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There's no other way around
it. If success is the result that you are

ultimately seeking, you must be obsessed
with the process. You have no time to let

fear, doubt, failure, quit, negative
thoughts or give up enter into your

mentor. So you have massive potential. So from the moment you open your eyes in
the morning your mindset has to be win.
Meaning winning that particular morning

and carrying that winner's mentality
with you as you enter your classroom. So

what the person to the left of you is
pessimistic? So what the person to the

right of you is zoned out? You. Yes you!
Can only be concerned with staying locked

in because you refuse to let the aura
of your classmates or classroom enter

into your mental space. See this race is
won by the one that can distance him or

herself from the rest of the pack, and those are facts, so I need you to realize that there will be
bad days. There will be times that you feel
like you have no earthly idea what your

teacher or professor is talking about
but what you will never, ever do is throw

a pity party. What you will never ever do is
tap out, what you will never ever do is

concede and throw in the towel.
What you will do, is knock on his or her door, and say listen. I only have one
option and that is success in your class
but right now, I'm confused about the

lesson you taught today and I need clarity
and I need it now. I guarantee, that if you are passionate

about wanting to achieve success in that class, he or she will bend over backwards to help you. But if you
settle for mediocrity and never say
anything you are setting yourself up to

fail and failure my friend, is not in your DNA. I promise. You're not the first person to
question whether or not they have what
it takes to achieve at a high level. I

promise you're not the first person to
feel like they are underperforming. I

promise you are not the first person to
feel like their brain is about to explode.

Listen to me those that can push through
no matter what storms arise are in the

small minority, that small percentile of
those that ultimately break through and

make their goals and dreams a reality. So
the reality is this. You were blown with

everything you need to pass every class
with flying colors, you were born with

everything you need to overcome the
anxiety that may pop up from time to

time on a mission to derail your
lifelong hopes, dreams and aspirations.

See my favorite acronym is HWPO and
just in case you forget, or just in

case you don't know, that means Hard Work Pays Off.
So winners like us never lose focus and
we're horrified and petrified whenever

someone tries to tell us to take the
easy route because we already know there

is no easy route because if it were easy
everyone would do it.

So we avoid that ignorance and get back
to our grind of studying harder than we've

ever studied before because we understand that you get out of it what you put into
it. So we pour our heart and soul into our homework, we
pour our heart and soul into studying
for exams

that way we sleep like a baby because we
know in our heart of hearts that we have put

every ounce of our being into our work and therefore, success is a foregone
conclusion. Listen to me. What if, after all of the hard work, after all of the studying,
after all of the blood, sweat, and tears, you still fail? I need you to believe
and never forget this. You never fail, you
never lose, you only learn. See, life will

knock the mess out of you when you least expect it. It's part of the process.
See that's when you have to tell yourself, because of this setback, I'm stronger
because of this setback, I'm wiser, because of this setback, I'm smarter
and because of this setback, I'm hungrier than ever!
So I say all of this, as a friendly reminder.
You got this. You were born to be spectacular!
So I need you to jump over the obstacles, I need you you to go around
the pitfalls and I need you to push
through the adversity because that

dormant volcano of success that's living
inside of you, it's just waiting for you

to grant permission for it to erupt.


PUSH YOURSELF - New Motivational Video for Success & Studying

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