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  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Hey guys, it's Wengie! Welcome back, and hungry hug!

    Wengie: やあ、みんな、Wengieだよ。おかえりなさい、そしてお腹をすかせてハグ!

  • Wengie: So todayy, you guys asked for more edible DIYs, so you guys got more edible DIYs, I love these guys, I had so much fun, coming up with them, and I hope you guys enjoy them as well!

    Wengie: 今日は、もっと食べられるDIYが欲しいと言っていたので、もっと食べられるDIYを手に入れました。

  • Wengie: Also I'm running a Mac-Book Air giveaway, so if you guys want to join the giveaway, all you need to do is be part of this wonderful family, guys!

    Wengie: また、私はMac-Book Airの景品を実行しているので、みんなが景品に参加したい場合は、あなたがする必要があるのは、この素晴らしい家族の一員になることです。

  • Wengie: I love you guys so much, click the subscribe button down below, and also be part of my ReactiCorns fam, which is my second daily reaction channel, that is also linked down below!

    Wengie: 私はあなたたちが大好きなので、下の購読ボタンをクリックして、私のReactiCorns famの一部になってください。

  • Wengie: Also, this week, we can do another like challenge, let's try to get this video to a hundred, and sixty-eight thousand thumbs up!

    Wengie: また、今週は、別のような挑戦をすることができます、このビデオを100に取得しようとしましょう、と68万8千の親指がアップしました!

  • Wengie: I'm going to give you guys 3 seconds to do that, right now, 3,2,1; Mia's counted down, so have you guys done it yet? I hope you guys have, and also don't forget to click the little bell as well to make sure you never miss a video!

    Wengie: 3秒あげるから、今から3,2,1、3,2,1、Miaがカウントダウンしてるから、もうやった?ヽ(´▽`)ノ ヽ(´▽`)ノ ヽ(´▽`)ノ

  • Wengie: So without further ado, let's get on with the video! Let's go!


  • *Music playing*


  • Miss Wengie: Wengie, are you eating in class? Where are you hiding your food?


  • Wengie: I'm not hiding any food, I promise!


  • Miss Wedgie: I'm gonna check inside your pencil case!


  • *Music playing*


  • Miss Wedgie: Fine, you get away with it for now!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: These giant pens are filled with a whole bunch useless colors!


  • Wengie: Who uses brown, anyway!


  • Wengie: So, just remove some of the colors, you don't like, to make some room for delicious Nerds!


  • Wengie: This candy is the best!


  • Wengie: You'll be able to sneak some snacks into class, and when the teacher searches your stuff, they won't find a thing!


  • Wengie: And if you don't fill it super full, the pen will still work as well!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wendy: Hey, Wengie, can I have one?


  • Wengie: No way, they're mine!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wendy: Miss, Wengie's hiding candy in her pen!

    ウェンディお嬢さん、ウェンギーがペンに キャンディを隠しています!

  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Hey, Wendy, do you have any spare gum?


  • Wendy: Huh, no!


  • Wengie: Yes, you do, where are you hiding it?


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: I've seen this method of sneaking gum into class, a few times, online, but here it is in case you guys haven't!


  • Wengie: Just, take apart a tape dispenser, and remove the tape!


  • Wengie: Next, open up some bubble - gum, and remove the middle part of the gum, so it will fit around the tape holder, then just unravel some to help it fit into the dispenser a bit easier, and you're done!

    Wengie: 次に、いくつかのバブルガムを開いて、ガムの真ん中の部分を取り除いて、テープホルダーの周りに収まるようにして、それがもう少し簡単にディスペンサーに収まるのを助けるためにいくつかを解くと、あなたは完了です

  • Wengie: it fits pretty well, and you can even use the sharp edge to cut your gum into pieces!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Ah, Miss, Wendy's chewing gum in class!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wendy: mmm, time for lunch!


  • Wengie: Yeah, me too!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Mmm!


  • Wendy: What, eww!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: So, I'm not sure how my brain works, but I randomly got this image of butter inside a glue stick, so I just went with it!


  • Wengie: Start off with a clean, empty glue stick, and a block of butter!

    Wengie: きれいな空のグルースティックとバターのブロックから始めよう!

  • Wengie: Then, just push the glue stick all the way down into the butter block!


  • Wengie: When you take the glue stick out, you'll need to give the outside, a quick clean, and then, just cut off the excess butter - it's super easy to make, and this actually works like ' Who would have thought you could spread butter without a knife?'

