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  • - At the end of

  • take turns looking through a window

  • into the accounting office.

  • [music playing]

  • The Ferdinand Spratt?

  • [door creaking]

  • Are you Ferdinand Spratt, as in Spratt's Sweets?

  • Yeah, you're talking to the last living Spratt.

  • Who are you?

  • My name's Jean.

  • And I'm a huge fan of Spratt's Sweets.

  • Did you peel off from the factory tour?

  • How'd you know? Hairnet?

  • Yep.

  • It's an awful tour.

  • So awful.

  • Who's your tour guide, Michelle?

  • - Yep. - Figures.

  • She's the only one.

  • Look, I came all this way to talk to someone in charge.

  • But now I've met you, the most in charge

  • person in the whole place.

  • Technically speaking, yeah.

  • So what can I do for you?

  • [sighs] Your company changed Chunky Blast-Offs.

  • And I really, really, really want you to change them back,

  • let's say, by Monday at the latest.

  • - That's it? - That's it.

  • Done.

  • Wait, really?

  • - Yeah. - Oh, wow.

  • Great.

  • So it's done?

  • Well, not done.

  • It's going to be, like, a whole thing with the suits.

  • But from one mega Spratt's fan to another, I promise to help.

  • Yes!

  • Thank you, Ferdie.

  • But first, I need your help.

  • I want to tie licorice whips to the ceiling fan

  • to make a licorice tornado.

  • But I'm scared to go to the top of the ladder

  • without someone holding it.

  • A licorice tornado?

  • Yeah.

  • [music playing]

- At the end of


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ジーンは自分の好きなチョコレートを作っている会社に立ち向かう|シーズン7 Ep.12|BOB'S BURGERS (Gene Confronts The Company That Makes His Favorite Chocolate | Season 7 Ep. 12 | BOB'S BURGERS)

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