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  • I'm saying that the beef inside that box

  • wasn't beef at all.

  • It was horse!

  • [hyperventilating]

  • Calm down.

  • It's OK.

  • Deep breaths.

  • Tina, honey, I know you're upset about the horse meat,

  • but do you think you'll be able to keep the cool?

  • I'm cool.

  • If you want to save your restaurant,

  • you'll assist Ron and myself in our undercover sting

  • investigation of the meat vendor, Jack Conway.

  • - Jack Conway. - Go, Dad.

  • Sting his ass.

  • Sting his ass.

  • We need you to record two things.

  • One, Jack claiming has meat is USDA prime beef, and two--

  • Me punching Jack over, and over, and over--

  • OK, Tina. OK.

  • And over.

  • Stick to the script, T. We're counting on you.

  • We don't need a loose cannon.

  • Here's that water you ordered.

  • I didn't order any water.

  • Oh, no.

  • I'm accidentally spilling this glass of water on your shoe.

  • You're a good cop, but you're out of control!

  • Horse dogs!

  • Huh?

  • Easy, girl.

  • Easy.

  • Dammit, Tina!

  • [slow motion speech]

  • Ha ha! Yes!

  • It's broken! - Hey, look.

  • The tape's OK.

  • Aw, dammit.

  • Happy birthday, punk.

I'm saying that the beef inside that box


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ティナの復讐の旅|シーズン7|BOB'S BURGERS (Tina's Quest For Revenge | Season 7 | BOB'S BURGERS)

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