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You ready, son?
You ready to smell it, man?
Fuck that shit!
We have to eat 'em.
How does it smell?
My God, it smells so [beep] bad.
It smells like nothing,
but death, like rancid death.
Feces and rotting fish,
multiplied by a million.
Smells gray. Is that possible? It smells gray, Oisín.
Laura: I love fish. I love fish so much.
You've ruined fish for me!
Like this is banned on airplanes,
you can bring guns on some airplanes.
How do I even do this?
It still has, like its fins on. They'd stab you, man!
No, why am I laughing?
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God...
Eh, looks -- looks like dead fish.
Honestly, if I could be perfectly honest,
it looks like dead fish.
Do fish-
...have, like, is this what a fish is?
- Paddy: I'm gonna --
Why? Why Sweden? Why would you do this?
Just have to swallow it, isn't it?
As you're bringing it closer to your face,
the smell is getting...
No, okay come on.
Oh shit, sorry. Okay. Sorry okay?
I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it.
Yeah. Women can do what a man could do.
Oh my God, oh my God, no.
Is that a scale?
Is there bone in this?
I have --
Oh, my god.
It tastes like mashed potato now. Why? I don't know.
What was that?
Just eat it like a gangsta.
That's what I am, a gangsta.
I'm out, I'm out, I'm out.
- Nicole: Okay, we got vomit.
The trick is to forget that you're living.
They would've laughed at me, they said,
"Oh, You'll be the first to get sick, hahaha."
I'll get sick later, actually.
That actually tasted like mashed potato there for a moment.
And I don't know why.
I ate it.
I vomited,
but I ate it.
It's just nothing but -- tastes like shite and salt.
Like you could taste the scales
like breaking into little pieces and everything
and all the flesh just, like,
separating and going into like real mushy --
No, that actually didn't taste as bad
as it smells.
That -- how do they -- how do they eat that?
as a -- as a -- as a
like --
Alright, last piece.
Can I have some more?
I'm actually alright. Please don't,
please, please don't give me any more.
OG Gangster.
I must have, like, Swedish heritage or something.
I really like IKEA.


Irish People Try Surströmming (World's Smelliest Food)

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