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Oh, hey!
Check out these letters I found in my attic.
"My dear friend, Angela,
it was a wonderful season at Lakesbury."
"Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have recently come to hear
that you and Mr. Heathrow are engaged."
"I did not take you for such a conniving, merciless bitch."
"I hope you trip on your petticoat, you snake of a woman."
Sounds like a toxic friendship.
Everyone in their life has somebody that they need to ditch.
Here are just a few.
The Shit-Talker.
This person talks about everyone behind their backs.
I mean, she's nice and all, but what's with that hair?
Looks like a crow stuck in a bush.
Wanna get fro-yo?
If they're talking junk about everybody else,
they're probably giving you the same treatment.
Also, it's just rude as heck to talk about people when they're not around.
What are you, 10?
Oh. You are.
That's nice.
You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar,
which is why I have so many open jars of honey.
I'm gonna have so many flies.
Then there's The Flake.
This person can never commit to plans,
and when they do, they often cancel at the last second,
or, are just super late.
I'm a little tired actually,
but let's hang next time?
Okay, cool.
All right, hello?
I'm so in.
All right, cool. See you there.
If they're not willing to commit to plans with you,
then they don't care about you that much.
The truth is hard to hear,
especially if you're wearing earmuffs,
so take those off.
They look so dumb.
What's next?
Jennifer. Jennifer.
Yeah, where are we?
We are
right here.
Oh. Okay, great, yeah.
Okay, you can leave.
Get out of here.
The Critic.
You really gonna eat those?
Ugh, I hate this song.
Why is your couch so gross?
Because I like to eat pudding in comfort, okay?
It's totally fine if your pals don't share your interests.
I mean, I'm on a swim team and I can't swim.
But, to openly tell someone that the thing they like
is boring or dumb, is the trait of a bad friend.
If you think any of your friends are worth holding onto,
talk to them about the things they do that make you uncomfortable.
Sometimes, you just have to let go of people, which is hard,
A, because change is terrifying,
and, B, because making new friends can be scary as hell.
But what's better?
Feeling unstable and insecure in toxic friendships,
or spending a little time alone?
Squad goals should be about building each other up,
not knocking each other down,
and if you think you might be one of these friends,
take a long, hard look at your choices.
Navigating the rough seas of friendship is hard,
because humans are crazy weirdos with no sense,
so, bring a map and a compass,
and don't go to the old shipyard.
You won't like what you'll find.



こんな友達とは縁を切った方がいい3パターン 3 Friends You Should Get Rid Of

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