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  • Hi

  • Today, I am going to teach you basic parameters

  • and I'll teach you step by step how to set them in Revit

  • Lets start with new family

  • I am going to select generic model adaptive template

  • This one

  • you can select generic model aswell

  • But generic model adaptive is more advanced

  • I am going to start with this

  • Okay

  • If you want to know what is parametric family, why they are used, how they will help you?

  • You can read blog on this. You will find the link in the description of this video

  • Explore it, share it with your friends

  • Lets start.

  • First of all go to Reference Level

  • We will start with reference lines

  • Draw a rectangle

  • I am going to draw rectangle of 10'X10'

  • 10'

  • 10'

  • I am going to move rectangle to the center.

  • To the centre

  • Okay

  • Now set the dimension for the length

  • Set the dimension for the width and dimensions are very important for the paramter

  • Select the dimension

  • Go to label and add parameter

  • Name the parameter

  • I am going to name it Length

  • Select the other dimension, similarly go to label and add paramter

  • Again, name the paramter

  • I am going to name it Width.

  • Okay

  • Basic parameters are set

  • Let check parameter are working are not

  • Length is 10'

  • I want to change it to 12' and width to 8'

  • Press Apply, You can see the dimensions are changed

  • Changing Length to 8' and width to 12'

  • Both dimensions are changed

  • But you will notice that center point is out

  • If you want to fix the center point or you want to lock the center, we have to add more dimensions to it

  • Select the dimension

  • Select the left line, center line and right line

  • As I told you before dimension are very important

  • You will see this not equal symbol. Click this symbol to equalize the side

  • Now set the vertical side

  • Okay

  • Click not equal symbol to equalize this side aswell

  • Now the center point is fixed. You can see the rectangle is equally divided around the center point

  • Now again lets check our paramters

  • I am going to change length to 10' and width to 8'

  • Sizes are changed accordingly

  • Rectangle is equally divided around the center point

  • Now rectangle is fixed around the center point

  • This is how you set basic parameters, dimensions are very important.

  • Now lets set the parameter for height

  • Select the rectangle and create a solid form

  • Okay

  • The height of the solid form is 4' by default

  • Go to front elevation

  • Set the dimension for the height again.

  • Select the reference line and select the top line of solid form

  • Select the dimension and label it.

  • Name the paramter. I am going to name the parameter Height

  • Lets check all the parameters again

  • I am going to change the height to 8'. Length to 8

  • and width to 12'

  • Okay

  • All the sizes are changed according to these points

  • This is the simple parametric family

  • I hope you enjoyed this video.

  • Please check my next video to learn more about cylindrical shape

  • I hope you enjoyed

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  • Good Luck



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シンプルパラメットシンプルパラメトリックファミリー:1-長方形ファミリー:1-長方形ファミリー (Simple parametSimple parametric Family: 1- Rectangular Familyric Family: 1- Rectangular Family)

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