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Ninth season.
And there's rum-- now, is this true?
Victoria Beckham is going to join the cast
or be on the show?
I ran into Victoria Beckham and her lovely husband David--
--outside of a SoulCycle class-- which is a thing thing
we do in LA.
It's really annoying.
Don't ask.
And they were like, we love the show.
Can we take a photo of you and David for our kids?
And like, I was like, sure, I'll take a photo
with David Beckham.
And then, they were like--
I was like, you know, if you wanted to come by the set,
you certainly can.
And I gave her my number.
I was like, she's never going to text me.
I get out of my SoulCycle class, and there's
like nine texts from Victoria.
She's like, when are we going?
Like, why aren't you answering?
Pick up your phone.
Why aren't-- I want to come by the set.
So they ended up coming by, and the whole family came.
And everyone on set's so excited.
And they're like, do you know who's visiting the set today?
The entire Beckham family.
I was like, I know.
They're my guests.
And everyone's like, how do you know the Beckhams?
I'm like, I don't!
And we were all very-- but they were so lovely.
It's such a nice--
they're such lovely people.
Their kids are incredibly well-behaved.
And they're very attractive, all of them.
Yes, they are.
They're all--
[? The entire ?] family.
Yeah, that's us just--
They're a good-looking family.
Yes, they are.
So yeah, but she's not going to be on the show,
although I'd love to have her.
She's a lot of fun.
And well, I just want to say, it pays to go to SoulCycle.
It sure does.
Maybe you're going to run into the Beckhams--
--when they're there.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson Comments on Victoria Beckham Joining 'Modern Family'

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