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  • Hello, I am Ivan 哈囉,我是Ivan

  • Hello, I am Harold 哈囉,我是Harold

  • Welcome to Hot English Classroom! 歡迎來到哈英語教室

  • Harold, have you ever been to Anping? Harold,你來過安平嗎?

  • No, it's always crowded on weekends and holidays. 沒有,週末假日人潮多

  • If you try to drive there, it will take forever. 如果開車都會塞很久

  • That's true, but Anping is so full of fun. 喔!沒錯,不過安平真的非常好玩,

  • There is a lot of local cuisine. 而且還有很多在地美食,

  • For example, oyster omelets, shrimp rolls, and shrimp crackers are all very delicious. 例如:蚵仔煎、蝦捲、蝦餅都非常美味

  • Mmm, shrimp rolls and shrimp crackers. 喔!蝦捲和蝦餅,

  • I've always wanted to try those. 我一直非常想試試

  • If you don't want to drive in traffic jams, 如果你怕塞車可以搭公車來,

  • local buses can take you pretty much everywhere. 到哪裡都非常方便

  • Right, why didn't I think of that? 對啊!怎麼沒想到還有公車,

  • And other spots that you recommended? 那你有推薦的景點嗎?

  • Of course I do! You could visit the Julius Mannich Merchant House 當然有囉!你可以去逛逛東興洋行

  • and the Taiwan Salt Corporation's Japanese style dormitory. 和台鹽日式建築,

  • You will be able to appreciate different styles of architecture. 可以同時欣賞到不同的建築特色

  • Wow, really? That's so cool. 哇!真的嗎?好特別喔!

  • Yup, you will notice the architecture in Anping 對啊!你會發現安平的建築

  • has its own charm. 有它自己的魅力

  • It has a mix of different historical periods. 融合了不同時期的建築風格

  • That sounds like fun. 聽起來真有趣!

  • Any other spots that you recommend? 還有其他推薦的景點嗎?

  • Well, you can go to the Anping Tree House. 嗯,可以去安平樹屋

  • The old Tait & Company Merchant House is right next to it, ,隔壁就是德記洋行,

  • where you could try walking on air. 來這裡可以飛簷走壁

  • Cool, but how? 哇!很酷,怎麼走呢?

  • The wooden plank paths will take you to the top of roof . 有木棧道可以爬上屋頂,

  • While some banyan trees have claimed this building for themselves , 這個房子已經被榕樹佔領了,

  • you need to follow these paths to walk around the structures. 必須靠木棧道才能逛完一圈!

  • I've heard that the ice cream here is quite famous. 聽說這裡還有美味的冰淇淋,非常有名!

  • That's right.Don't miss out on the Fort Zeelandia, either. 沒錯,來安平還有安平古堡也不能錯過

  • It's just near the Anping Old Street, right? 喔!就在安平老街附近對吧!

  • That one place that I definitely have to go. 那裡也是非常值得朝聖的景點!

  • Yes, there is a great variety of nostalgic stuff and local cuisine. 是啊!有很多古早味的東西和美食

  • Wow, Anping is truly a hub of great food and historical sites. 哇!安平真的是美食和古蹟的聚集地

  • You could put it that way. 可以這麼說!

  • Let's review the new words for today. 讓我們一起複習今天的單字

  • Let's review! 一起來複習吧!

  • 01 假日 holiday

  • 02 塞車 traffic jams

  • 03 洋行 merchant house

  • 04 蚵仔煎 oyster omelet

  • 05 蝦捲 shrimp roll

  • 06 蝦餅 shrimp cracker

  • 07 樹屋 tree house

  • 08 古早味 nostalgic

  • 09 木棧道 wooden palnk paths

  • Did you remember all that? 都記起來了嗎?

  • I got it. 我都記起來了

  • See you next time on Hot English Classroom! 英語小教室,下次見囉!

Hello, I am Ivan 哈囉,我是Ivan


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