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okay so the question is how do i --- i'm assuming you're asking me mostly
cause I'm Sara
there is a song called "creeping out sara" that a band NOFX wrote
and the song, um...
you know, on a surface level, i found it kind of offensive because the
implication was that tegan and i are incestuous which i find deeply deeply
and disrespectful but
the truth is that the conversation that he's describing in the song actually
he did creep me out and he and i had a long conversation backstage at a festival in germany
and um, not a
totally a consensual conversation. he kind of came
came up to me at an internet cafe backstage at a festival and i was
with a friend and we were doing, you know, whatever, and
he just told us all about his
he told us all about himself and mostly it had to do with sex, and um, and involved
interest in the BDSM community and having a sex dungeon
haha yeah
she said sex dungeon
just doing my emails and just had to listen to him talk while
while also swigging from a red wine bottle, but anyway
it was cute
it was cute how he was like that but
i mean the song is - i mean how do i feel about it, i mean, i think he's
he's pretty offensive but he's also, he's fat mike. that's how he is.
that's sort of his MO
i don't know what else to say about it. i don't want to fight him or anything
i think he understood that we didn't totally love the track
afterwards i did talk with him a little bit. he was still on tour when it came out and
everybody was like, NOFX dissing tegan and sara! and he was horrified
he and i talked about it
quite a bit and he released a statement
we love you guys
we are huge fans. the whole sentiment of the song is supposed to be making fun of myself
i'm disgusting. i'm gross.
and um
we talked a lot about the
fact that people of course were gonna miss that point and instead focus on the
part and the dildo part and the gay part
all the rest of it, and you know, he wrote a statement, so
i used to listen to NOFX. it was really hard for me, because i was like, NOFX is awesome! so.. not anymore.


Tegan And Sara - Re: Creeping Out Sara (Get Along Q&A @ TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto, Canada.)

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