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Hi guys, so I'm here with Fortnight from
Epic Games and it's a very popular title

at the moment it's a hundred player
player versus player game and very

similar to pub G now I wanted to check
out in this video here just how well

will it run on in Nvidia's MX150 that you
see now and quite a few

into our powered laptops like this one

here this is Xiaomi's Mi Notebook Pro
15.6 inches it has 8 gigabytes of RAM

and paired up with that Core i5
8250U. So this video I'm gonna test

out 1080p gaming with the low preset the
medium preset and the high one to see

what kind of performance we're going to
get out of this particular NVIDIA GPU

it's very similar to the GT1030 so those
results should really be the same as

that GPU 2 I'm also going to do a little
bit of overclocking here to see if we

can help boost the performance so let's
dive into the game now and check out how

well this configuration is going to run
for tonight

so using msi afterburner here i'm going
to overclock the GPU so i've added two

hundred megahertz to the core clock and
then one gigahertz 1,000 megahertz to

the memory clock now this will vary from
GPU to GPU so don't use exact values I

have here test out and find what's
stable for you as long as it's not

crashing you don't see any artifacts
then you'll be fine I'm also running the

latest Nvidia drivers here at the time
of this video ok so for the whole

duration of this video I'm gonna stick
to using 1080p and the 3d resolution

scaled to the full 100% full 1080p so I
will start off with medium settings and

then I'll move on to using the high
settings but I won't be testing out epic

in this video because epics gonna be
just a part to demanding for this

relatively low end GPU so here we go
let's set this to medium first and we'll

check out the performance okay so
looking good so far we have 55 frames

per second just right here at the start
so that's not too bad at all and it does

look good on medium still and you can
see that I'm bad at all

now I must warn you that my gameplay is
not going to be wonderful this is not

what this video is about it's not about
my elite skills I have

as a gamer because no I don't have any
it's just to check on their performance

and how this is going to run so it's
still hovering 55 frames per second and

you can see the turbo there isn't
exactly at the highest that this card

could do 1500 is where it's hovering
around at the moment their GPU

okay so I'm gonna try and stick around
with someone else that simply squad but

I lost them already you defined a weapon
first of course

okay let's go a tactical shotgun that's
something so that framerate is looking

pretty good I think you can safely say
that with my overclock gear that's going

to be around 40 to 60 frames per second
so not bad at all but for those who that

want the best on a friend's per second
let's now test out low settings I'm

about to die already well Hudson take me
long anyway low settings now so here we

go now on low setting we're looking
close to 100 frames per second so that's

really good notice it doesn't look as
nice but not too bad okay step down the

n2 89 85 frames per second
and the map that is still performing
really well

close to 100 frames per second you might
better hear the fans they have kicked in

let's see where everyone's going so it's
actually you know it's gone down to now

75 per second and lowering there see you
might be best to dest just actually

leave this on the low sitting any
weapons around here already okay so on

the high seating I can see already it's
taking quite a huge hit here yes it does

look visually a lot better more pleasing
to the eye but only 36 frames per second

so when that map pops up bet you this
thing's gonna drop from right down to

probably below 30 frames per second so I
mean it's not looking ideal Oh No not as

bad as I expected there 40 frames per
second so I hope these storm closing in

on me and I'm doubt I'm gonna be
actually able to outrun that and you can

see that really this game you want to be
playing on someone shooting at me

oh dear I didn't think I was gonna last
too long against that guy seems to be

pretty good anyway so that's a video
that you can see go with low settings as

my recommendation or medium if you must
have something that looks a little bit

better but this hardware runs the game
just fine it's a very light engine

really quite scalable - they've done a
really good job if it games with just

how many systems that this game is able
to be playable on and I do hope to see

you back in the channel with my
comparison of the me notebook Pro the

i-5 model against the i-5 new revised
8th gen Intel audition of the 13-inch

model they're gonna have that comparison
coming up very shortly thank you so much

for watching bye for now


Can The Nvidia MX150 / GT 1030 Run Fortnite Battle Royale Well?

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