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Today, I am going to teach you basic parameters
and I'll teach you step by step how to set them in Revit
Lets start with new family
I am going to select generic model adaptive template
This one
you can select generic model aswell
But generic model adaptive is more advanced
I am going to start with this
If you want to know what is parametric family, why they are used, how they will help you?
You can read blog on this. You will find the link in the description of this video
Explore it, share it with your friends
Lets start.
First of all go to Reference Level
We will start with reference lines
Draw a rectangle
I am going to draw rectangle of 10'X10'
I am going to move rectangle to the center.
To the centre
Now set the dimension for the length
Set the dimension for the width and dimensions are very important for the paramter
Select the dimension
Go to label and add parameter
Name the parameter
I am going to name it Length
Select the other dimension, similarly go to label and add paramter
Again, name the paramter
I am going to name it Width.
Basic parameters are set
Let check parameter are working are not
Length is 10'
I want to change it to 12' and width to 8'
Press Apply, You can see the dimensions are changed
Changing Length to 8' and width to 12'
Both dimensions are changed
But you will notice that center point is out
If you want to fix the center point or you want to lock the center, we have to add more dimensions to it
Select the dimension
Select the left line, center line and right line
As I told you before dimension are very important
You will see this not equal symbol. Click this symbol to equalize the side
Now set the vertical side
Click not equal symbol to equalize this side aswell
Now the center point is fixed. You can see the rectangle is equally divided around the center point
Now again lets check our paramters
I am going to change length to 10' and width to 8'
Sizes are changed accordingly
Rectangle is equally divided around the center point
Now rectangle is fixed around the center point
This is how you set basic parameters, dimensions are very important.
Now lets set the parameter for height
Select the rectangle and create a solid form
The height of the solid form is 4' by default
Go to front elevation
Set the dimension for the height again.
Select the reference line and select the top line of solid form
Select the dimension and label it.
Name the paramter. I am going to name the parameter Height
Lets check all the parameters again
I am going to change the height to 8'. Length to 8
and width to 12'
All the sizes are changed according to these points
This is the simple parametric family
I hope you enjoyed this video.
Please check my next video to learn more about cylindrical shape
I hope you enjoyed
Subscribe to my channel of more tutorails
Good Luck


Simple parametSimple parametric Family: 1- Rectangular Familyric Family: 1- Rectangular Family

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