    Wengie: グルースティックを取り出すときは、外側をさっと拭いて、余分なバターを切り落とす必要があります。

  • Wengie: Pretty cool, right?


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Mmm! Want some?


  • Wendy: No!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wendy: Well, you enjoy your sandwich, I've got something yummier!


  • * Wendy picks up the plastic bag with her lunch*

    * ウェンディは、彼女の昼食*と一緒にビニール袋を拾う。

  • Wengie: ( curious) Mmmmm, looks good!

    ウェンギー:( 興味津々) うーん、美味しそう

  • Wendy: Yeah, but it's missing something!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: What, noooo!


  • Wendy: Yep, there we go, now it's perfect!

    ウェンディ: そうよ、これで完璧よ!

  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: I thought I was weird!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Mayonnaise totally looks like glue!

    Wengie: マヨネーズは完全にのりに見えるよ。

  • Wengie: So, go ahead, and fill up an empty glue bottle with it, and prank someone, that will be weirded out, when you start putting it in your food, and eating it!

    Wengie: だから、先に行って、それで空の接着剤のボトルをいっぱいにして、あなたの食べ物にそれを入れて、それを食べることを開始したときに、それは、奇妙になるだろう、誰かをイタズラしてください

  • Wengie: Warning, you may lose some friends, doing this, or get a reputation for being that weirdo!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wendy: Hey, Wengie, can I borrow a crayon?


  • Wengie: Huh, are you hungry?


  • Wendy: Huh, what? No!


  • Wengie: Then, you won't need these!


  • Wendy: Huh?


  • Wengie: They're my lunch!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wendy: What?


  • Wengie: Mmmmm!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wendy: I wanted to try something fun with some french fries, so I thought I would turn them into different colors, and pass them off as crayons!


  • Wengie: You can dye your fries by mixing some food coloring, with lemon juice, and letting the chips soak for a few hours!


  • Wengie: After it's taken on the color, just fake as unusual, using a few different colors, and you'll have something like this!


  • Wengie: I realized what I should have done, was shaped them like crayons before coloring, and baking them, but hey, I think they still look pretty good!

    Wengie: 私は何をすべきだったかに気づきました、着色する前にクレヨンのように形を整えて、それらを焼いていましたが、ねえ、私は彼らがまだかなり良いと思います!私はそれを行う必要があります。

  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Okay, I'm gonna be nice, and share them with you!


  • Wendy: Er, but I wanted a crayon!


  • Wengie: This is your one and only chance, just take one!


  • Wendy: Okay!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Whoa!


  • Wendy: Mmmm!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Turn paint tubs edible, by filling each well up with a condiment, that corresponds to a different color!


  • Wengie: I used ketchup for red, mustard for yellow, ranch with blue dye for blue, and guacamole dip for green!


  • Wengie: These almost look real, so you can totally trick your friends, by using these as condiments, and they 'll think you're actually snacking on paint!

    Wengie: これらはほとんど本物のように見えるので、あなたの友人を完全に騙すことができます。

  • Miss Wedgie: Okay, class, because it's raining so heavily today, we're gonna be eating lunch inside, just don't make a mess!

    ウェッジー先生 今日は大雨だから お弁当は中で食べるわよ 騒がないようにね

  • Wengie: Yeah, again, I love spaghetti! What do you have, Wendy?


  • Wendy: Salad for the third day in a row!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wendy: Wanna swap?


  • Wengie: Nice try!

    Wengie: Nice try!

  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Hmmm, so good! Wendy: So bland!

    ウェンディ:うーん、うまいね!ウェンディ: とても当たり障りのない!

  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: A glitter pen isn't edible, but if you mix a bit of lemon juice with some edible glitter, and pour it into an empty glitter pen - it'll look exactly the same, it's so convincing that you'll definitely be getting some odd looks if you decide to do this, but any excuse to add glitter right!

    Wengie: キラキラペンは食用ではありませんが、あなたはいくつかの食用キラキラキラとレモン汁のビットを混ぜて、空のキラキラペンにそれを注ぐ場合 - それは全く同じに見えるでしょう、それはあなたがこれを行うことにした場合、それは間違いなくいくつかの奇妙な外観を取得することになるだろうというように説得力がありますが、右のキラキラを追加するには、任意の口実!それはあなたが右のキラキラを追加することを決定した場合、それは間違いなくいくつかの奇妙な外観を取得することになるだろうと思います。

  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: I love pepper on pretty much everything, in fact, they call me' ' The Pepper Monster', so I had to find a way to use it with a school supply!


