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Hey guys welcome to another episode of
I need to get on a better sleeping schedule
because my life is falling apart
5:12 AM and no I'm not just waking up
and starting my day enjoying the morning
air and the breeze in the morning
and whatever morning people do
I have not slept yet so
*tongue click* that's always good
three cheers for wasting my life
I just I don't sleep anymore and when I do sleep
it's like 2 PM
and I sleep until like 10 PM
and my sleeping schedule is sooo messed up.
it's SOO messed up
it's so messed up
so in this video we are going to be feeding every single
one of my animals and I know
what you're thinking I feel like you've done this video before
cause I have, just once though
*quietly* just once
this has been a highly requested video
ever since I uploaded the first one
a lot has changed since that video
we're redoing- we're redoing the feeding video
kay? kay.
I don't want to do a long opening because
then people are going to click away and be like
*tongue click* this girl is going to talk forever
so enjoy my animals... eating food
okay so we'll start with my fish
so this is all of my fish food
00:01:02,000 --> 00:01:02,680
you'll eat in a second

stop staring at me
so, we have.. for my fish
all of this crap like really
I don't know if this is all necessary
but um... that's mysis
honestly no clue what that is so umm
sh-yeah um, BYE
this, looks like squid
Here is more lion fish food 'cause I guess I thought I was out
So I bought another one
These are like twenty bucks a piece and I bought two for some reason, I don't know why
I just like wasting my money, you know?
This is all of the frozen food I now- and also have prepared food but I don't really use it that much
So anyway, today we are going to be feeding all the animals sooo
for my saltwater fish, today we're gonna' do Emerald Entree
And then some of this for my lion fish
This is hard to do with one hand I need to get my Go Pro out
Dun duh dun dun!
And then we wait for this to defrost
And this to defrost
For this tank right here this is just my- it's a Nano Predator tank
Fish like my Cheese Cube right here, my Cow fish he is going to go in my 150 gallon. And so are my clown fish
And my Camahara
But my little dwarf fuzzy lion and my blue toby puffer are staying in this tank
This is their tank
Cheese is my best friend
He hasn't been in my videos to much yet but, I've had him since November, and I'm obsessed with him because he looks like cheese
Cheese really likes nori, or seaweed so when he sees it he goes a little nuts
He gets really excited over the, um, over the seaweed
He really- I mean right now my puffer is the one wanting it. Jesus!
I'm gonna stop teasing the animals and actually feed them now.
So that'll be good
So first thing I'm gonna feed is the Emerald Entree
Gonna do little bits right now
Next I'm gonna' go ahead and feed Zazu
To get him away from all the other fish that are trying to eat
I normally use tongs for this but I can't find any
So I'm just using a fork
But, food goes in, Oh I'm sorry Cheese!
**Background Music (Meme) They ask you how you are and you just have to say you're fine and your not really fine.
And you just can't get into it 'cause they would never underst-
Its very messy whenever I feed this stuff. It gets in the water everywhere
He already ate it
Get it!
Not for you cheese
Let go
No, Cheese!
And, then I am going to feed my blue Toby Puffer
Now again this is a very, very- um.. It pollutes the water
So I DO NOT feed this often
'Cause it's disgusting
But my blue Toby likes it
I guess my Camahara Blenny likes it too, huh?
Zazu's thinking about eating my hand off, but that's cool
Everyone's always asking me how I'm not scared of my lion fish but really, he's a scardey cat
He's more scared of me
We have this like neutral understanding like,
I'll feed you and take care of you and you don't touch me
Our understanding.
And lastly I feed Cheese, even though Cheese already ate Zazu's food
I'm still gonna' feed Cheese
That's not cool.
Backround "YOU ARE A BOSS" music
This is why- This is why my cow fish can't stay with my lion fish
Cheese is gonna get himself killed one day
I swear,
CALM DOWN! Cheese seriously, you don't need to eat the lion fish
It's really- It's really Cheese's food
As you can see Cheese really, really enjoys it.
Imma go- I'm gonna to try one more time to feed you
but if someone eats your food
I can't do this again 'cause it really makes the water disgusting
oh, he got it
see look at that look how disgusting that makes my water
he's trying to chew it maybe I gave him too big of a piece
you can do it I believe in you!
I believe in you Zazu!
Cheese, leave Zazu alone!
So next up we have Mushu and she is my axolotl
I named her Mushu because I thought she was a boy
but now she's a girl
I always end up explaining that
people are always like why did you name Mushu "Mushu"
if Mushu is a girl?
So she can already y'know see that it's feeding time
I feed her earthworms
I fed her earthworms since I first bought her
um, when she was about that big
like she was tiny when I bought her
I've only had her for about a year and a half
and she has grown insanely fast
she's about seven months old when she got this big
so she grew so fast
and her diet has just been earthworms every single day of her life
sometimes I cut them up if they're um
if she's not super hungry
but we'll just see what happens
oh, okay she was hungry
and that is her meal
it's gone just like that
all right now moving on to the animals
in my room the first thing I do although
it's not necessarily food is make sure
that my crocodile skink's mister is full
of water then it's time to feed him
pretty soon here before I ever do
another one of these what I feed my
animal videos I am going to be getting a
second crocodile skink because this one's
a male and as you can tell this tank is
very large for one very small crocodile
skink so I'm going to go and get a female
I open his foggy little enclosure and
then over here I grab some crickets
which is very easy process just like
that there are some cricket Shaboom
dabangg she pop at a boom and then in
a few days I repeat that process and
then I need to clean out his watering
dish which I do every day let's see if I
can find him just so I can show you him
there he is there he is
Hi. Hi. Be free. Some people who don't
know much about them always ask if
they'd like to be handled and stuff the
answer's no they're more of a observe
pet even though you don't really see
them up much because they burrow all the
time but every once in while I take them
out it doesn't do any harm just to look
at them for a little for a minute
next up we have more hedgehogs and more
roaches and then of course fresh water
as well because this is what happens to
their water and you don't know you don't
want to leave that as their only option
to drink
-retro Sonic the Hedgehog music plays-
okay and then every once in a while not
all the time I like to give my mouse a
little bit of chopped carrots and only
to put it on top of his food and he
comes and gets it um Oh yep that was
quick this cage has to get clean pretty
often because he likes to throw all of
his food out of his bowl
go get your carrots don't try to jump
out oh really
okay brood I brought you food and you
just don't even care
there we go okay okay and typically I
would feed my tarantula but if anything
I'm actually probably going to take some
food out of here because I put I was
trying to put just a few crickets in
there the other day and I accidentally
like my hand slit so I put a bunch so
there was just a bunch of crickets
sitting around in there and they're
going to either die or just bug my
tarantula so I need to take them out and
clean out her water dish because I like
to always leave her with a little bit of
shallow water she's right up here so
right when I opened this she might try
to come out. This is Sursee.
If my camera would focus it doesn't want to
That's for the crested gecko and just clean out
their old food and give them some new
food and then every once in while I toss
some crickets in as well

