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  • So, I had been a photographer

    翻訳: Kari C 校正: Masaki Yanagishita

  • for 18 years

    このマイクロスカルプチャー企画を 立ち上げるまで

  • before I began the Microsculpture Project.


  • And in that time, I had shot global ad campaigns,

    当時は世界的な 広告キャンペーンを撮影し

  • I had the opportunity to photograph some of my generation's icons,

    時代のアイコンを 写真に収める機会もあって

  • and I was traveling the world.


  • I got to a point in my career that I dreamed of getting to,

    自分のキャリアで 望むところまで来たのに

  • and yet, for some reason, I still felt a little bit unfulfilled.

    何故か 少し満足できないものがありました

  • Despite the extraordinary things I was shooting and experiencing,

    撮影し 体験した 素晴らしいものが

  • they'd started to feel a little bit ordinary to me.


  • I was also getting concerned


  • about how disposable photography had started to feel in the digital world,

    使い捨てになる写真の価値が 気になってきました

  • and I really wanted to produce images that had a sense of worth again.

    私は本当に価値のある映像を 撮りたいと思ったのです

  • And I needed a subject that felt extraordinary.

    私には 特別に感じる被写体が必要でした

  • Sometimes I wish I had the eyes of a child.


  • And by that I mean, I wish I could look at the world

    つまり 子供の頃と同じように 世界を見たかったのです

  • in the same as I did when I was a small boy.


  • I think there is a danger, as we get older,

    経験のせいで好奇心が鈍り すり減るのではないかと危惧します

  • that our curiosity becomes slightly muted or dulled by familiarity.

    視覚芸術家として ありきたりのものを

  • And as a visual creator, one of the challenges for me

    斬新で魅力ある形で表現するのは 挑戦の一つでもあります

  • is to present the familiar in a new and engaging way.

    幸い 私には 世界に好奇心を示す二人の子供がいます

  • Fortunately for me, though, I've got two great kids

    その一人 セバスチャンは 2014年の春に

  • who are still curious about the world.


  • Sebastian -- he's still curious about the world, and in 2014, in spring,


  • he brought in a ground beetle from the garden.


  • There was nothing particularly special about this insect --

    息子はそれが気になって 私のところに持ってきたので

  • you know, it was a common species.


  • But he was still curious,

    息子はクリスマスに 小さな科学セットをもらっていたのです

  • and he brought it up to my office,


  • and we decided to look at it under his microscope.


  • He had a little science kit for Christmas.


  • And this is what we saw.


  • Now, when I first saw this, it blew me away.


  • Up here -- this is the back of the ground beetle.

    私はこんな特別な被写体を 求めていました

  • When I first saw it, it reminded me of a galaxy.

    セバスチャンの目と好奇心が これを私の元に連れてきました

  • And all the time, this had just been outside our window.


  • You know, I was looking for this extraordinary subject,


  • and it took Seb's eyes and curiosity to bring it in to me.


  • So I decided to photograph it for him, and this is what I produced.


  • I basically asked myself two simple questions.


  • The first one:

    もう1つは その大きさの被写体でも 当てる照明に

  • Could I take all my knowledge and skill of photographic lighting


  • and take that onto a subject that's five millimeters long?


  • But also: Could I keep creative control over that lighting


  • on a subject that size?

    企画のために 博物館の所蔵品を使えないかと

  • So I practiced on some other found specimens,


  • and I approached the Oxford University Museum of Natural History


  • to see if I could have access to their collection,


  • to progress the project.

    どこまでのディテールを写せるか 彼らに見せました

  • And I went up there for a meeting,

    今までにこれほどのものは 見たことがなかったと思います

  • and I showed them some of the images that I'd been shooting,

    それ以降 私は所蔵品すべてに

  • and they could see the kind of detail I was able to get.


  • I don't think they'd ever really seen anything quite like it before,

    昆虫学者ジェイムズ・ホーガン博士の 協力を手に入れました

  • and from that point forward, they gave me open access

    以来 二年半

  • to their entire collection

    私は所蔵品から 37種類の昆虫を撮影しました

  • and the assistance of Dr. James Hogan, their entomologist.


  • Now, over the next two-and-a-half years,


  • I shot 37 insects from their collection.

    部分ごとに独立した静物として 撮影しました

  • And the way I work


  • is that I essentially split the insect up into multiple sections,


  • and I treat each one of those sections like a small still life.

    大きくて柔らかい 面光源を使うとかです

  • So for example, if I was photographing the eye of the insect,


  • which is normally quite smooth and dome-shaped,


  • then I'd use a light source that is large and soft and diffuse,

    こうして 1つの小さな範囲を 可能な限り美しく撮影しながら

  • so I don't get any harsh hot spots on that surface.


  • But once my attention turns over to a hairy leg,

    最終的に20から25の部分を 完成させます

  • that lighting setup will change completely.


  • And so I make that one tiny section look as beautiful as I possibly can,

    被写界深度が浅いことが 問題となります

  • and I work my way across the insect


  • until I have about 20 or 25 different sections.


  • The issue with photography at high magnification

    撮影毎に自動で 10ミクロンずつ進めるようにしました

  • is that there is inherently a very shallow depth of field.

    その距離は頭髪の太さの 7分の1です

  • So to get around that, what I do is,

    こうすることで 一連の画像を得られます

  • I put my camera on a rail

    どの画像にも 焦点のあった 小さな部分があります

  • that I can automate to move 10 microns in between each shot.


