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  • This is Nekros. Manipulator of souls.


  • The Tenno incarnation of shaman, he is a practitioner of death.


  • Nekros' abilities meddle in the unknown, instilling terror on the battlefield.


  • Soul Punch forces the target's soul out of its body, turning it into a deadly projectile,


  • damaging all in its path.

    Soul Punchは敵の魂を肉体から取り出し 強力な射出物として対象と直線上の敵にダメージを与えます

  • Terrify casts fear into nearby enemies,

    Terrifyは周囲の敵に恐怖を植え付け 戦いを放棄させ相手の装甲を弱体化させます

  • causing them to flee in terror and become susceptible to increased damage.

    Desecrateは周囲の死体から追加ドロップを掘り起こし 仲間の支援に役立ちます

  • Desecrate gives a chance the nearby corpses of fallen enemies will drop additional loot,


  • providing extra assistance in the heat of battle.

    Shadows of the Deadは倒した敵の影を蘇らせ 自分の下僕として戦わせます

  • Bring out your deg, Tenno. Shadows of the Dead resurrects shadow version of your fallen enemies

    NekrosはMODの組み合わせによって より暗い影を戦場にまとわせることができます

  • to fight alongside you for a limited time.


  • Nekros can cast a darker shadow over the battlefield with the usage of mods.

    効果時間MODでTerrifyとShadows of the Deadが増強し

  • Strength mods will positively affect most of Nekros' abilities.

    範囲MODでSoul PunchとDesecrateが効率化します

  • Adding duration mods will positively affect Terrify and Shadows of the Dead.


  • While adding a ranged mod will further increase the effectiveness of Soul Punch and Desecrate.


  • Nekros possesses the battlefield, Tenno. Death is his playground.

This is Nekros. Manipulator of souls.



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