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  • How to Train Your Cat Not to Bite.


  • Although cats bite instinctively, you can curb this tendency by appropriate training.


  • You will need Play-fighting and spray bottle (optional).


  • Step 1. Engage the cat or kitten in a game of play fighting.

    ステップ 1 - 猫や子猫を獲物狩りごっこに誘います。

  • This will arouse the cat's natural tendency to bite.


  • Step 2. Stop the game as soon as you see the cat begin to expose its claws or teeth.

    ステップ 2 - 猫が爪や歯を出し始めたらすぐにゲームを止めます。

  • Wait for the cat to calm down, and then resume the game.


  • Step 3. Continue playing with the cat.

    ステップ 3 - 猫と遊び続けます。

  • If the cat bites or scratches you, let out a scream.


  • Stop playing and ignore the cat.


  • Consider spraying the cat with a spray bottle filled with water if the cat continues to bite you.


  • A small spritz in the area of the cat's face is enough, but be careful not to spray the cat's ears.


  • Step 4. Observe the areas on the cat's body that are most sensitive to contact -- typically the mouth, paws, ears, and tail.

    ステップ4 - 猫にとって最も敏感な部分を確認します。通常は口、足、耳と尻尾です。

  • When sensitive areas are touched, there is a tendency for the cat to start biting.


  • Step 5. Touch one of the sensitive areas on the cat's body for a second, then give the cat a treat.

    ステップ 5 - 猫の敏感な部分の 1 箇所を少しの間触れてから、猫におやつをあげます。

  • Step 6. Gradually increase the amount of time that you are in contact with the sensitive area.

    ステップ 6 - 敏感な部分に触れている時間を徐々に増やします。

  • Do this until the cat learns to tolerate increasing levels of contact there.


  • Step 7. Repeat this procedure with other sensitive areas that provoke biting.

    ステップ 7 - 噛む行為を引き起こしてしまう他の敏感な部分にもこの手順を繰り返します。

  • Now you should have a cat whose meow is worse than its bite.


  • Did you know Cats have two sets of teeth -- a first set that is lost when they are young, and a permanent set.

    猫には 2 組の歯があることを知っていましたか?1 組は若いときに失い、もう 1 組は永久歯になります。

How to Train Your Cat Not to Bite.


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