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  • He-rro Everyone!!!!

    ハロ~★ みんな!

  • I'm in Iceland! We just landed. Uh, we rented a car

    俺は、 アイスランドに… 今 着いたとこだ

  • Marzia is here. I brought her along. You know,


  • I've let her come to this trip


  • And, uh, right now we're going to drive to Reykjavik!

    俺が連れてきたんだ… な?

  • ♪♪♪

    M: ありがと~❤︎

  • We're at the hotel. It's about 5:30. It's a really cozy hotel. We've got a little window here

    俺が この旅行に誘ったんだよ

  • Which you can climb out of if you want to-

    そして… 今からドライブだ、 レイキャヴィークまで!

  • (strained) Definitely a good idea.

    [ アイスランド ビログ ]

  • I don't think I'm supposed to do this.

    ( “ビデオブログ” ) ↓ [ アイスランド ビログ ]

  • Marzia? Can you help me?


  • I bought this...

    今… 5時半ぐらいか、

  • "Katla" named after the mother of Icelandic volcanoes.


  • If you're swedish, you know Katla is, like, the creepy dragon from...


  • Bröderna Lejonhjärta

    ここから、 こう…

  • Marzia: Oh, Bröderna Lejonhjärta?!


  • Oh, Bröderna Lejonhjärta! Of course! I love them!


  • Katla was the dragon, and I was so scared of Katla.

    (; ゚Д゚)< な、 名案だろ…?

  • Just gonna have a little bit.

    これ、 やっちゃいけない気がするわ。

  • That's -- very nice.


  • Probably the best thing about Iceland so far is the internet.


  • It's really fast.

    これ 買ったんだ…

  • (Darude - Sandstorm playing)



    「そもそも、 この名の由来は…」

  • *bass drops and all that jazz*

    「アイスランドの火山から」 …

  • Holy shit, this internet is amazing!

    スウェーデンの奴なら わかるよな?

  • How is this- hotel internet? I just have to go to Iceland to get proper internet. How about that!

    あの キモいドラゴン…

  • Goddamn boi!

    「Bröderna Lejonhjärta」 の。

  • This is so bizarre

    M: えっ、 「Bröderna Lejonhjärta」 !?

  • Because I really feel like I'm in Sweden right now,

    そう、 「Bröderna Lejonhjärta」 ~!

  • but something went horribly wrong

    もちろんさァ~! 好きだともォ!

  • I'm joking, it's very nice. I really like it. I feel like home. We're just walking to the City Centre

    Katlaは ドラゴンだから、 試すの怖いんだよなぁ…

  • We don't really know where, we're just..


  • Guessing


  • Marzia: We're following the church


  • We're following the church.

    今のところ アイスランドに来て 一番良いのは ネットかな…

  • Gotta hit that "God church," *ASCENDED* am I right Marzia?


  • Marzia: Mhmmm

    (; ゚∀゚)< オ──────ゥ!!

  • She says yes, everybody. Marzia: yes :D

    …… w

  • We found the God church. We're going to get on top of it,

    ヤベェな… ネット環境 すげーよ!

  • and we're gonna dab on all of the Icelandic haters.

    だって これ…

  • ♪♪♪*ORGANS PLAYING*♪♪♪ (the piano kind not actual organs)


  • We're going to the top. That was so cool by the way

    最適なネット環境のために アイスランドに来なきゃだな…

  • So windy, Oh my god!


  • Jesus Christ, I didn't expect this


  • Okay, AHHHH, I have to hold on

    なんか 俺、 スウェーデンにいるみたいだ

  • to stand up here.

    いろいろ “劣化” してるけどな。

  • Incredible!


  • It's less windy here. It's so nice and sunny, but it's really cold

    ホントにいい所だ、 気に入ったぜ!

  • Just like Sweden. I'm home goddammit.

    まさに “故郷” だな

  • I just realized I forgot to dab on them


  • dammit [I have been disappointed before but not as much as I am now Felix]


  • Where did Marzia go?


  • I'm free, finally.

    M: 教会の方に歩いてるね…

  • *heavy breathing into camera*

    そう、 “教会” の方角に…

  • Oh, look at that.

    そうとも! あの…

  • I found you.

    “God Church” だ! そうだろ、 Marzia?

  • Oh my god! What i-- I didn't realize -- what the hell is that?

    M: う~ん…?

  • Marzia: Help me!

