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Rainn Wilson: It takes its toll, being alone.
I'm a little bit lost,
and it's finally time to make a real connection.
Who am I?
I'm a single white male,
45 years of age.
I love animals.
Gainfully employed.
I'm a people person.
I keep fit.
Who am I looking for?
I'm looking for my idea mate.
Are you that idea that matches with who I really am?
(Video) Ron Finley: How would you feel
if you had no access to healthy food?
Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do.
RW: Wow, we sure are getting our fingers dirty for a first date, huh?
RF: Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do.
People in these areas -- they're exposed to crappy food.
I want people to know that growing your own food
is like printing your own money.
RW: You're like a food superhero!
RF: Food is the problem and food is the solution.
Erin McKean: I'm a lexicographer.
My job is to put every word possible into the dictionary.
RW: I love words, too --
just as much as any lexi-ta-tographer.
What if you love a word that you've just made up,
like -- I don't know -- "scuberfinkles"?
Beau Lotto: Do you think you see reality?
RW: Well, I'm a little nearsighted, but yeah.
BL: Well, you can't -- I mean,
your brain has no access to this world.
In fact, even the sensory information that your eyes are receiving,
your ears are receiving,
is completely meaningless because it could mean anything.
That tree could be a large object far away
or a small object up close,
and your brain has no way of knowing.
RW: Once I thought I saw Bigfoot but it was just a German shepherd.
Isabel Behncke Izquierdo: Bonobos are, together with chimpanzees,
your closest living relatives.
Bonobos have frequent and promiscuous sex
to manage conflict and solve social issues.
RW: I'm just curious:
Do we have any conflict that needs managing
or social issues to resolve?
IBI: Remember -- you're on a date with my idea,
not me.
Jane McGonigal: This is the face of someone who, against all odds,
is on the verge of an epic win.
RW: An epic win?
JM: An epic win is an outcome so extraordinarily positive,
you didn't even know it was possible until you achieved it.
You're not making the face.
You're making the "I'm not good at life" face.
RW: Arthur, I want to be really honest with you.
I am seeing other ideas. OK?
I'm dating around.
That's the situation.
Arthur Benjamin: I'd say this:
Mathematics is not just solving for x,
it's also figuring out why.
RW: Do you want to get some pie?
AB: Pi?
3.14159265358979 --
Reggie Watts: If we're going to do something,
we've got to just make a decision.
Because without a decision we're left powerless.
Without power,
we have nothing to supply
the chain of those who are truly curious
to solve all of our current conditions.
RW: And, "If you choose not to decide,
you still have made a choice" -- Rush.
JM: Yes!
This is the face we need to see
on millions of problem solvers worldwide,
as we try to tackle the challenges of the next century.
RW: So, are we going Dutch?
AB: 3846264338327950
RW: One night, want to go to a movie or something?
RF: Hell, no! Let's go plant some shit!
RW: Let's plant some shit!
Good, now what is this that I'm planting?
IBI: Bonobos! (Laughs)
RWatts: Um, interested much?
RW: I want to have your idea baby.
RWatts: Well, you know what they say in Russia.
RW: Hm?
RWatts: "scuberfinckle."
(Bottles clink)


【TED】レイン・ウィルソン: Ideas worth dating — デートする価値のあるアイデア (Ideas worth dating)

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