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  • So you want to put on the Thanksgiving play this year?

  • What can we say.

  • I mean, you inspire us, Mr. Frond.

  • And I should probably just continue to do that.

  • This year, everyone will be reading

  • from an 88-stanza epic poem called, "The Pilgrim's Picnic."

  • Oh, it sounds great, Mr. Frond.

  • Everyone likes stanzas.

  • I mean, they kind of do.

  • Right.

  • Right?

  • You seem pretty confident.

  • After all, it's just your reputation.

  • No biggie.

  • Sounds like you don't need our play, so see you later.

  • Well, well, just out of curiosity, what is your play?

  • It's called, "The Quirky Turkey."

  • It's based on an original short story by me.

  • Oh.

  • Is it erotic?

  • Suggestive situations.

  • I'm cutting back on implied nudity.

  • OK.

  • Not a good start.

  • Picture this.

  • An underdog story about a turkey.

  • And under turkey.

  • Who wears glasses.

  • It's a metaphor for self-esteem and community.

  • Oh.

  • I like that. - Yeah.

  • We knew you would.

  • What about music?

  • My plays always have music.

  • It makes the whole thing more musical.

  • And that's why we've brought Gene

  • on as our musical director.

  • You did?

  • Oh.

  • Yes.

  • Now, I remember.

  • You absolutely did.

  • I'm still not entirely convinced.

  • That's because you have high standards.

  • And we love that.

  • And that's why we want you to be our executive producer.

  • Oh.

  • What does an executive producer do?

  • Basically, you accept awards and give interviews.

  • I can do that.

  • I'd be great at that. - Yeah.

  • You just say things like, they said it would never work,

  • but look at us now.

  • Oh, that's good.

  • What if I said, this is a real passion project for me.

  • - Perfect. - Nice.

  • Super cool.

  • So, uh, Mr. Frond, what do you say?

  • Belcher children, you have my permission

  • to put on "The Quirky Turkey."

  • ALL: Yay!

  • Let's get to quirk.

So you want to put on the Thanksgiving play this year?


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ルイーズ、ティナ、そしてジーンはミスターフロンドに彼らのプレイアイデアをピッチ|シーズン7 Ep. (Louise, Tina, And Gene Pitch Their Play Idea To Mr. Frond | Season 7 Ep. 6 | BOB'S BURGERS)

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