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  • I think the nature of breakups, one person is always going to get the shorter end of

  • the stick.

  • And I just got lucky and I think I do have guilt about that.

  • I left, went on tour, got to see the world, met someone new really soon afterwards.

  • It's all in there.

  • WithThe Good Side” I was writing with my best friend Leland and Allie X and Bram

  • Inscore, who's a team I am extremely comfortable with.

  • We've written together for a good few years now.

  • I was in my feelings that day about that particular situation.

  • And because we're all so close, they knew the ins and outs of the entire situation and

  • knew the complexities of the situation.

  • We were just having this conversation about, "Let's try to write a song about it, but let's genuinely vent."

  • Let's not try and make me the victim or anything like that, because that's not the way it went

  • down.

  • Let's write an honest song about how the cookie crumbled and how shitty that is that it happened

  • like that.

  • I mean we weren't going to get engaged but the imagery to me was these two engagement

  • rings and one of the partners being left to deal with both of them.

  • That same kind of wind that I was enjoying on my ring finger is really crippling you

  • and bringing you down.

  • My last album was called 'Blue Neighbourhood.'

  • I wrote a little bit about this breakup as it was happening, as I was going through all

  • of the emotions that sort of led to the breakup.

  • This super surreal experience of me being out on stage and singing these songs about

  • something so personal and current.

  • It was being sang right back at me with these big smiles and people dancing and stuff.

  • For me it was a really healing experience but it was also super super strange.

  • Know that I haven't just gone and ran off and completely forgotten about you.

  • And I recognize that I'm getting to do all this stuff and it's probably easier for me

  • than it is for you.

  • And I apologize, I wish that this wasn't the way things were going down.

  • Yeah, I think in the early stages of a breakup that's one of the weirdest things.

  • Your go-to person to call is not there anymore or shouldn't be.

  • While I was off getting to see all these amazing places and having all these crazy experiences

  • I would take out my phone be like, "Oh shit, no."

  • Put it back in my pocket.

  • I think it will happen.

  • I'm sure that I will bump into him at some point and I've been watching from afar everything

  • he's been up to and I am super proud of him.

  • That relationship I learned so much that it set me up for the rest of my life.

  • Every relationship even if it's not the perfect one that lasts forever, every time you learn

  • so much about yourself and about relationships and about love and you grow.

I think the nature of breakups, one person is always going to get the shorter end of


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