    彼女、 「うん」 だってよ!

  • *laughs* I just walked as well-

    なぁ お前ら!

  • Marzia: No, I'm scared

    見つけたぜ、 “God Church”!

  • *laughs* Good job

    今から 一番上まで行って…

  • Amazing. I'm clapping.

    アイスランドのアンチども 全員に DABかましてやる。(?)

  • I feel so Icelandic with these "ice glasses", (Marzia: yeah) and... "Ice glasses"?


  • Eyeglasses? Sunglasses.

    さっきの カッコよかったなぁ…

  • Marzia: (laughs) What else could it be?

    風 強っ…!w



  • I guess that's the thing [it's a person too pewds]

    …… www

  • Oh, wow where did my jacket go? That's so weird

    こりゃ 想定外だ!

  • I am so excited cause they have proper fish soup here, like the real- the real deal.


  • It's not as good as Sweden [just marry Sweden already forget Marzia]

    (; ゚Д゚)< ア゙──── ッ !!

  • How is it so light outside? I forgot -- Oh yeah, we're in Iceland. It's like light all the time 8 o'clock it's it?


  • What?! It's 8 o'clock, it's 9 o'clock! Can you believe it's nine, and it's so bright?


  • Marzia: Oh, it's so cute!

    こりゃ スゴい!

  • It's a sh-nake

    ここなら 風も弱いな…

  • It's a sh-nake, everybody.

    よく晴れてるけど、 チョー寒いよ!

  • Guys, if you go near me, I will kill you.


  • I will dab on you, you hater!

    “帰省” かよ、 チクショウ。

  • Oh my god, that's terrifying!

    あ、 DABキメるの忘れてたわ…

  • I'm really loving Iceland so far. I keep getting recognized even though I'm like this


  • I don't believe it like how one guy was like I "recognize your beard!"

    あれ… Marziaは?

  • But everyone is really lovely, everyone is really nice. It's really cool.


  • I ate way too much food man.


  • *burps* OOOHHoOHOHOHo

    あっ、 あそこ…

  • Oh my God. Yes! ohh *Swedish mumble*



    おい、 マジかよ!

  • GIFFLAR hHehehe


  • Ugghhhh

    ぜんぜん気づかなかった! なんだよ コレ!? w

  • Oh my god, yeah.

    M: たすけて〜 ( ; o ; )

  • We had some extra time this morning, and we decided to go to this whale museum

    普通に歩いちゃった… w

  • It's not really planned, but it's really cool

    M: 違うの、 怖いの!

  • *dolphin sounds*


  • Cool, it's a narwhal, damn

    素晴らしいよ… 拍手!

  • We're going on a helicopter tour

    アイスランドっぽいよなぁ、 この “アイスグラス” …

  • They said it was a bit windy. That's why they delayed it this morning. So-- and it is really windy


  • So...we's gonna die.

    M: www

  • There's our helicopter

    「アイグラス」 …?

  • Here we gooo! I'm super exciteeed!


  • ♪♪♪

    M: 他に 何が… w

  • We landed...


  • Oh my god, my legs are all shaky

    ( ゚Д゚)< (( スウェーデン語 ))

  • So...

    ( ゚∀゚)< (( たぶんスウェーデン語 ))

  • It's windy

    アレが そうなのか…?

  • Apparently, we're walking to Mordor... hehehe


  • Jesus

    俺のジャケットなのに… ヘンだわぁ~

  • It's so windy, too.

    俺、 コーフンしてるよ…

  • ♪♪♪

    “正しい” フィッシュスープを 出してる店だからな

  • I think these rocks are hot?

    そう、 “本物” の…

  • Oh, it feels hot...

    “モノホン” の、 な。

  • Ohhh, ahhhh


  • hehehehe

    外が こんなに明るい… なんでだ?

  • ♪♪♪

    あぁ、 アイスランドだからか!

  • Did you enjoy that?


  • Marzia: Yeah, it was cool


  • I'm a little motion sick, but it was really fun. It was super fun. The scenery was amazing.

    M: ううん… 9時。

  • Marzia: My hair is insane

    (; ゚Д゚)< ハァ~!?

  • Even my beard is like going everywhere

    コレで 8時だって…

  • ♪♪♪

    いや、 9時だってよ!

  • This restaurant is so cool. You see all of Iceland,

    信じられるか? 夜9時で こんなに明るい…

  • And...

