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字幕表 動画を再生する

  • WOAH


  • *CLICK*


  • Blocks?


  • Break


  • [Grass Break]


  • COOL


  • [Building Noises] Will it break and build just like that block?


  • *Selecting noises* and everything


  • Let me build a house!

    (草ブロックを置く音) (草ブロックを壊す音)

  • What are you doing?


  • I made this house with this tool thingy!


  • Really? Let me see


  • WOAH


  • So it can do all that??


  • Wanna give it a try?


  • Yes


  • This is how you do it


  • 00:01:13,280 --> 00:01:14,560 WOAH!


  • You gotta let me try

    (ブロックを置く音) (ブロックを壊す音)

  • Here


  • Lets test it out


  • Ooh! i see


  • ...




  • Wait!!!!


  • Time to take these blocks a part


  • Ow


  • hits


  • Won't it work?


  • hits


  • Finally!


  • My bare hands? works with it.


  • LETS DO IT!!


  • This block is too strong


  • [im lazy to do the captions ;-;]


  • So its going have to be by ALAN BECKER


  • [Shuffling Blocks] ...but with hearts?! And food!?


  • I'm surprised!


  • [Hit]


  • Wait...

    (掘る音) (ブロックを壊す音)

  • [Hitting]


  • [Break]


  • Wooden planks!?


  • [Break]


  • Sticks now!?


  • Wait... (Why am i doing this...?)


  • Maybe... I can make something using that crafting thing!


  • [Click]


  • [Crafting]


  • Oh my god!...


  • I got a wooden pickaxe!


  • [Mining] Oh Yeah!


  • [Block Break]


  • Yeah! I got it!


  • It works!!!

    (ゾンビの鳴き声) (戦闘音)

  • Sam:Hey dude! Come here and see this!!


  • David:OK!

    (スケルトンの鳴き声) (弓を放つ音) (戦闘音)

  • [Creaking] *Sigh...* What do you want again--


  • OMG!! What the heck!?


  • Hey, buddy...


  • It's awesome don't you think?


  • This thing is AMAZING!!


  • Cool building man! (Max: What is that block? I want to use it, too!)


  • Max: Gimme that!


  • David and Sam: Hey! Get back here!


  • [Building Noises]


  • Max:Let me try...


  • Sam and David:Hey!


  • [More Building Noises]

    (吹き飛ばされる音) (剣が壊れる音)

  • [Pow!]


  • [Pow] Max:Ow!


  • Yes!


  • [Building Noises]


  • Max: Hey, give it back!


  • Crash: Haha, sucker.


  • Let me build this!


  • Guess what I'm making


  • ... Wait for it


  • *ding* Oh my god!...


  • It lights up!


  • Hold on, I'm going to blow your mind...


  • [Building Noises]

    楽しげなBGM アニメの製作者たち

  • [Clapping]Max: Wow! Cool guy!

  • Luke:What's going on here?

  • Wow! Interesting...

  • [Hop!] I wanna see it.

  • Rainbow! *clapping*

  • Luke: Hey guys. What's going on?

  • Crash:Hey dude. Look what we've found

  • Luke:What is it?

  • Crash:Come and try it!

  • Luke:sure.................

  • [Suspense] (Wait... That blocks.)

  • Minecraft... BLOCK!!

  • [Pow] Luke:Give me!

  • Everyone: WTF!?

  • Luke:Hahahaha... This thing is mine!

  • [Shuffling]Luke:Imagine... (I've been stuck with my stupid friends forever... I can get my revenge!!)

  • David:Hey man, are you okay...?

  • Luke:Go... away....

  • [Pow!] From ME!!!

  • What the hell!?

  • [Fast Building Noises and Punching]

  • Max:Huh!? Hey, no fair! Get me out of here!!!

  • Crash:Owwwwwww!!!!!!!!

  • Sam and David:Aaaaaaaah! TNT!!!! [BOOM!!!!]

  • Owwwwww!!!!!!!!

  • Luke:*Evil Laugh* You'll never catch me!

  • (Luke is going to "STORAGE" folder)

  • Everyone:What the hell just happened?

  • [Punching] *grunts, trying to find another way to escape.*Max: Get me out of here!!

  • Crash:Ugh...

  • Hey, Guys!

  • We've gotta stop Luke from doing his stupid THING!!

  • Where is he!?

  • Hmm...

  • Max:Hey-HEY!, he-help me!!!

  • Crash:Oh! Hey, are you alright?

  • Max:Get me out of here!!

  • Crash: I'll try!

  • Oww!

  • David: Hey, use my Pickaxe, guys!

  • I bought it fresh from my house creation earlier.

  • See? No problem. I want you to have it.

  • Max:Thanks, Davie.

  • Let's mine it out!

  • David: Meanwhile, I'll craft more stuff for you guys, OK?

  • Crash: Ok...

  • David:Here, take this!

  • Go, get some iron!

  • Crash:Alright!

  • One, Two, Three!

  • [Breaking Noises] Sam: I'll take that!

  • David:Hey, give me the iron.

  • Sam: Ok!

  • David :Thanks!

  • [Crafting]

  • Here, go help Maxie, you'll get the diamonds much easier.

  • Max:I can't destroy the diamonds!... Why!?

