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hello and welcome to do it. sports here chillin with the hello homies
Rick invent I then how are you how's the weekend
I was good is very busy a lot of work to do this weekend get ready for a trip to
so there was much to do it didn't feel like a weekend but thank you
4s Lisa all you could even say yesterday last night Alex Rodriguez in the
eighties face the Boston Red Sox that spans new Starbucks cup be showing it
and Alex Rodriguez was thrown at or types
now the the interesting thing about this obviously it was a 3-yard run it
wartime yes because there is a 30 count many him on the fourth pitch
right but here I am Dempster yeah I only looked to me like he only was really
thrown at me three times
twice the one that what sort behind them and then the one that it but they
couldn't you say that the pics I was inside
had a and by the way it will show you the video we're not allowed to
show it but if you wanna click on the video a check the link in the
description below
couldn't you say that the I believe was the second pitch that was
it was really inside but it wasn't I understand what you're saying
it was nowhere near the strike zone Ryan Dempster was clearly throwing I mean
like I i
what I what I saw indicated to me that there were two this is a semantic
conversation because
the even even with the two that I'm counting
yeah seems pretty clear what's going on yeah totally let me the first pitch one
behind his left
ankle crime and then it has a clear indication they want it's 30 and there's
a good chance you're gonna lose 'em anyway
so you get it %uh John Farrell
other for the Red Sox manager and Ryan Dempster bill said that no it wasn't
right hamstring to go outside
which is seriously yeah Assam
so no one admits that would write him ever
happened so rare on what what's interesting there were so many
fascinating components to this game
worse riveting yell was upgraded other than a ride comes back it's a home run
dead center right hmm and is really I was a bomb
yeah it is had about yeah you know a
and the eighties come back away and they look weird body runs though
doesn't look like a little weird when he runs and the box credit he was going 100
percent I think he has a bad quad nevertheless
yeah I mean if the I think the tip surgery surfer ever made him
awkward running yeah Bob but
like he beat out an error by Pedroia that he can run that hard on at the
beginning because it looked like the Droid
was gonna have an easy play to make although the troika gotten to
yeah it on that but anyway a row you know you can liking baseball
if you're hurt like don't run as hard as you can on a ground ball sack
like that's okay you know add up but anyway that's not the point so
the game had these moments and then there and and the two
the eighties ended up scoring two runs a they end up winning by two initial
leader in the game you're dismissing that cuz the Red Sox came back but look
they gave you the red side said in the eighties
for a run comes around to score Brett Gardner had a bases-clearing triple
later yeah but the Aggies won the game but those runs matter
put in a route on map that they got them out not make it up
the if they had made an attempt to get around if indeed all four pitches
or design so obviously age they were punished for
for beating a ride but so so that's a part of the story a ride home run is a
compelling part of the story and then
a-rod's reaction is a part of the story Girardi coming out was the reaction the
parts store
because it like it's erupt there was a moment like a human moment from
robot up because a ride from iRobot
yes in front from the a robot yeah for a
robot the so he could play it outside riga Smith movie
who was there the so as he rounded the bases like
you know you've been thrown at you've been sorta after size you have to think
that even though he is the
most clueless person in america no sense how other people view him
but he doesn't I think he favors think so I don't just putting on a happy face
when he talks to the media and he's just trying to not say anything that could be
brought up to he is a
bought up against them in a lawsuit he is a well ninth
arrow sewing and but the TJ Quinn was saying the reason he's not saying
anything is because it be brought up in the court of law
so he's not going to say anything could be car they can be brought up lateral
ira with the law legal cases I mean I guess that if the thought is that the
US Attorney's gonna go after I don't know he certainly it could be used in
I get why is that admitting anything yeah the idea when he says the fans love
me the city's great
he's clueless about like there lotta ways to handle this
I feel ostracized I feel like because I have a suspension I let my teammates
they believed he was still be criticized even if he said I look at a rugby player
with the
don't care who criticizes in this is what my interpretation I'm criticizing
him because he is
as everyone who's written about him points out he is detached from reality
in that they're bad people who lie and don't say anything
Ryan Braun doesn't show a detachment from reality
like a rock Ryan Braun did some horrible things now
right here the new report right that he called the guys anti-semite the worst
crime brought to the real problem in the world
anti-semitism and made light of it yes in his own get death but
say trust but so iraq pumping his fist was this moment that you don't see from
a ride let me just keep it that simple okay
you see authenticity unquestioned authenticity
you got hit you're alone keep 88 you the fans hate you
every 18 you and you had a moment I love f you
and that you know that feels good you like yeah
okok so I think we agree on this what happened last night
many actually feel somewhat bad for Alex Rodriguez you love people saying I don't
but I i
might feel like it it just goes to show at least it did to me
everyone hates and I don't even know Brett Gardner Mike intended
he intended to do what he did and unhealthy meant it deep down one like
the benches cleared anyone out there he had to be restrained by robin said while
pissed at the time gardener after the game said look I don't know how I feel
views on a different day
but he's yet so at you know I like all right but what's interesting is that the
Yankees will do
you can't really get on Girardi because Girardi went out there and got
as bad as any manager should that situation
at a moment when your player was head seemingly
clearly and then not thrown out and then temperatures topped or other games do
you like your I love what you're already active
let let me just read a few things what he said rebuttal for that what was the
most interesting thing and then we'll get to Girardi yes
that despite that the Yankees did not Richelle
no know that almost but John Kruk win then a silly
badly want or was it I think was crock who said I usually wanted CC Sabathia
throwback I heard this morning and they have nine gave seven games left so we
we may see it but none the less like iraq
were jeeter if they're up now first a ride workers Granderson
you know if it's on a factory here to your site they would retaliate
but they didn't now it was a competitive game and I get I'm glad they did
retaliate how to get a smart move it was a very smart but it's not it's
interesting nonetheless
so years later artie said and I'm basically summarizes dancers involved in
the players union he thought it was handled poorly overall dancer should be
lives are changed getting hit by pitches
you don't take the law into your own hands and their egos were gonna skip the
the the judicial system here's my cousin vinny
so I think I like that one at the end that as new story
that a-rod named other players like then all the sudden you're at
thats probably to me more than this idea that players alike were sick a
performance-enhancing drugs and people get the advantage
and to get him for that I think he had him and so aggressively him in his first
time up
for the notion that he was turning in other players right again
a-rod's total detachment that that's gonna
that will turn the whole unit against you largely for ever
and there's irony in that as the union says we want to get before dancing drugs
at the game and I think they mean it this time
know they do in the players individually mean it they're like but for the love of
god don't name another place


Alex Rodriguez Hit by Pitch

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