    M: あっ! カワイイ~! 信じられるか? 夜9時で こんなに明るい…

  • -They have fish soup.

    おっ、 ヘビさん!

  • This is the best food.

    ヘビさんだぜ、 お前ら。

  • Hmph!

    ??: おい、 もし近づいたら…

  • UK, you suck at fish I'm going to say now that's right.

    ??: “始末” してやるぜ。

  • I guess today is like the scenic day because we're doing all this

    ??: DABかますぞ、 アンチ野郎め。

  • visual stuff

    おいおい… コワすぎだって!

  • tomorrow we're doing more

    俺、 好きだなぁ… アイスランド!


    さっきから 俺だってバレるんだ… 俺、 こんなカンジなのにな

  • I'm so happy whenever I get a beer and a fish soup, and I'm just like feel gooooood

    信じられないよ、 だって…

  • *Whale dying*

    さっきのヤツなんか、 「ヒゲでわかった」 って!

  • Marzia: Hey

    でも みんな魅力的だし、 めっちゃ いい人ばっかり… サイコーだな

  • Hey, what's up


  • Marzia: We're going into a cave

    ( ゚Д゚)< ゲェ ェ ェ ェ ッ プッ

  • It's like walking into walking into a- like walking into a fridge

    見ろよ、 あれ…!!

  • Ah- My Hat!

    (; ゚∀゚)< 「OLW」 !!

  • Oh my god

    (; ゚∀゚)< あ゙ぁ゙…

  • It's cool! Very cool.

    ( ゚∀゚)< HAHAHA★

  • Spooky...

    M: 見て!

  • Marzia: I'm freezing!

    (; ゚∀゚)< 「gifflar」 も…!?

  • My nose is so red!

    ( ゚∀゚)< HEHEHE❤︎

  • Woaahhhh

    あ゙ぁ゙~ ッ …

  • Oh My God, it's so cool. Okay. Should we just go? It's just too cold

    あぁっ、 イイ… ❤︎

  • Ahhh, I never want to be cold again!

    [ 次の日 ]

  • Feels so good to be out.

    今朝は 時間に余裕ができたんだ…

  • We really just stopped for food, but we got a little a glacier tour as well.

    145 00:05:32,320 --> 00:05:32,860 [ 次の日 ]

  • Very nice!


  • Marzia: Golden circle!

    この クジラ博物館に来たんだ

  • We're doing the golden circle. Well, that's gonna take...

    予定外だけど、 意外とイイぜ? w

  • (whispers) five hours, but she doesn't know


  • Marzia: NO IT'S NOT!


  • Welcome!


  • ♪♪♪

    俺たち、 今から遊覧飛行だぜ~★

  • We are here the first stop, at the geyser, heheh.

    どうも 風が出てるみたいだな… だから遅れたんだろうな

  • This is what its like

    そう… 風、 ヤバいらしいぜ?

  • It smells very nice. You feel that sulfur smell.


  • It just went off

    俺ら、 死ぬかもなァ。

  • Marzia: I saw it! That was amazing!

    アレが 俺たちのヘリだぜ~♪

  • That's so cool. So that's the big one...

    行くぞォ~~ ⤴︎

  • The big geyser, heheh

    めっちゃ楽しみィ~ ⤴︎

  • fuck, we just missed it!

    無事 着陸!

  • I mean I saw it, you guys missed it. Whatever, I don't care about you guys.

    ヤバいわ、 脚 ガクガク… w

  • Okay, so we reached the end of the circle


  • So we have the exact same amount of time back. I know why I'm saying this because it doesn't matter to you

    風 強っ!w

  • We're at our second destination. Which is the waterfall Gullfoss, which I think means Golden Falls, maybe?

    まさしく “モルドール” への道だな…

  • So cool

    …… ww

  • Oh my god, I'm getting water splashing my face


  • Woah!

    ココも 風ヤバい!

  • That's so cool!

    この石、 熱そうだなぁ…

  • Oh my god!

    あ、 ちょっと熱いかも!

  • I'm getting so wet!

    (; ゚Д゚)< お~~~ぅ…

  • That's insane

    ( ゚∀゚)< ア────ッ★

  • Oh is the camera battery gone?

    ( ゚∀゚)< ハッハッハッ★

  • So pretty. I never- never expected to see something like this. I don't know if you can hear me, but it's cool