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  • Is either of them gonna pee on me are they?

  • Don't pee on me.

  • Don't do it.

  • No, No, No.

  • Come back.

  • I'm excited for them to see Wakanda.

  • African people who are self determining women

  • living in their power.

  • Don't go, please.

  • Come back.

  • What a time for Black Panther to come out.

  • It's fly.

  • It's bringing people together,

  • people are gonna go see it together.

  • Hopefully dress up when they do it.

  • This is a part of black history.

  • There.

  • Now where you gonna go?

  • This movie is full of incredibly talented actors

  • and we have legends like Forest Whitaker,

  • Angela Bassett.

  • And then we have newcomers like,

  • Letitia Wright,

  • and Daniel Kaluuya.

  • And they're bad asses.

  • And we have big meals together.

  • We went to this African restaurant more than once,

  • and we just took it over.

  • We enjoyed spending time together, on and off set.

  • What's going on?

  • Ooh, we had like a six week boot camp,

  • and we'd have like a group session with all the Dora Milaje,

  • and then we'd break off and learn our individual skills.

  • It was really tough of the body and also really cool,

  • because the more I exerted physically,

  • the more I felt like I was getting

  • into the Nakia zone of it all.

  • I lost one puppy.

  • I bet she's the only one that likes me.

  • My skin care routine.

  • Well I'm a low maintenance kind of person.

  • Stay hydrated and then I use a light moisturizer.

  • Lancome day cream that's known as Energie De Vie.

  • I try and not wear makeup when I don't need it.

  • And then I am very religious about taking my makeup off.

  • Avocado oil to take off my makeup because it's gentle.

  • Okay, what do I have here?

  • I'd love to play a villain at some point.

  • Byes.

  • Oh, now you're back.

  • Oh, oh, oh, oh what's going on?

  • Okay, who's gonna win?

  • And then now you want to get in the mix?

  • Alright come on.

  • Who's got it? Who' got it?

  • Aww, they're so cute.

Is either of them gonna pee on me are they?


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