey is
definitely not easy but it is so worth
it and that is my biggest takeaway in
year two of no porn no masturbation it
is so worth the journey
there's going to be tons of pitfalls
tons of hard times and it isn't easy but
at the end of the journey you have
nothing but beauty and i don't know i
just thought it'd to be a cool spot to film so
what are some of the biggest
benefits if you haven't already check
out my first video I film a year ago and
in that video I talked about the
craziest benefits i had experienced to
go watch that video i put it in the
links below if you haven't seen it watch
it is inspirational it's motivational
help so many guys start the journey my
face is numb give me a second i'll rub
my face
ok ok it's ok so obstacles it's there
are going to be so many obstacles in
life not just for quitting porn but
everything is an obstacle anything that
you want to do in life is not a smooth
ride it's not it's not like sailing
smooth seas you know one of my favorite
quotes a smooth sea never made a skilled
sailors so start to really you know
embrace the struggle and like embrace
the fact it's going to be hard
honestly here's the here's the benefits
i have absolutely zero desire and
zero want to masterbate masterbating
doesn't even register my brain anymore
like I forgotten what it's like porn i
have absolutely zero interest in porn
and to be honest with you
one of the big changes i've noticed is i
can now look at Instagram pictures of
sexy women and not have it trigger me or
want more like I can literally just look
at something and just appreciate it for
the beauty i can connect with women and
be friends with them now which is a
huge benefit that I never had before
there was always some sort of an agenda
or some sort of sexual kind of
connotation to the relationship but
right now I could truly say i have
friendship with girls that are purely
just friendships and that is something
that I value and appreciate so much one of
the other huge benefits is my
increased sociability I honestly feel so
comfortable in social situations
I am NOT that guy at the gym that's got
his head down his earphones on its kind
of doing my own thing that that's a sign
of like being antisocial honestly I will
just talk to anyone and i have no
problem talking to people anymore i can
literally walk in front of a stage of a
thousand people and have zero fear and
give zero care about what their opinion
of me is so that's gone like I don't
care what people think and I'm so
grateful for that it's in a sense...
courage and when you have courage you
know anything is possible and whatever
it is business family life adventure I
have zero anxiety 0 depression
yeah I still go through like crappy moods
but it doesn't like bog me down and
destroy me so i can connect with anyone
now I can just jump into any situation
be happy be fun and I have tons of stuff
to talk about
and you know what if you know we took
the conversation runs dry I just tell
them that you know i just go right up to them
and i'm like "HEY"
i quit porn for two years now right and it
just starts some cool conversations so
confidence is huge that's the biggest
takeaway that I realized after year two
now i should also say that in here two
I also notice a kind of like just
overall what I feel good
an overall sense of well-being is what I
feel I don't have any extreme spikes of
emotions up and down i just love life
all the time you know i'm happy i
embrace adventure I embrace my
creativity and I'm just happy all the
way around it's very neutral in the
first year it was like Superman right
and I just felt like I could take on
anything and now i'm just chill
I'm just okay I'm not much i'm not down
I'm not extremely up I'm just normal i
don't feel that extreme super like
almost like the superpowers that we
talked about
I don't really feel that as much anymore
I just feel great all the time so that's
well sorry my lens lens going crazy i
don't know what's going on but I hope
that's better anyway so i just wanted to
give you guys a quick wrap-up of year to
it's getting really crazy in here and I
might need to like get the heck out but
i just want to show you this waterfall
and this waterfall to me is kind of like
a metaphor of habit and you know what
happens is you get the the frozen state
i'm just making this up as I go like I
don't really know I never thought this
through but I think like when you when
you do something over and over again
it freezes in your brain that pathway
that habit that routine it really
becomes hard and frozen because it's
like the same thing but with practice
and effort and really keeping at it and
and and go trying over and over again
whether you fail a hundred times it
doesn't matter to get up a hundred and
one times that's what matters
and when you do that the ice starts to
thaw and it starts to break and you
start to get the flow of what i would
call life and just feeling good and I
promise you if you're thinking about
quitting like just do it
give yourself a one-day a three-day goal
give yourself a seven-day goal and just
try your best and it's gonna suck it's
going to be hard
everything in life is
but keep at it and I promise you over
time it gets easier
I'm serious like you forget the old way
it goes away over time to just keep at
it right if you need any help if you
want to coach there's tons of
accountability coaches out there check
out the app coach.me I'm a coach on
there i'm happy to work with you
link is below you know keep at it it
sometimes helps to have a person that
keeps you accountable who kind of gives
you advice and inspiration
I'm happy to do that with anyone that
needs help hop on over to the coach.me
app through the link below
I think you can get a week coaching free
and then after that it's like 15 bucks
I don't know you don't need to check the
link i don't know what the I don't set
the prices but that's an option try it
out for you if the free versions
available just hang out and chat with me
send me an e-mail leave a comment below
honestly i'm here to help anyone that's
struggling with this I know how
difficult it can be but trust me there
is freedom at the other end
now i want to leave you with the one big
greatest tip that i have discovered
after two years of doing this and that
tip is that you need to discover a way
to deal with stress that doesn't come
from porn doesn't come from masturbation
alright that is my biggest secret that
is my biggest takeaway that I have
learned it's all about stress you know
the micro stress that just creeps in out
of nowhere like you don't get enough
sleep you don't get eight hours you
don't get seven hours you only get five
hours of sleep that actually affect
stress levels in your body which makes
it so hard to quit the habit so fight
stress you know eat healthy
take care of your physical needs work
out what ever get outside get stimulated
stimulate your brain and just take care
of the stress do some research on how
you can cope with stress because it
subtly affect you you know financially
health-wise sleep-wise there's so many
domains that can affect you and maybe
i'll talk about it that you want to
learn more about that just leave a
comment below and I'll do a special
video just about how to deal with stress
because that is the key that is the
how I made it two years was just finding
alternative ways to deal with stress
alternative routines and all sorts of
different things i'm getting soaking wet
the cameras getting soaking wet but i
really wanted to film this video for you
guys and just share and give people
inspiration if one person tries to quit
for seven days
this whole journey would have been worth
it ah honestly I would have done the
journey anyway I am all about fun and
excitement when you quit when you quit
something you fill it with something
else right and this is you know
something that is has been on my mind to
do is to just get out and have more
adventures and you know what I just want
to tell you guys to keep at it
do not give up it's a lifelong journey
and I promise you it is so worth it hit
me up leave a comment lets chat more ok i'm
outta here (music outro)
Music Playing "Midnight Children" by Ashon
I'm freezing, i'm cold....


2 Years Without Porn! The Benefits of Quitting and My #1 Secret To Success

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