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Like i've said before...
...a Peppy pet is a happy pet
Hey. I heard all about this guy. He's a pet motivational speaker.
He specilizes in cheering up animals of the rich and famous.
Or at least he was up until yesterday, before wanishing from his Beverly Hills office.
We want you to investigate and see if the disappearances are related.
And now for a spy's best friend, the gadgets.
We have the fountain pen microphone, monocle magnifier.
And my favorite, the ascending ascot cable.
Erh Jerr. If we're gonna to this whole spy thingy, we gonna have to do it with some style.
Uhm. I'm not sure.
Oh my.
No no no. I don't think so.
Wohoo. Now that's more like it.
Very well then.
Awsome! Yea!
Now for your new, albeit, unorthodox gadgets.
The compowder. A comunication device super computer discretely concealed in a shape of a make-up compact.
The expandable cable bungee belt and laser lipstick.
Erhm. The ever expanding bubble gum.
Suction cup bottom drill heels go-go boots.
A heat sensor 6000 infra red motion detector sunglasses
Wow. Coolio.
The molecule separating perfume.
The tornado in a can of hairspray.
The super foaming pomande grenade.
And ofcourse, the jetpack backpacks.
So Jerry. Where's our supercool personal transport device to get us to Peppy's office.
Just leave that to me.
Okay spy sisters! It's mission time.
Whoa. Time out Clover. Don't you think we should try to look a little less like teen spies?
Disguises are a great idea Sammy, only how does this compowder even work?
Only one way to find out.
Ew! Gross!
Oh. Now that's more my speed.
The perfect Beverly Hills family.
All we need now is a pet.
Ew. What are you still doing with that thing Alex?
It's not a thing, it's Oinky!
Well, not exactly what I had in mind, but I guess he'll do in a pinch.
It's scandalous!
Mr. Wolfman isn't seeing any of his animal clients today. I'm gonna have to ask you all to leave.
But I have to see Peppy this instant. Cracka is so depressed he hasn't spoken to me in days.
If we're gonna figure out what happened to Peppy, we have to get past that receptionist.
Then we're gonna need a five alarm diversion. Hey Alex? Why don't you put that pig go loose.
Okay Oinky. You wanna be a deputy spy?
Hey. Get back here!
It's locked.
Luckily I've got just the key to get us in.
Hey! Who's getting all grumpy with my bag?
Let's see. If I were a clue, where would I hide?
Hello? What's this thing? Man, this spying stuff is a lot harder than I tought.
If only WOOHP had i time machine we could travel back to yesterday and see what happened to Peppy in person.
Maybe we can!
C'mon, give me a boost.
If I can hack into the surveillance with our compowder, maybe we can see what happened yesterday.
Sorry, wrong plug.
There he is. Just like in the photo Jerry showed us. Except, is it possible he got even hairier?
Oh. How dare he walk away?! Doesn't he know we're trying to spy on him?
Let's fast forward and see if he comes back.
Who's that overly processed cosmetic counter diseaster?
I think it may actually be Peppy, but why does he look so different?
Hey, what's that in his hand?
It looks like some sort of a receipt and check out the wierd symbol on it. I wonder what it stands for.
You think you can go anywhere you please? Now let me in or I break the door down.
It's the receptionist and she's majorly chaffed.
Peppy is not gonna be very happy about this.
Where did they go?
Good thinking Alex, this suction cup bottom go-go boots are the bomb!
Fashionable and functional.
Besides it went bad for a moment, I'd say our first mission was way cool.
Rude much?!
Don't they know there's a totally secret spy search going down here?
Uhh. No Clover. That's kind of the point.
C'mon girls!
*Let me in! Let ME in!*
Maybe they're some kind of new taning beds.
Whoa. What are those things?
Whatever they are, they got the same weird symbol on them we saw on the receipt Peppy was holding.
Hey, you're right Sammy!
Do you crave cool? Do you long to be more popular at school?
Do you desire the joy of being a ten over the pain of being a tube.
Then the fabulizer is the process for you.
I don't know what's weirder, the way they look or the fact that they all seem to like it?
Now we know why Peppy looked so different. He must have gone a got this gnarly treatment.
Hello girls. How's the mission going?
Freaky. Before he went missing, the Pepster was "fabulized".
Put through a trenty machine for insecure people and given a majorly unoriginal look.
Though I'm extremly disurbed by the idea that someone would actually employ a machine to alter their looks
I must say you three have done an excellent spy work. Wouldn't you agree Tad?
Absolutely Jerry. Their findings are most interesting.
What's even more interesting is like we're totally beginning to date this by love.


(Totally Spiesy) 4/9

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