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  • There out in the darkness

  • A fugitive running

  • Fallen from god

  • Fallen from grace

  • God be my witness

  • I never shall yield

  • Till we come face to face

  • Till we come face to face

  • He knows his way in the dark

  • Mine is the way of the Lord

  • And those who follow the path of the righteous

  • Shall have their reward

  • And if they fall As Lucifer fell

  • The flame The sword!

  • Stars in your multitudes

  • Scarce to be counted

  • Filling the darkness

  • With order and light

  • You are the sentinels

  • Silent and sure

  • Keeping watch in the night

  • Keeping watch in the night

  • You know your place in the sky

  • You hold your course And your aim

  • And each in your season Returns and returns

  • And is always the same

  • And if you fall As Lucifer fell

  • You fall

  • In flame!

  • And so it must be and so it is written

  • On the doorway to paradise

  • That those who falter And those who fall

  • Must pay the price!

  • Lord let me find him

  • That I may see him

  • Safe behind bars

  • I will never rest

  • Till then

  • This I swear

  • This I swear by the stars!

There out in the darkness


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スターズ フィリップ・クァスト レ・ミゼラブル 10周年記念コンサート (Stars - Philip Quast - Les Misérables - 10th Anniversary Concert)

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