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  • For one as oneself

  • Have you heard the story like this one?

  • Now, listen!

  • There were a lion and a mouse

  • to be the mouse from a lion and to be the lion from a mouse.

  • That lion lived in the jungle.

  • Everyone said what a find lion he was.

  • That is until he opened his mouse to roar.

  • Then out came a tiny squeak.

  • That the lion was so ashamed he ran deeper into the jungle.

  • That mouse lived in a hole in the ground.

  • Everyone liked her until she started to squeak.

  • Then came out a great roar.

  • "Go away!"

  • her friends cried.

  • "Youre too noisy."

  • Sadly the mouse wandered deep into the jungle.

  • One day she met that lion.

  • She jumped with fright and let out a great roar.

  • That lion jumped with surprise and squeaked.

  • They stared at each other for a long time in amazement.

  • "You roared like I should,"

  • cried the lion.

  • "And you squeaked like I should,"

  • cried the mouse.

  • "We can help each other,"

  • they both cried together.

  • Then marched through the jungle

  • and, when they met that lion’s friends, that mouse roared.

  • Everyone said what a fine roar he had.

  • They visited that mouse’s hole in the ground.

  • That lion lowered his head and squeaked.

  • "How nice to hear you sound like a mouse,"

  • her friends said.

  • "Do come back home."

  • But that mouse shook her head.

  • "It’s best this way,"

  • she said winking at that lion.

  • "We belong together."

  • said that lion.

  • "For me as you, for you as me."

  • they both cried together.

For one as oneself


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マフィン物語 - 自分らしく生きるために|童話・童話・寓話|マフィンのうた (Muffin Stories - For one as oneself | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables | muffin songs)

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