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  • - Hello, Bob.

  • Hugo, what are you doing here?

  • Hi, Ron. - Hi, everybody.

  • Ron!

  • Oh, sorry.

  • Truth or dare, Bob?

  • Ooh, dare.

  • Yeah, dare dad to kiss Teddy.

  • On the lips this time.

  • Oh, you were supposed to pick truth.

  • Your menu clearly states that you

  • serve USDA prime beef, true?

  • Uh, yes Hugo, we do serve USDA prime beef.

  • Wrong!

  • We have photographs of a certain vendor entering your restaurant

  • with a box of meat.

  • Bob, what do you know what the term meat fraud means?

  • Is it when you try to buy something at a store,

  • but instead a money you use meat?

  • No!

  • Is it when instead of paying your taxes

  • you send the government a ham?

  • No!

  • Meat fraud is the illegal misrepresentation

  • of one protein for another.

  • I'm pro teen.

  • Go teens!

  • Wait, Hugo, what are you saying?

  • I'm saying that the beef inside that box

  • wasn't beef at all.

  • It was horse!

  • [dramatic music] - Horse?

  • Oh my god.

  • Ha, ha, ha--

  • Ah, don't feed a guy a horse, Bobby.

  • Calm down, it's OK.

  • Deep breaths. Deep.

  • [gasp]

  • OK, not like that.

  • [gurgle]

  • No.

  • [gasp]

  • That's it, there she is.

  • I have no other option but to shut you down.

  • Hugo, I swear I didn't know.

  • Well, there is one other option.

  • I thought you just said there was no other option.

  • You assist Ron and myself in our undercover sting

  • investigation of the meat vendor Jack Conway.

  • If you want to save your restaurant,

  • you're wearing a wire, and you're working for us, Bob.

  • I believe it's called rocking a wire.

  • No, it's wearing a wire.

  • It could be both.

  • He's wearing and he's rocking it.

  • No, you wear it.

  • I wear a hat, but I rock the hat I wear!

- Hello, Bob.


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ボブは彼のレストランを保存するためにワイヤーを着用するために強制されています|シーズン7 Ep. (Bob Is Forced To Wear A Wire In Order To Save His Restaurant | Season 7 Ep. 4 | BOB'S BURGERS)

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