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  • Come on come on come on

  • Come on oh

  • Not again

  • You stay right here, okay

  • Hello!

  • This is my lamp. Who are you? My name is Genisa, all right.

  • Genisa, what happened to the genie well first of all genie is my husband he's in college in trouble okay?

  • I own this place. What do you want?

  • I'm here for the wishes. Oh

  • Oh my god, of course

  • What are your wishes sir?

  • What's your first wish?

  • Okay, well first off um

  • There's this beautiful girl named, Jasmine, and I'm so in love with her and you know what I think she likes me too

  • (flashback)

  • Say no more you guys are perfect anyway, she's very luxurious. Uh I I wish to be a prince

  • Those don't exist anymore. You know that's like Disney Channel. You know the prince would look mad enough. Sorry well, then I wish to be rich

  • Where's the money... Hey rich we need two double cheeseburgers pronto. Who's rich? Very funny Richard get back to work

  • [That's not what I meant]

  • Hey!

  • Oh hey Richard. I meant rich as in wealthy not a guy named rich. Okay listen Richard. It's Aladdin

  • Listen Richard. You should have told me I don't want to be a guy named rich. I want to be wealthy

  • I mean you said rich. I didn't know was written Richard. You know that's the first thing I came into my mind

  • You just said you wanted money you had to be more specific this stuff can be tricky

  • You got two more left okay

  • You want me to be specific is that what you want me to do? Specific, I got you

  • I'm right here for you look. I got the magic

  • Okay, I'll be as specific as possible

  • I want Jasmine

  • Got it

  • That must be her

  • I'm coming

  • Who are you? Here's your Jasmine plant, it's not what I meant

  • Listen to me

  • I'm gonna make this very specific. Okay. Oh, I wish

  • Help me! I can't help you until you make a wish, I wish Jafar was a good guy. I wish Jafar was nice

  • Jafar? Oh man, I I'm I'm so sorry about that. Are you okay? Yeah? I'm good dude. You look amazing really

  • Yeah, dude - I've been having a really bad week. Yeah, I made him good-looking inside and out

  • So that's cool, man. Thanks man friends. Dude. Yeah absolutely. Did you look great by the way? What's your workout routine?

  • I just climb a lot and steal a lot of stuff and just you got a

  • Number eight Jasmine

  • Allen it's actually Aladdin. I follow I'm subscribed you walk down whatever my love

  • I've been searching all over for you. I wrote you a song I

  • Can show you the world shining shimmering splendid

  • You should have probably wished for vocals

  • Hey, hey get back here. Stop this!

  • Okay

Come on come on come on


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A2 初級

アラジン&ジェニサ|レレレポンズ&アンワル・ジバウィ (Aladdin & Genisa | Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi)

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