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  • Hello Internet!!!

  • And welcome to Behind The Meme!

  • Today we have a look atlook at this dude

  • Thank you so very much to each and every single one of my viewers who left comments saying

  • they wanted to see a video on this topic.As always Your comments help shape this channel,

  • so let me know what you would like to see next and maybe ill be able to make it happen!

  • You guys wanted it!

  • Now you have it!

  • Here We GO!!!

  • Now let me start this off by saying These videos crack me up so I was super excited

  • when I saw that this meme was something that everybody wanted to see.

  • Well maybe not everybody, but most of you guys.

  • So what exactly is look at this dude?

  • Well to put it simply its a genre of short roast videos in which a picture of an individual

  • is taken and compared to other images of similar looking people or things usually to much comedic

  • effect, which is only amplified with the funny audio that is often used to accompany the

  • pictures.

  • You see, there's particular audio of a man laughing hysterically that originates from

  • the original roast video that is used within the remixes people have been making.

  • The videos have become known as look at this dude roasts as well as flipagram roasts due

  • to the original app that was used to create the very first video.

  • Bruh, look at this dude. haha Wait till you see the.

  • hahahaha no no no no ohhhhhhhh hahahahahahaha look at the top of his head! hahahaha look

  • at his lips hahaha

  • The video was uploaded to twitter by user @Xx__Eric_xX in August of 2015.

  • Look, I know he's wearing a bra, it's 2017 this is no big deal nowadays.

  • Moving on!The original tweet gained a ton of attention and became instantly popular!

  • Eventually people started to send in pictures of their friends or parents for eric to roast

  • in his style, which he still uploads new versions on his twitter from time to time that are

  • just as funny as the original.

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Now due to the hilarious nature of the original audio the videos were able to spread beyond

  • eric's twitter account and began to appear other places online as well .With other people

  • taking eric's audio and using it within the same format to create some funny variations

  • which become known aslook at this dude roastsin the process.

  • With many of them even being labeled as thetry not to laugh challengeas well,

  • which usually I think those try not to laugh things are pretty dumb but with this one the

  • guys laugh is so damn contagious its actually pretty damn hard to not laugh, at least for

  • me.

  • hahahaha ahhhhhhh hahahahaha ahhhhhhh hahahahahaha hahahaha haaaaaaaaaaa

  • Now you can't tell me that you didn't laugh at least once.

  • Cmon you at least smiled.

  • No?

  • Well you know what?

  • I have something that is guaranteed to make you laugh.

  • stop giving up!

  • (Farts)

  • I tell ya, A fart joke never fails.

  • Now Since the look at this dude roast videos have spread to youtube nobody has been safe,

  • with many notable celebrities and youtubers being the target of the roasts.

  • look at the top of his head! hahahaha look at his lips hahaha

  • Now although some PC SJW Bastards May look at these videos as being bullyish and mean

  • spirited I have yet to see one example that is truly mean, but I haven't had anybody

  • make one on me so it's kinda easy to say that.

  • But even they did I would have the very same opinion.

  • look at this dude. haha Wait till you see the.

  • hahahaha no no no no ohhhhhhhh hahahahahahaha look at the top of his head! hahahaha look

  • at his lips hahaha

  • are you serious?

  • You know what you guys This meme is stupid! this isn't even a meme!

  • Its not funny its dumb! anybody who thinks it's funny has no sense of humor and is

  • just ignorant you- you're all just being ignorant

  • So there you have it!!

  • Look at this dude started off as a roast by a man with a contagious laugh and turned into

  • a genre of video that has the ability to spread laughter to all!

  • But Hey!!

  • That's the internet for you and on the internet memes are king!!!

  • Thank you all so very much for watching!

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  • favorite memes and trends!!!

  • Who knows you may learn about something you never knew about before!!

  • I'll catch you beautiful people next time!

  • bruh look at this dude!

  • Look at his hair! hahaha it looks like a grill brush hahaha oh my goodness hahahahahahah

  • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahaha hahahahahaha ahhhhh hahaha ahhhhhh

Hello Internet!!!


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