  • Sam: Max, try this, it's much easier.

  • See?

  • The Iron Pickaxe is stronger, you know...?

  • Sam:Hey! My diamonds!

  • Max: I'll take the Iron Pickaxe...

  • Thanks!

  • Sam: Whoa! What is that?

  • David:Hey! Sam, take this armor.

  • Sam:Oh Yeah!

  • David:I'll give you boots, pants, and a helmet before you go.

  • [Super Fast Crafting]

  • [Pop!]

  • David:Looking good... mate!

  • Sam:Yeah!

  • David:Go get some more items

  • Sam:Ok, Sir! :D

  • Max:Dude, Check out these DIAMONDS!!

  • [Drops a stack of diamonds]

  • WTF!? That is a lot of diamonds!!

  • [Streching Hands] Alright, then...

  • Here we go!

  • [The "ULTIMATE" Crafting Challenge!]

  • Crash:Try these thing, David!

  • [Drops a lot of items]

  • David:Alright!

  • [Advance Crafting]

  • Crash: Oh, Yeah!

  • Sam: Ok...

  • Sam: Here you go!

  • David: Whoa, that is a lot of stuff.

  • Max: Pow! POW! Wow, Now We've Like Real Cops

  • [Wear Armour] David:Ready guys?

  • Let's save Luke!

  • Everyone:Yeah!!

  • David:C'mon!

  • Last time... he went to the Storage

  • Sam:Ok!

  • David:Let's GO!

  • [Hop!]

  • (Storage Folder oppened)

  • Remember guys... Stay Alert!

  • [Silence] ...

  • Max:There's nothing here now!

  • Sam:What should we do!?

  • David: Hmm...

  • *GASP* Watch out!!! A zombie!!!

  • *Zombie Groans*

  • [Hurt Max]David:TAKE THIS!! (Slow mo...)

  • [Slashes Sword] David:STAB!!!

  • David:We beat the zombie!!

  • Everyone:Uh-oh!

  • [More Zombie Groaning...]

  • David:Let's take them down guys!

  • [Zombie Groans] [Fighting]

  • David:Oh there's a slider!

  • Maybe I can use it to scroll up to find Luke...

  • [Scroll Up]

  • Max:Got it!

  • [Scrolling Up...]

  • (And so, Crash, Max, Sam, and David set off to find Luke!)

  • Max:Over there!

  • David:Let's go into the "STUFF" Folder!

  • A spawner...!?

  • [Zombie Groan]

  • What the...!?

  • David: Again!?

  • Sam: Hmm... Lemme try...

  • [Dig-dig...]

  • [Fizzle Out]

  • David: What the...

  • Sam: Um... What?

  • All: Nice!

  • David:Great!

  • Let's go guys!

  • Sam:Ok!

  • Ooff-Owwwwww!!! All: What the heck!?

  • [Arrow Fires] [Skeletons Coming...]

  • David:We need to make a shield to protect us from the skeletons!! And Fast!!

  • Please hurry!! It hurts!!

  • Phew! That was close.

  • All: Yay!

  • Crash:I have an idea!

  • David: What is it, Crashy?

  • Crash:Check out this thing!

  • (Dispenser Menu Oppened)

  • Crash: One, Two, Three...

  • Max,Sam & David:Yeah, your idea does kinda work! Let's put all of our arrows in here!

  • All: Go!

  • [Rapid Fire Mode] Max:Eat this, Skeletons!

  • All:We still have arrows!

  • Crash: Maybe I can use some TNT-- WHOA INCOMING ARROWS

  • [TNT Lights Up!]

  • Skeletons: WTF!

  • [BOOOM!!!]

  • Keith the Creeper: What's Up?

  • Keith the Creeper: Hmm...

  • David:Go Go Go Go Go!!!!

  • Skeletons: Please! I'm SORRY!!

  • All: Almost There!

  • Crash: Behind YOU!!

  • Keith the Creeper: Sup!

  • All: Seriously!?

  • *GASP* Watch Out! Tactical Nuke INCOMING!!!

  • [BOOOM!]

  • (Multiple arrows were thrown at Skeleton Army. Critical hit!)

  • Max:Fudge! That!! (WWII)

  • Is everyone okay!?

  • All: Yeah...

  • Max:Let's grab this and this...

  • DUDE!!! LOOKOUT!!!!

  • Sam:What? Is the Creeper behind me!?

  • STAB!!!

  • [BOOOM]

  • What-the!?

  • All: A secret entrance? Ooo...

  • Sam:Huh, the bottom right of the desktop is broken...

  • [Creaking] David:Hmmm?

  • [Clank!]

  • Crash:Fire in the hole, guys!! Prepare yourself!

  • [BOOM!!!]

  • What The Heck is this!?

  • David:Let's go guys!!!

  • [Deep Mining] [Trough Desktop]

  • David:We finally made it, guys! The secret lair.(means the nether)

  • [Skeleton Noises] [Skeleton and Creeper Spawning]

  • Go!

  • [Epic Fighting]

  • David:Guys, come along

  • [Eat Apples] First, let's heal...

  • Others: Wow! Intresting...

  • [All Eat Apples]

  • David:Alright, let's go!

  • Yeah!