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Welcome to "Full Frontal."
I am Samantha Bee.
It has been a hell of a week.
There's been so much news.
CNN had to activate the army of back up Blitzers it's been
breeding in its laboratory.
The hardest part of maintaining the Blitzer army of course,
is getting them to mate.
But you could only pay attention to 98
of the 99 million breaking news stories this week,
you may have missed that tiny little change
to America's defense policy.
REPORTER: The nuclear posture review
issued by the Trump administration calls
for $1.2 trillion dollars to modernize the nuclear arsenal.
Modern nuclear arsenal, coming this fall to TBS.
This family really is nuclear.
Our nuclear arsenal is modernized because there's less
of it than there used to be.
Thanks to a hard won series of treaties, American
and Russian nuclear arsenals are down
for more than 10,000 warheads each to less than 2,000 each.
Of course, in addition to our nuclear capabilities,
the US also has 30 nuclear weapons
from the George W. Bush era.
Aww, miss the guy who started the Iraq war.
Unfortunately, the latest treaty that
brought us to this unprecedented peace
expires in just three years.
And the Trump administration's new strategy
includes the development of low-yield nuclear weapons.
Now I know what you're thinking, little nukes.
That sounds so cute.
Well, think again.
Less powerful nuclear weapons, which in a way
might make things even more dangerous.
If you've got something that blurs the distinction between
a very powerful non-nuclear weapon and a nuclear weapon
that's something that's sort of in between with a low
nuclear yield, might be easier for a president
to reach for it.
Easier to reach for because instead of destroying
the whole world, these little nuklets just
destroy a small area, like say a city
the size of Hiroshima or Miami.
Could we ever deploy these cute mini-apocalypses
without triggering World War III?
There's really only one way to find out,
and unfortunately we elected him.
We are one missed nap away from Kellyanne Conway
letting Trump launch some nukes just to keep him from dumping
out her purse again.


This Week in Chaos: Nukes | February 7, 2018 Act 1, Pt. 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

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