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  • Good Evening, Parents.

  • Tonight, I'm going to take you on a tour of Club Bad

  • where all the bad little kitties go

  • and try to leave their bondings...

  • By various means of methods

  • anything necessary

  • Something that you won't quite be accustomed to.

  • So I've equipped each and everyone of you with your own individual camera

  • so that you could take pictures of these bad little kitties doing bad little things...

  • for tomorrow's paper.

  • So whip out your fifteen dollars, and prepare to enter Club Mac.

  • We've been here not more than thirty seconds

  • and already I see a bad little kid doing bad little things.

  • He is sucking on a balloon.

  • Now, this is not an ordinary balloon, parents.

  • It's a balloon filled with a gas called, nitrous oxide -laughing gas.

  • He, he, he, he, he, he, he, ha, ha...

  • but this is no laughing matter.

  • Cameras ready, prepare to flash.

  • Now over here we have Little Johnny and Miss Susie

  • smoking on a joint!?

  • This is not the thing to do.

  • I think we have to take pictures of these two.

  • Cameras ready, prepare to flash.

  • Now over here, we have some naughty, naughty kids.

  • They brought in their own liquor to the party.

  • Now we can not have that now, parents, can we?

  • Six packs and pints, I think not, so...

  • Cameras ready, prepare to flash.

Good Evening, Parents.


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