  • Wengie: Luckily, pencil sharpeners work just as well, as regular salt, and pepper shakers, they even look kind of similar!

    Wengie: 幸いにも、鉛筆削りは、通常の塩、コショウシェーカーと同じように、同じように動作し、彼らも似たようなものに見えます。

  • Wengie: So, just put some salt in one, and pepper in the other, and you'll look like you're seasoning with your food with pencil shavings - it's a great way to make sure no-one will bother you when you're eating!

    Wengie: だから、片方に塩、もう片方に胡椒を入れれば、鉛筆の削りカスで味付けをしているように見えて、食事中に誰にも迷惑をかけないようにするには最高の方法だよ。

  • *Music playing*


  • Wendy: So weird!

    ウェンディ: 変な感じ!

  • Wengie: You're weird!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wendy& Wengie: Mmmmm!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wendy: Hmmm, gotta have my morning coffee!

    ウェンディ: うーん、朝のコーヒーを飲まなきゃ!

  • Wengie: Can I try some? I've never had coffee before!


  • Wendy: Sure!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Ooo, so bitter, gross!


  • Wendy: Oh, I can fix that!


  • Wengie: Really?


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: I thought of this great idea to sneak some sugar into an empty highlighter!

    Wengie: 空のハイライターに砂糖をこっそり入れるという素晴らしいアイデアを思いつきました!

  • Wengie: Just pry, open the bottom of the highlighter, and remove the foam part - next, stick a needle through the nib to remove that as well, and, guys, this can be pretty dangerous! So, don't forget to get supervision for this!


  • Wengie: Now, give the highlighter, a good clean, and you'll be able to fill it up with some sugar, you never know when you might need to use it to sweeten a drink to soothe a burnt tongue or to just eat it directly!

    Wengie: さて、ハイライターを、良い洗浄を与えて、あなたはそれをいくつかの砂糖で満たすことができるでしょう、あなたはそれを使用する必要があるかもしれないときに知らない、あなたはそれを使用して飲み物を甘くして、焼けた舌を和らげるために、または単にそれを直接食べるために必要があるかもしれません!あなたはそれを使用して、あなたがそれを使用する必要があるかもしれません。

  • Wengie: Warning: This may cause hyperactivity!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Huh?


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: So, you want to try that coffee again? It should be better now!


  • Wengie: Er, no thanks! I'm just gonna stick to my usual!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Mmmm, this is way better than coffee!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: You can use your empty glue bottle, as a small bottle to either hold water or Sprite or in this case, some clear Gatorade, perfect to sneak into class to quench your thirst!

    Wengie: あなたの空の接着剤のボトルを使用することができます、水やスプライト、またはこの場合は、いくつかの透明なゲータレード、あなたの喉の渇きを癒すためにクラスにこっそりと完璧などちらかを保持するために小さなボトルとして!あなたは、あなたの空の接着剤のボトルを使用することができます。

  • Wengie: It'll give yourself, a quick energy boost!


  • *Music playing*


  • Wengie: Oh, my gosh, guys, how cool were they? It's kind of making me hungry, right now, I think I think it's time to eat!


  • Wengie: And don't forget to tell me which one, your favourite was down below, and let's have a look what happened on ReactiCorns, this week!

    Wengie: そして、どれが好きか忘れずに教えてください、あなたのお気に入りは下の方にありました、そして今週のReactiCornsで何があったか見てみましょう

  • Oh, Trump or corn! Corn cob! The corn is strikingly similar, I have to say, humans should not look like corn cobs! Well, even the corns like , it looks neater, it does look frightening.


  • Wengie: Don't forget to follow me during the week on my social medias, for behind the scenes, and also hashtag me on #wengiecorns, if you want to share anything with me during the week, that's all we have time for today, until next week, I'm gonna miss you guys so much, and until then, bye, guys, love you!

    Wengie: 今週中に私のソーシャルメディアで私をフォローすることを忘れないでください、舞台裏のために、また#wengiecornsでハッシュタグを付けてください、もし今週中に私と何かを共有したい場合は、今日はこれだけの時間があります、来週まで、私はあなたたちがいなくて寂しいだろう、それまで、さようなら、みんな、愛しています!私はあなたたちがいなくて寂しいだろう。

*Music playing*



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