  • That's about one-seventh the width of a human hair.

    全身の近くから遠くまで 焦点のあった一枚の写真を作れます

  • And then that provides me with a deep stack of images.

    こうして 隅々までピントが合い 美しく照明された

  • Each has a tiny sliver of focus all the way through.


  • And I can squash that down


  • to produce one image that is fully focused from front to back.

    およそ8千〜1万枚ほどの 写真から出来ています

  • So essentially, that gives me 25 sections that are fully focused

    作品1枚に3週半ほどの 制作時間がかかり

  • and beautifully lit.

    ファイルサイズは およそ4ギガバイトです

  • Now, each one of my images

    大量の情報があるので プリントする時にいろいろ試せます

  • is made up of anywhere between 8- and 10,000 separate shots.

    展覧会でも3メートル程のプリントを 展示できます

  • They take about three-and-a-half weeks to create,

    2週間前 ミラノの展示会でも

  • and the file sizes on average are about four gigabytes.

    長さ9 mのプリントがありました

  • So I've got plenty of information to play with when I'm printing.


  • And the prints at the exhibition are around the three-meter mark.

    デジタルの世界でも 使える必要があります

  • In fact, I had a show in Milan two weeks ago,

    スクリーン上の500画素分しか 見せることが出来ないなら

  • and we had some prints there that were nine meters long.


  • But, you know, I realize

    心血を注いできた 意味がないからです

  • that these images still have to work in the digital world.

    ロッブ・チャンドラーと ウィル・クックソンの手伝いで

  • There's no point in me putting all my blood, sweat and tears


  • into these pictures


  • if they're only going to be showing 500 pixels on a screen.


  • So with the help of Rob Chandler and Will Cookson,


  • we developed a website

    ぜひ をご覧いただき

  • that enables the viewer to immerse themselves


  • into the full four-gigabyte files,


  • and they can explore all that microscopic detail.


  • So if you have the time, and I encourage you,


  • please visit

    ヨーロッパに戻り 次は コペンハーゲンを巡回します

  • and go and have a play.


  • It's good fun.


  • I first showed the work at Oxford,


  • and since then, it's moved on to the Middle East.

    タブレットでサイトを見ている 子供からもです

  • It's now back in Europe and goes to Copenhagen this month.

    拡大して 美術や生物の授業にも使っています

  • And the feedback has been great.


  • You know, I get emails, actually, from all over the world --


  • from teachers, at the moment, who are using the website in school.

    実際 美術館で展示する時

  • The kids are using them on the tablet.

    子供の反応を見るのが 楽しみの一つです

  • They're zooming into the pictures


  • and using it for art class, biology class.


  • And that's not something I planned.

    そんなことはなく みんな興味津々でした

  • That's just a beautiful offshoot of the project.

    この子はここで動かず 5分も見ていました

  • In fact, one of the things I like to do at the exhibitions


  • is actually look at the kiddies' reactions.

    毎日閉館後 私たちは

  • And, you know, standing in front of a three-meter insect,

    作品の下側についた 手の跡を拭き取らねばなりませんでした

  • they could have been horrified.


  • But they're not. They look in wonder.

    べたべたの手の跡を 全部拭き取らなければなりません

  • This little chap here, he stood there for five minutes, motionless.


  • (Laughter)


  • And at the end of the day, actually, at the end of the day at the exhibitions,

    チャールズ・ダーウィンに 関するものです

  • we have to wipe down the lower third of the big prints --


  • (Laughter)

    猫ではなく 箱の中の昆虫です

  • just to remove all those sticky handprints,


  • because all they want to do is touch those big bugs.

    チャールズ・ダーウィンが 1836年にビーグル号で

  • I do want to leave you with one final image, if that's OK.

    オーストラリアから 採集してきたものです

  • This has to do with Charles Darwin.


  • One of the recent images that I photographed


  • was this one here.

    この美しい昆虫を手にしていることが 信じられませんでした

  • I'm talking about the creature in the box, not my cat.


  • And this is a shield bug

    博物館はリスクをおかして 標本を託してくれたのです

  • that Charles Darwin brought back from Australia


  • on the HMS Beagle in 1836.


  • And when I got it home,


  • I stood in my kitchen and stared at it for about 20 minutes.

    これを見ると 私はこう思います

  • I couldn't believe I was in possession of this beautiful creature.

    ダーウィンなら この写真をどう思うだろう

  • And at that moment, I kind of realized

    彼はこのカメムシの写真を 気に入ってくれるでしょうか

  • that this validated the project for me.


  • The fact that the museum was willing to risk me playing with this


  • kind of showed me that my images had worth --


  • you know, they weren't disposable.


  • That's the image that I produced.

    それでも格別の被写体を見つけるには 子供の目が必要です

  • I often wonder, still, when I look at this:


  • What would Charles Darwin make of these images?

    ここでセバスチャンに お礼を言わないといけません

  • Do you think he'd like his picture of his shield bug? I hope so.


  • So --


  • (Applause)


  • You know, I think it's strange in a way.

  • I'm a visual person, I'm a creative person,

  • but I still needed the eyes of a child to find my extraordinary subject.

  • That's the way it was.

  • So all I can say is, thank you very much, Sebastian;

  • I am very, very grateful.

  • Thank you.

  • (Applause)

So, I had been a photographer

翻訳: Kari C 校正: Masaki Yanagishita


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