all right since he is so small I have to
cut up the earthworms in order to feed
them to them so I already did that and
now hopefully you can see cuz it's going
to be kind of hard to see cuz of the bad
but I have an earthworm here yes I'm
holding it in my bare hands I'm
disgusting oh he missed that's my finger
stop there you know see if he can go for
another one looking so he bit me the
other day and it was just kind of annoying
so I'm trying not to have that happen
again so I probably should be using my
hand but whatever
You missed
Here you go
You're welcome. Do you even have it do you even
have it no if you don't and there's
still one piece of earthworm that uh my
pac-man Frog didn't want so I'm going to
so generously give it to Mushu because
Mushu can always have more.
Here you go
It's right there. Hey, do you see it?
See it? Do you need help? You see it? You see it?
She can't decide if she wants it
Do you want me to help you?
wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle
wiggle wiggle
maybe she's not impressed it was cut up
she's like what is this I only want
entire earthworms not chopped earthworms
he's not impressed actually maybe it was
just a bad earthworm no one wants it
I'm sorry earthworm she does like
looking at it though she just doesn't want to
eat it
well I'm just going to take it out then

and last but not least we have my dog
she is just resting on the couch while I
feed all my animals I'm not going to
feed her in this video because she's
already eaten two meals and had too many
treats today so she does not need any
more food hi what you thinking hi
you're like half-asleep half-awake okay
go back to sleep
As boring of a video that sounds people really wanted to see it
Also let me let me show you guys
so my 150 gallon tank is finally in my
room and it's giant it's supposed to



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