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  • Hi, I'm Steve. I'm Irene. I'm Lisa. My name is Tom. I'm a graphic designer.

  • College freshman.

  • Stay at home mom with a full time job. Scholar on social policy and a barista.

  • And I'm just like you.

  • I'm an Obama supporter. I support President Obama. But the president needs your help.

  • Our president can't launch into another war without you!

  • And remember we voted for him in 2008 and 2012

  • we promise to support him, no matter what.

  • Together we could do it!

  • That's why we here the Americans for whatever Barack wants, did you know he's friend's with Jay-z?

  • Have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund World War Three.

  • And America is dead ass broke.

  • So our goal is to raise 1.6 trillion dollars on behalf of the US government.

  • That's where you come in.

  • Even a small donation would make all the difference.

  • World War three is a very important, very progressive war, that Obama tells me is very important.

  • So it must be!

  • When I first saw the President speak in 2008,

  • in a YouTube clip posted to my Facebook page. I knew he was going to be right, all of the time.

  • So I support World War three.

  • And four.

  • And any moon war the President may want to start.

  • I mean there is no way that he or the cabal of corporate interest,

  • spy agencies and shadow bankers who tell him what to do, would ever mislead us!

  • The $1.6 trillion that we raise.

  • Will help create a war that truely puts the liberal in neo-liberal.

  • There will be millions of troops,

  • thousand organic grass-fed bombs,

  • hybrid, Prius tanks,

  • rockets controls my iPad's

  • and drones that play the Lumineers while they attack.

  • World War three is not going to be like those other republican wars

  • fought on just one percent on the world.

  • This war is going to be fought in 99 percent of the world.

  • It'll be everywhere!

  • Russia! China! Africa! Cincinnati!

  • Your favorite brunch spot. The one with those kick ass ranchero breakfast burritos.

  • Everywhere.

  • World War three also be the most social media focus war ever.

  • It'll be all over Twitter, Facebook, Vine

  • Pinterest and whatever eventually replaces Pinterest.

  • I mean just, think of all the hilarious GIFs we can make of cats reacting to their

  • owners homes being obliterated.

  • [explosion sound followed by cat scream]

  • Lots of shock but tons of awww.

  • And come on guys. How good will Michelle's arms look in sleeveless army fatigues?

  • We have a lot of great rewards for our donors.

  • If you donate ten dollars to the World War three project, you get a shoutout on social media.

  • Hashtag, thank you!

  • A twenty five dollar donation will get you a piece of rubble from

  • a war-torn Middle Eastern country, kissed by Senator Lindsey Graham

  • A hundred dollar donation gets you a day pass to leave your local refugee camp.

  • You'll probably end up in a refugee camp.

  • But it'll have free WiFi.

  • And a ten million dollar donation gets you your own Senator for a year.

  • So please, help us reach our goal a 1.6 trillion dollars,

  • so we can make World War three a reality.

  • Why?

  • Because Obama.

  • Because Obama

  • What?

  • I was going for that. Because you wrote at the top here, disease is a need to have to

  • get legal weed.

  • I can see where got that from, yeah

Hi, I'm Steve. I'm Irene. I'm Lisa. My name is Tom. I'm a graphic designer.


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